Agriculture is the Solution – Texas A&M AgriLife

[somber music plays] [somber music fades] [upbeat music plays] Health care costs are a significant and growing challenge not only for the Texas Economy, but for the nation’s economy. Some blame agriculture, some blame the consumer, but common sense tells us that bringing together agriculture and the consumer has to be the solution. Agriculture is […]

eeLEARN – The History of EE – Introduction

CHRISTIANE MAERTENS: Welcome to eeLEARN. I’m Christiane Maertens from NAAEE. In this module, we’ll be looking at the history of environmental education. First, we’ll meet some of the amazing people who have influenced the field, nominated by attendees at a recent NAAEE conference. Then you can explore a multi-media timeline starting with some of the […]

Housekeeping in Healthcare

The Environmental Services mission is to provide extraordinary care to patients and families and all customers. We’re not just another maid service. We are on the front line of infection control. Infection control is just making sure that we are not carrying any disease over to patients. I protect my patients with correct chemicals. We […]

Drummond Teacher Turkey Hunt

today on Outdoor Oklahoma we introduce you to a special school teacher that’s found a way to integrate his love of hunting and fishing into his classroom should get tagged along on his son’s first turkey hunt Only on Outdoor Oklahoma Well hello and welcome to outdoor Oklahoma Craighead if you’re like me will you […]

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