14 thoughts on “【Hong Kong Walk Tour】Ocean Park (A Family Trip Edition)

  1. Thank you for your Hong Kong videos. This seems like a great water (ocean) park. I may never have a chance to visit, but this video is the next best thing to being there.

  2. Well, I hadn't been Ocean Park Hong Kong before, unless I had to win lots of megabucks for being a millionaire, so my family and I had to win $400 million at the casino or the winning contest during fast foods at McDonald's or Burger King till my family and I were about to move back to San Jose, California.  My family and I were about to go to our first time at Ocean Park only in Hong Kong.  My family could take lots of pictures of me, Whiskers and the rest of the gang and all over Ocean Park.  Until then, my family and I could go on those rides, unless I loved to see Whiskers and the whole gang, so I hoped you enjoyed your day at Ocean Park Hong Kong, all right?  Jimmy Kielbasa out.

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