👻 Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters | Full DLC Pack Overview | First Look at the new Scenery & Rides!

👻 Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters | Full DLC Pack Overview | First Look at the new Scenery & Rides!

hello guys welcome back to pause and welcome to a first look at the Ghostbusters DLC for planet coaster so frontier very kindly offered me an early looking this DLC to get this video out for you to have a look before the release tomorrow so this content pack does launch tomorrow and is priced at twelve pounds and ninety nine that's 1499 euros and dollars so prank coaster ghostbusters like say will be available tomorrow so this video today is going to be looking at specifically the scenery and building pieces as well as the two brand new guides they've been added along with this pack there will be a second video series starting today as well looking at the brand new campaign that has been added in the Ghostbuster DLC but like I said that is going to be a separate video so this one today it's just specifically looking at all the brand new pieces effects and all that kind of stuff here in the Ghostbusters pack so let's get started and look at some of the scenery items so the first couple of things we're gonna have a look at is the stay poor for marshmallow man he's he absolutely huge so he comes in various few little pieces and it's also have put all sort of come people together and his chest is set put its two different types of head that they have this nice rotation a couple of handpieces bodies legs arms like kind of stuff just along here so you're making an amazing-looking a massive character that kind of looks like this The Fault Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has been added this is one of the brand-new blueprints they've been added to the game okay so next up let's look at a few brand new effects so this is this new Ghostbusters light meme effect there's something you missed it comes in the large and the small and then there's also this amazing whirlwind smoke effect which you can see go around here which is really nice so that is at one of the new while there the four brand new pieces right let's get into the meat of it so all the new animations and ghosts as there were so many honestly so many so let's start off the numerous Slimers every single one of these are all individual animations that do different things and so absolutely incredible then we've got slime pieces which can add buildings and just whatever you want really to add a little bit of slime to your world we've got a few new ghosty pieces a new table chair bookcases new books and a nice new chandelier just up there and also a few brand new lights which are the ones you could have you saw on the firehouse building I'll show you that here a bit later on and so and then onto some more of the ghosts and ghouls again there are absolutely tons of these so there's different there's three different versions of each of these one is a store of this guy which is like your your idol this guy who's leave us flying around all going up and down and then there's an attack so each color and each different ghost has got three different variants so I'll to go through these so you can have a look at them although bilasa there are so many all of them noises sound effects and they are the animation on them is absolutely incredible how many of our astonishing honestly astonishing how many there are various different sizes as well so yeah absolutely tons of new new ghosts and ghouls okay as well as the ghosts and ghouls we have of these creatures I believe they're called things zoo I think something like that I'm not sure so I'm not that good on the film's but we have there's a three different variants of each of these characters so six in total again all fully customizable trigger ball or a kind of stuff next up we've got some ghostbusters specific items so we've got the proton packs and some kind of gun thing okay so sorry I'm not that good on the on the names all this stuff these are the little levers and the containers that keep the ghosts contained next up we've got quite a few different variants of animatronics of each of the four characters each of the four ghostbusters so there's a celebration of a crouching attack and Idol and a stand-in at a sort of attack all with these really amazing animations of the proton packs so there's all four of the characters have each of these four variants and they all look amazing absolutely amazing and then next up we have ecto-1 I believe it's called the big Ghostbusters car thing again as always so much attention to detail inside and all the lights everything on their work because you expect it's really really good luck piece that is really nice and then next stop over here is this dude or dudette I can't know what she's called she is Gozer so yeah there you go goes at three different variants again an idol and attack and a kind of I know what fight shouting type variant very interesting outfit but yeah there you go there's there's all the scenery pieces right so that's all of the scenery items and as you can see there are quite a lot of them but there's even more from the building pack so let's go and have a look at that now okay so there's a lot to get through here so I'm not gonna go through every single individual piece but I am just gonna go down this line so you can see every single little bit that's been added there were so many new different war types they've been added in this packet is unbelievable most of it is kind of City cityscape which obviously fits the theme we are good we are an urban city environment in this this yeah and this theme pack so there are so many new pieces and new war types and also loads of a little bits and pieces there's gonna sue everything else as well any other theme this will little work in Main streets all that kind of stuff there's not really anything here that you won't be able to find some useful and so then we move over to some new scaffolding pieces and then there's a load of new bits like this where you've got glass proper glass windows that you can like probably see through which is amazing again more wall pieces just here and then some new bits like we've got these half walls with windows as well which I don't think we've got in a game currently so that's going to make things quite good especially only do in buildings which are sort of small scaled fake sort of false perspective kind of buildings so that was quite nice then we've got a load of facade type building pieces so stuff that's meant to be flat so you can make fake facades and there's also these are graffiti pieces which you can put on walls as well so yeah loads of these fake facade buildings and I will show you some of the blueprints in a towards the end of how we sort of put this stuff together to make it look like a cityscape from a distance but there's a lot of variants of these lights so so many different sizes as well then you get onto the sort of bigger ones just here and I said there's quite a lot of blue print through this to show you how these can be used so Fiat not that confident on building stuff there's the blue bins have got you back then to go along with all these we've got all the lot of scaffolding pieces which could be used for anything really make them meant to be used for these but obviously they can be used for wherever you want there's loads of different variants of that every piece you could possibly need and then a couple more of these slightly bigger facades the other useful bits as well we've now got these facade textures at war textures which is gonna be useful for shops and also songs these loads of uses for these so yeah really really good stuff moving on we keep going here we've got some more chimney pieces some more doors a few little accents these are new floor and roof pieces which are on the grid and then we come back to a few more of the wall sets like I said we're not done yet with the wall set trust me there's loads more to go so all different variants these are the ones which should use for the fire house again I will show you the blueprints for all those towards the end so you can see what these all look like together but yes or that that's just the start that's about half of the building set so yeah let's show you the rest of it okay so moving on a few more pieces here that go along with the wall sets and and could be on the fire house but you could use these on anything really down here we've got a few lot of details which I use on the firehouse the signage and then with all these different Ghostbusters logo some are lit some are just normal standard we've got a Sedwick hotel sign which is really nice again different variants of lit and unlit signs for the actual Ghostbusters logo over here we've got a few pieces from a kind of temple set and I'm assuming this is something that's quite a focal point on the movies but there's a lot of stuff based around this temple again there was a full blueprint I will show you that shortly but there's loads of new temple pieces so these would also help amplify and flush out the adventure pack as well you could do loads of stuff using these that's the good thing about this pack the majority of this stuff isn't strictly ghostbusters like it is if you're looking for it but a lot of this stuff could be used anywhere in any kind of adventure theme and so here we've got a few more nice lock pieces to go along with the temple and this blue lovely backdrop which is quite specific but I mean you could use that in any kind of dark ride and we've got a few angled corner wall pieces here which are really good and then a couple of lost statues down there which is nice and so some of these these blueprints at the back just here I'll just show you the bow in this shot you can just show you how you can put put a few of these earpieces together to make sort of city skylines I've put a few the back I showed properly in a few moments right let's move on to the rest of the building set okay so carrying on with the building stuff even more wall pieces and different accents and all sorts of different decorations new doors archways window pieces there was so much honestly so much in various different colors and designs different shapes there is a brand new marshmallow shop and stand which I'll show in a few minutes as well and to go along with that we've obviously got the the archway here know a few signs I'll show you in a minute as well so yet more floor and all pieces some doors these are sort of columns that can all fit together in different sizes and all kind of stuff again more walls of various different heights all the way along here small of the windows there's a lot with the windows in this package is really nice and then we move over to the final bits of signage for like I say for the new Stay Puft Marshmallow z– which are just here again it comin lit and unlit different variants as well as the lovely little sign just there all right so now onto a few bits and pieces that have that I mean the shops sort of section two interesting pieces which I'm assuming will come into it more when we get into the campaign these ecto containment units now these work as shops and they have to be on the path this is just part of a billboard loop inside that is part of building I'll show her the light individual in a second again another blueprint just here showcasing the new shop which is the marshmallows the Stay Puft Marshmallow is brand new shop but you've been added which is really nice yeah so the stuff that's individually individual that can place on paths then so these are the two different containment units one on a wall and then one stand-alone unit again I'm not hundred percent sure what the purpose of these is but I say once we get into the campaign I'm sure we'll see that and then as well as the shop there is a brand new vending machine variant as well again of the staple for marshmallows okay so before we take a look at the rides it's time to have a look at some of the blueprints that I was talking about before so you can see how all this stuff can be put together so all these are in-game blueprints tabs pop down and so here are a few that you can see I say in the background you see all these saucy cityscapes hat looks so from a distance it really doesn't like making it a nice city and a town and there's a really really nice church blueprint here and obviously we've got the firehouse blooping right here dead center so if you don't want to make it yourself don't have to you can put this down and a few more buildings this is that sort of temple build in my although the template pieces come from which is all here again it's all this blueprint has got all the the effects and everything all laid out for you already just take if you don't have to build this and if you've run who's in the dark I just not that top it often yeah stick it in so really being a nice Oh Caleb on a couple last things to show you before we look at the rides so here are all the brand new sound effects that can be added so we've got these sirens from the ecto-1 various different sound effects from the the ride sorry from the films as well as footsteps nor saw stuff so these can all be used very nicely in your Park so I'll play them now I don't if your bed here then by all we'll play them now so there we are those of couple of the brand-new with sound effects also new is the new walk around character which is that the big man himself the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man here he is I'm eight so there he is a brand new walk around character she just pop him down as they fall with the others and then one last thing I want to mention just very quickly for weather for the rides is this biome that we're in is actually a brand new biome there was a brand new city biome it's pretty much the same as Alpine I think mbx got its brand new city backdrop which he can look very carefully I can't go too close over there to see it but yeah you've got cars and movement I mean kind of merging into each other cars but yeah this is this cars there so this goes some way to kind of fit with that seat the feel that we're going for in New York I guess for ghostbusters okay so let's have a look at the two new rides that been added with this pack so we've first of all we've got the roller ghoster so the Slimer themed kiddie coaster really nice detail on the trains or the slime all the way across slime on the front and then we've got a little detail of the back as well which is kind of slime and he is tail I suppose so pretty standard this is the standard blueprint that comes in the game so let's have a little ride and you can just have a look at how it rides really but it's pretty much the survey's skinning of the the already existing kiddie ride but it's a really nice little feature and again you could fit this in any kind of scary spooky Park it doesn't have to be in a specific Ghostbusters Park but I just really nice it sounds like you got some kind of onboard audio as well you might hear that on the footage but there's some kind of onboard audio but there are loads a new sound effects of music and all sorts added with this pack as well so there's plenty plenty to get your teeth into yes sounds like it's bibs or like a a remix version of the Ghostbusters theme is playing in fact let's have a look let's look at the audio while we're on here to see what sir audio is is selected so here we are with the Ghostbusters themes so you've got the original Ray Parker jr. version you've got the instrumental orchestral arrangement an acoustic arrangement which is what this defaults to and you've got a library scene setter and the temple or Gozer so I think that's all the different musics so yeah that is the roller ghoster and this bloop it's called little sport for some reason no idea one that reference to I'm sure it's something but yeah there we go that's the roller ghoster all right now onto something which is a little bit special so this is the Ghostbusters experience brand new dark ride so it holds six people this is the car it's a little sort of miniature version of the 801 and yeah the way this works is you kind of works a bit like the Huntsman the Huntsman in terms of its track has all the same kind of roll pitch and all that kind of movements but here's where it comes into its own so it also has the pause track sections so if you want to put any sort of theme in around this will work with anything that's an animation from what I found any kind of animatronic you head on to this brand new tab at the end here which is shooting ride and triggers and then here in edit shooting mode you can tell the ride what is a target so as when you do in a trigger sequence or something like that use a Kinect targets by clicking this and then literally look have a select them individually or you can do a massive grab like this and it just chooses all the different targets I want the other thing I don't mention as well these are all completely colorable and and you can choose what points you get for them on the rides so you can really really customize everything in the new Ghostbusters experience so as you can see on here as well here are a few of the target pieces which have been added and these are strictly Ghostbusters themed these are just the targets that are going to be added in the free update so I'll do another video on that tomorrow which talks about this free update and the quick-draw ride which is essentially this just not – Ghostbusters theme in it that makes sense and but these targets do also work with this as you would imagine so those different variants three of each and they are all animated so how does the minigame work I am sure you are wondering so when you come on here and you go to shoot run triggers test shooting right and you in so if you start it when it's in the station it do be a nice countdown actually I'll show you back from the beginning it's a house quite cool so here we go test ride and then you can shoot anything you've selected there's animation on every single one these animate these animate and yeah you've got the score down here so he's incredible so if you can do with this and I said anything out so far it seems to be anything that is an animation in the game on an animatronic will work with this I have put a really stupid spores here I'll just testing some stuff out so yeah anything is pretty much fair game then you can see a score down the bottom so yeah it's a really really cool little feature and it's actually better implemented than I thought it was gonna be from be completely honest so yeah you can make some awesome stuff with this really really good so there you go that's the the rise so that's the brand new Ghostbusters experience ride so yeah it's really really good and obviously can add it add trigger suit the sequences to all this stuff as well as you would do anyway so you can add the so already on this all this is a newer feature I don't think was on before so when you've got the pitch and roll sections you can see which direction the car will be facing at any point so you can really themelis and properly customized this to the direction of the cars which makes it so much easier don't think that was on the huntsmen or anything like that so I mean that's a brand new feature so that's really nice and then with this you can add other triggers and add up the triggers to the different points on the ride and again these will interact with anything that's around you as with the rest of the game always has been bought yes good to see how you can wear this trigger sequence with the shooting game to make some really really good interactive dialyze and when we start the campaign series which you're the should be video up now actually the first episode of that and you'll see that in the ghostbusters campaign there is a version of this that has been built in the in the campaign park which shows you what is capable albinism it is absolutely amazing so make sure you check out the other video where we start part one of the ghostbusters campaign and I'll show you an on-ride of that version of this ways in in a building fully themed storyline and it is so good honestly whoever's put that together in frontier team should be so proud of so it is awesome so there we go folks that's a look at all the rides and the scenery the building pieces the blueprints everything pretty much sandbox wise it's been added in this Ghostbusters update but like I said there's still so much more to this pack than just scenery and building pieces that we just standalone that is an astonishing amount of building pieces that's got to me the most flushed out of all the packs so far surely in terms of his buildings and scenery obviously it's a bit lacking on the ride but but what does make off it is the brand new campaign mode as mentioned at the start that is something we are going to cover in a separate video series so we are starting a brand new series today so that video will be up now alongside this one which is part one of the ghostbusters campaign so do check that video out as well where we go through the full campaign looking at the new missions and the new style of campaign mode here in panic coaster with narration and interactive elements so do check that out on the other video but yeah that's it for today's video looking here at the ghostbusters DLC so this pack is available to purchase tomorrow it comes out tomorrow the 4th of June 2019 and is available to purchase for 12 pounds 99 or $14.99 euros and dollars it will be available it will be available on the Steam and frontier stores so I'd highly recommend you get in it this is a very very flushed out pack especially if you are into your hobby as well as just think of any kind of normal dark ride you'll be able to use all these new pieces on now and it doesn't necessarily have to be a Ghostbusters theme so that's it for today folks thank you ever so much for watching if you've enjoyed this don't forget to subscribe to the channel stay Upstate of all of the content and if you fancy a chat head over to Twitter or discord and if you want to help us out do that by going to the patreon page all the links aren't down below in the description but for now guys thank you ever so much for watching don't forget to check out the campaign series which is also on the channel check out that video it's all right now to have a look through the Ghost Busters campaign but for now guys thank you ever so much and I'll see you in the next video Cheers bye

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8 thoughts on “👻 Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters | Full DLC Pack Overview | First Look at the new Scenery & Rides!

  1. This is the fourth Universal Studios IP in the game. The first three, Munsters, Back to the Future and Knight rider were trial balloons. This pack seems much more fleshed out, tons of stuff. Hoping this will lead to more IPs from universal. There are so many great franchises within their theme parks. If not in the near future, in planet coaster 2!!!

  2. So much stuff! We waited for months for new building pieces and oh jeez, this does not come short in any way. That shooty ride alone is worth the 13 quid. Wow frontier! Just when i think you couldn't impress me with anything, the ball is out the park with this one. So happy, take my money already!

  3. I guess this will be the first DLC I dont buy. Not really feeling this ghostbusters theme. Where did this come from? Is this the new trend for PlanetCoaster? Whats next "Charlies Angels" theme?

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