🔴Into the black with Down To Earth Astronomy

🔴Into the black with Down To Earth Astronomy

you there we go and yeah it should be good good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to little bonus livestream just us just this last week I decided to to get a little bit progress on on my old character heading to what Colonia well not directly to colonia I have a pit stop on the way and I want to go to a silver actually here from home for a live livestream not a theory and we have reaction craft lots of lots of the usual let me see where we yeah okay just just quickly quickly loaded like cut me will be left of oh yeah that's right it's still beautiful I forgot what a sight to come in and login to I mean we just get by there we go thank that no there we go much better what's up with the sotius today there we go don't tell me that button is dying as well that's a pretty sight that's right that's right Sybil we're gonna try to see we can find the spot where the star shines through the Rings that was the idea at least just before we leave this so I think what we'll do is get this thing off the ground and we'll be very careful because we are dealing with a 2d world it's not that bad I was overly cautious last time but I don't want to end up with with the ship in pieces on the surface of our planet wouldn't be the end of world I'm not that far out yet but no tip to engines okay so if those two you turn it down a little bit here in my end okay those of you who are not up to date in what's going on and I'm moving one of my alt sup to Colonia and I was considering access all the things I wanted to do more like let's play kind of videos out of it and I was considering if she just record this instead of live streaming it and then make a video out of it but troubles I'm also planning to stream on this character on Tuesday so if I record the video now then you would kind of see you would see what would happen in the future then you would jump back and when the video comes out in a couple of weeks later and kind of lose some air some continuity there and so that's why I decided well let's just live streaming it's always nice cut the corners left faked axles might be distracted okay I think we have enough altitude now and enough rambling from my site let's get this thing find it in a somewhat right direction faqatilu and welcome and we also have crystal oh okay so how do we find that spot first of all nope that's not it that's not what I want okay let's try that again if it's this fly safe thank you very much all right so I think what we'll be doing is we'll be heading obviously up and hmm hold on before we actually you're while I'm getting some altitude here this is actually pretty a pretty beautiful shirt as well huh I'm really liking this planet okay I'm gonna throttle down a little bit while we get some altitude I just want to check this planet's inclination with its orbit do we have those kind of metrics yes we do okay okay perfect here we go to access till so the orbiting inclination is how much the orbit is excused how much of a but like up down kind of thing the orbitals around the planet what I wanted to know was the axis tilt we have a fourteen point seven degree axis tilt because if that was close to zero that would mean the Sun would be etched onto the Rings it's not we have about forty degrees there should be enough I think for us to be able to do something so think what I'll be doing is just start by getting the son the angle of the dangle they stopped we're just trying to get this son I don't think it actually cast a shadow on the planet but I'm just going to try to get this son behind the ring which seems we have to fly to the other side you have a hemisphere I think we were on this sob Hemisphere before maybe see there perfect now we understood the side do we have it in sight the Paradis need to go a little further and it just changed straight through so now if we look at the planet there's no shadow from the ring so I don't really think it's gonna do much for us if we manage I mean we could just go and land pretty much below where we are now but as you can see it doesn't really I mean we can't you can barely the ring is already so bright that we can barely see it I think what would make a better screenshot we shall go and try now is we move the round and to the backside of the planet and then got a screenshot right on the edge of the shadow from the planet because then you can get at all there's no atmosphere this planet but you can get that at the stars like slightly obscured by the by the planet and it could look really really good so I will be moving around the planet it's this planet even it's a too much an inclination oh we could justice just possible actually right there I was afraid that the angle was too big to actually have the shadow being cast on the Rings then gonna try to aim for about to peak there so it slow us down and then somewhere not in the dark side but not all the way up there kind of here in the middle like in this area here and then I want to find a spot in the ring that is fairly dense like so oh we still have that other planet sure people follow along them but they're welcome to now I'm just gonna make my way down in through the crater itself crater the the asteroid field itself but try to see if we can can't get some good shots here I mean look at that and it go a little bit further in to the ring okay we have a pretty clear straight run here so just gonna see if we can't do a little cinematic shot here so I'm gonna go and I'm gonna put the camera around there and lock it to the ship the same rotation look at that kinda sure to stop because my little afraid we're gonna fly it to something here don't have that much shield I remember how much it is but it's not a whole lot to be hundred almost 400 shields that's pretty I like it okay but I think that your side for us too this is a Python the people asking and I think it's time for us to begin moving out you see last time we made it how far outside the bubble about just over two thousand light-years we still have quite a way to go so we better begin to get some sub jumps behind us so got a plot around maybe just gonna get some more water here I actually forgot to check if there's any interesting nebulous on the way in the immediate track here no it's pretty blank and we could go to like cats or nebula pod that would be it's probably better to go to goes over those I could probably stop by some of them on my way to colonial later I think it's just time for us to move on to smooth leg systems I still have a hundred and sixty jumped to go exactly definitely water do you think we'll be able to the babes play lead on the new consoles coming out next year that's a good question it's a very good question I don't know if what kind of upgrade path frontier has done even though our games normally backward-compatible I'm not I'm not I'm not too that familiar with console like how stuff works on console because if they're know if games are normally without the consoles of backwards compatible dead yes sure then you should be able to pick I believe I guess and and and benefit from the better hardware and the next generation of the consoles that would be my guess it was just a quick quick question she cannot explore space in a cobra luxury you definitely can and it's a very good entry-level exploration ship watch my jump range a thing around 45 yeah 45 on a full tank of fuel and you will say they are supposed to be backwards compatible for next gen okay so that would would indicate that you should be able to benefit from it oh that this was an mg system emphasis goddess moving on I need to fight I have to fight something might one of my like one of the rubber feeds off on my throttle the base of my throttle and fell off so it's now right here I can small drop of feet here and and that means it's sliding around on the table a lot more than it used to so I need to find something I can stick underneath to make it sit flush until suddenly make it sit at the table again without moving every time I move the throttle I have 40 nitrogen-rich can take you to Colonia of course can okay we have a ash Rock will and our nice buddy I don't have any blu-tack that would be ideal but can I come up with something you have an engineered anaconda it has minimum leading jumpers 50 light years and sewer savvy bass should I start if you feel like you're ready you could always go out I mean if everything else fails you can always fight back and be fit I would recommend if you are unsure about if you're fit try to take some shorter trips go to the bar might look or something like that go to maybe the bubble sector that's also a good destination for some awesome screen shots and then make it back again see how it goes if you then you would know if you need anything else on your ship okay we have two bodies in this one just stars so I'm just gonna throttle down here you super happy okay maybe this will work let me see I felt like some fold from Ike I remember what it was from but I think if I put it on that maybe maybe it won't you around the Scotch let's put that there move that around balance it a little bit mythic turn this actually like so what that actually worked wonderful eleven buddies and all hold on that is right on the edge of potentially being an earthlike or could just be an icy it's most likely an icy bar just for good measures let's get some distance to the star here actually not while we're here we pit study anyway I've just gotta go and scoop a little bit I'm very fast the bubble sector I moved the wrong direction if I want to go to the bubble sector okay that's good get some distance to the star take pass you do it yeah just a left like a week ago but I haven't had that much time to play in this this character so so I'm still only like 2,000 light-years out ice buddy yeah the other one that does a nice body as well I don't think we got an earthlike James Wow takes about four becoming a patron James awesome I don't know if you're here in chat but if you are I will most definitely be contacting you after the stream if you want you can get your name listed at the end awesome stuff I hope James is here in chat why a Python though because I wanted the ship ah Hornstein okay awesome man thanks a lot roar instant I really hope I'm pronouncing that up that right otherwise have been singing your name Ronald all this time didn't last why a Python because of water the ship I could refit once I got out there I needed something because it was afraid of the ADI selection of optional internal slots I could get out there I decided to take a Python so I could carry a lot of stuff out there with me by just room just fitting it and turning it off now it turns out that I didn't really need it but I've already said my mind a Python I could probably made a better ship if I went with or something like I create Phantom or maybe with a dime pack which I really love and love that I mean back there we go all I see buddies it okay it's a it's world of warcraft random name generator got it okay neat little system but what I'm planning to do once a get out there is I'm gonna take this ship here and I've got a refitted for four coal mining and that's probably gonna be my main source of income to start with I don't think this character has a abundance of wealth currently sitting at a tes 88 million credits so there's definitely something but if it won't buy a few extra ships and outfit them and I need to ship some modules out from the bottle as well which is also going to be expensive so I will need some cash flow to start with and that's why I wanted a ship I could refit for mining and that's why I picked the Python because it's next to next to the Clipper it is one of my absolute favorites coal mining ships so that's the plan to make a mining – out of this 30 pieces system and the place to begin to get some cash flow and get that I will begin to ship modules out begin fitting ships and as I get access to more or more ships I'll eventually I'll be fitting a dedicated exploration ship that I can use to travel around in in that area and okay so we still have I see we have rocky some ice planets again don't think those worth likes that just very much look like it and we have a few types of gas giants and I'm gonna miss jump I can't be scanning every single system I jump into then we're never gonna get there I need to get some some speed up so we'll only be stopping in case I come across systems with I water world's or maybe ammonia wells and definitely likes as anyone else have the issues are coming out of FSS and having the keyboard mapping ignored no never had that happen nine buddies and apparently they're all the same type many jumps do we have ooh 156 it has turned the gas off before I left I'm pretty sure someone will take care of the bubble while while I'm gone no I think is a Korean in the in the thumbnail and but exploring the Clipper probably wouldn't be my first choice but I mean if you like the ship and you like the way it flies the way it handles themselves I think that by all means my guests and I'm acting like we're a slight Python is an awesome ship it's basically a miniature anaconda apart from the jump range part of it it it's just such a good multi-purpose ship I mean able do trading able do missions by passenger missions able to combat if you do mining it's not the best exploration ship in the world but it's definitely not terrible either I mean it's not a fer-de-lance jump race of the Python is fully laden so with a full tank of fuel and it's 45 light years reaction craftsy stoked what buddy probably the star itself yeah it's just a single lone round growth with nothing going on of course I'm gonna try to explore a cobra I wasn't it was it / oxen I think it was corruption who had a thing where he would be flying every single ship to be reported back visitors Valen damn yesterday beautiful Volendam do you have any weapons just in case no okay we're getting a string of of unscrupulous tarsier I should probably remap my routes with only suitable styles i sexually thought I set that up last time but I must have till you enable that he added yeah see next one is announced Google stars well there we go routers we plot it I think did it reap lot it I'm not sure it's in the produce of repotting it yeah here we go now we only running there scruples das that's a lot what did that do to our jumps nothing major yeah I don't think I'm carrying guns to be honest have a quick look no I'm not carrying guns good evening and welcome that it makes sense that there's a lot of red giants if you look at how the distribution of stars should be that there should be a lot of them it it makes sense yes reaction craft it's not that off-topic I'm actually telling to continue in this character and do more jobs I hope that I by Tuesday can make it to the first pit stop because that should make for some very it everything goes according to plan that should because I'm very interesting interesting screenshots and hopefully some very pretty ones as well okay we've got ice bodies and we got some no and then we got asteroid clusters you know what no thank you did I actually bring an AFM you yes okay I brought to a to use perfect so we could we could hook up with the neutral Highway if you really want to no I haven't I I haven't mapped a lot of have an image in any of the systems that I visited today in there in real world most of these are way too faint to the whole hello to be observed with where the ground-based telescope I think oh we're low on fuel we should probably get some more fuel here dive in a little little deeper so we can get more fuel but this is a hot star so I don't want to dive too deep because I really don't want to be calling out fuel rats now that we're hitting about two and a half thousand wait okay let's see what we got here oh hello we got at least a water world so I think it's got small distance to this and then let's scan this scan their system yeah let's try that okay and a lot of high metal contents as well it seems at least some I'm just going to begin discovering planets then we're gonna look at them in more detail later on and then there's something here oops you think if you reverse will even yeah they will yes I have been to Betelgeuse it's awesome place I've been there several times when I fight a system that helps planets that I'm interested in in this case I will I will scan the whole system like you can see I'm doing now and then I'm more stuff here instead what are the water worlds yeah us no I will map the whole system of map doles I'll scan the whole system what's going on here and but I will only take the the water world like the what I found here now let us through them in the system it seems and and I only map those two the high-value planets the rest of them I'll just leave maybe if I find with a fine terraformable high metal content world so maybe map those as well but not one of the highest priorities see how many will you have left with four planets left and that should be the last one oops shooting my senses wrong there we go okay so those with it no where's the water wells all that down here so let's see if we have any so we have one here does its candidate for terraforming the all of these are terrible so probably go and map those and these those two because they're fairly closely orbiting each other and that one is terraformable that one's self humble oh we have a terrible Waterworld here that should be pretty good I guess I'll get mapping so any popular places in the galaxy I haven't visited yet yeah Colonia I just quickly check nothing of none of them were landable what to do in Colonia I'm planning to move out there it's basically gonna be a little bit more I'll put a little bit more difficult to live out there yes it is Stephanie where I'm doing the travel to Colonia again I'm not in a hurry I'm here for the scenic route so if it were in a hurry we were PDA they're in pretty much no time just take the highway but no we're just here to enjoy the scenery and I think actually right now we are not even heading toward Gloria went to colonia last weekend forgot my luggage I heard it's hurt to the bubble yesterday take that for loop of shame yeah exactly you can get there in a few hours from the bubble it's really not that bad but again I'm not in a hurry and I'm here to enjoy the scenery so that's why we're taking the slow route beautiful okay let's get this thing mapped six probes that should be pretty straightforward put one there one there just a Miss so that should be round there and there and there and there go the back one is was off again I hope it's enough to get us yes it was okay that's one down one to go oh well not one to go many more cool let's map that one Xmas 2008 good evening I was wondering if we could make it to the edge of the region today but I think that's a little far-fetched oh shoot again yes commander floating yeah it's for engineers does locating engine in Colonia also six strokes so that's much closer to to the backside that time no I don't think we're gonna see a rework of black holes at the accretion disk it would be awesome if they would but I don't think I don't think that would be a thing how far away is this planet you know what no not that one that one let's just hit down take the two the two water wells down here which is also a decent decent distance I'm doing an update on an engineering walkthrough just need a confirmation that they are out there well while we on supercruise anyway and show you here and engineers so the four engineers out there is this guy you could see he is located around 20,000 light-years away from me right now it is this guy those two believe this guy's will and that guy overall in this case so yeah they are definitely for problem up there and as you can see of course I have ensured that I have the knowledge of them before I left so that I can actually unlock them oh yeah and these planets even been mapped before no not been discovered haven't been mapped yet this one was the yeah this one is the candidate for terraforming yeah look at that it's not I mean the oxygen is slightly high but it's not bad there's sadness fear is I would consider that breathable quite a bit of carbon dioxide though but it's probably okay any sweet paint ups nope ADA's stuck its no paint dent on it at all I don't believe I have any that I have any paint jobs for the Python on this account Michaels is welcome to the black commander thank you very much yes a naked Python wait is this the looks like there's two of them there oh is that a background star okay it's a background star okay fan off just don't act there were two planets orbiting each other okay there was one of those planets to look really really good that one yeah a blue one and I have one that looks a little bit less interesting although I like the Python I mean looks wise it's okay maybe the back end of it could be a little longer but I guess looks wise like I can I like it loadout wise I love it does the gal that news gets good receptions out there how we have fast and light communication so it should be just fine now we have people and heading back from Colonia also taking the scenic route that's actually some pretty pretty significant ice caps their problem but the temperature like here okay so first of all the service pressure is way low the gravity is very low service temperature is pretty goddamn cold okay that those polar caps will need some nukes and if we are to terraform this planet okay commander thanks a lot for joining in okay let's see that should do it that should do it that should do it that should do it come on there we go perfect that should bring us a pretty penny okay let's take one more then let's begin moving out through the next system there was some some terraform behind middle cotton wheels and they are pretty valuable planets but we should be okay what are you telling me film oh okay I'm live-streaming thank you have subspace and if vital to get last week's news I mean if you're if you're out in in in being a point doesn't really matter if your new stream is half a week late I mean it's not like you could do much about it anyway yeah layouts warty Andromeda galaxy siii we could get to get their news feed instead it matches that actually just now just 300 years if if frontier at some point down the road decided that elite dangerous needs say needs a complete refresh and they decide to do a new game in the Elite Series and in order to avoid all the like the stuff that has already been discovered and why has that stuff not in a new game and yadda yadda yadda and they could just do like elite Andromeda that would actually be pretty awesome so like some gateway was found leading to a dromeda barracks LA and there we go that's about this thing and and then you play as an independent pilot who has taken our and begin colonizing and dropped Andromeda galaxy I think that mean that would definitely doable it will allow them do a full refresh of the game if they wanted to ever to ever do a follow up on already dangerous into a second game without having to worry about explaining suddenly why all the stuff we already discovered why is that not in the game again because well do in a different galaxy so of course it's not I didn't just make like the soleus that like the axis back on limit not unlimited out of reach so you couldn't get back to the main galaxy okay time for us to move out yeah I think I'm pretty confident out that that base building is a thing that worst of all frontiers hiring people to do AI SIV driving so they're gonna do something with making NPCs drive around nests of ease and so that's that sounds a lot like there's gotta be something happening along the lines of base building any some some other stuff of the service is getting some massive walls Oh hold on we got us in the water world I guess it's time to get some good distance to the star and let's begin mapping planets this rate I'm never gonna get there nope okay so you probably do not have the Waterworld here because that's a gas giant so I'm guessing all these other ones are like icy rocky bodies because it would make absolutely zero sense if there was a Waterworld orbiting a gas I guess it could but it would be unlikely okay so we have something that's obscured may actually have to that's obscured by the by the star so we have to move a little bit oh that is some pretty rings that the waterworld thing goes nice okay I think I'm gonna relocate a little bit take that footfall on Twitch much better nope nope there we go done you see what else we got here oh look at that atmosphere though almost 100% oxygen oh well that was way closer than I thought yeah exactly don't light a match the other thing anybody brought laces yeah Python expiration is always funny okay let's get this thing mapped up that was not the best best placed okay I'm messing up these probes quite badly but I hope it's gonna be okay and fully mapped efficacy target bonus whoo I don't think that's anything else this system that let me mortgage no no that should be it it's attack of the system and scope a hundred fifty jobs to go getting there no I do not have engineer probes that's why I'm trying to be a little somewhat accurate when I'm adding planets I think at this point we are probably beginning to approach maybe 3000 maybe not even that far yet we can actually echo and have a look just gonna quickly check this system here nope nothing here that I want well we just quickly you can see we're not not that far out far we're getting there so we about yeah approaching 3,000 light-years yeah I wrote to registers to work out here it shows how quickly to map a gas giant if we come across one then I'll try to bat one at least we come across one in the system where I'm doing a stop anyway eleven buddies let's get some fuel and have a quick look at the system nope five point five light years fight I assume that's five point five thousand light years okay reaction craft come show me the rules what what what do you have okay so let me start this one yeah I I get it five and a half thousand reaction craft says just had a stupid thought asked which way of jumping to Colonia could be an interesting drinking game that sounds like a really bad idea I don't have camera shake on I don't know it's it feels although a little bit on I don't know I always played with the camera shake off people asking I'm far from the bubble we are approaching 3000 ideas right now reading down lower although Xmas about 15 have a look at this so we have we have a gas giant but I don't want to wait until we find a system with some decent stuff in it says recently my turn 88 million worth of low-temperature diamonds to get some reactive Armour for my bed every one suggested to do it in a smaller ship yeah about wood out of the cutter a cutter is good for because you get all the cargo hold I prefer something like a Python or clipper because of the mobility and to be honest a full load in in our clipper will yield you let me think around 300 million if you fill it up with the void opals no chipping of diamonds about 200 million which is by no means a bad haul at all okay we got here nothing okay so here's the rules for every ten jump would you have a sip okay every five parties in a system granted so if I scan a system like this with like I had a few jumps back with 30 30 bodies in it that would be a lot eleven bodies this system gets a few while we here for every I see dunno this system is okay this high metal and that looks like a water world so I'm gonna scan the system got to get some distance to the stars what was that – Waterworld oh it is that's why no and something else apparently so it's orbiting a rocky world okay that's pretty that could potentially be terrible oh that's something that oh here we go we have two bodies orbiting each other here which is then orbiting that one system completed and let's have a look it has a small moon lovely and it's not too far away so let's go map it okay well we're flying out there guys remember if she lightning the stream go out and hit the like button below in case you forgot Chris I'm flying a Python good evening DK why and we are shooting study says thanks to all the helpful videos great start we were starting out to play who welcome DK I think I'll try to explore some of myself but eventually we're gonna make like a guide for it then I'll be happy to compare notes on on what we've learned oh oh that was a little sketchy that that third one there I'll see you where that lands I think it might be going slightly too far there on the back a degree that all the way over there but it was enough to get the map of the whole planet so that's good onwards Titus's this way might actually be doing the drinking judging by his liberal trajectories a 4343 Roche richest note wrote into the middle of nowhere maybe is actually hot the system Oh nein look nothing here I want moving on to get rich so okay so the properties if you want to series to make a good good drinking game out of expiration you need to make sure that the rules are so simple that you can do them even after you've been playing for a while that's that's the typical path because if it's like keeping track of how many planets are in the system and how many jumps have I taken you will you will eventually begin to lose track of what you're doing so I think it should be something like if you find a water world or something like that three bodies if you even touch are we dealing with here okay only stars will be on every turn or every tell Fogell gets a shot that's that's aggressive yeah actually not directly to Colonia I'm doing a small pit stop right now that's a system I want to visit so we're actually heading well not sure we are heading closer to Colonia but more like in a parallel directory to Colonia at the moment I think well you could see here and I'm currently heading out that direction where I Colonials over here so I'm kind of making a heading out here making a 90-degree turn that flying into water Colonia and we got 10 what okay they're just all the exact same type pretty boring system and good progress now every time I skip sketching a city that's a good one if I forget to scan a system DK why's this to cover some systems along the way who became across them the chances are small especially because they don't always look if the star has been discovered we've got 10 down oops not that one that one okay mostly not interesting time to serve okay that's probably stretching also considering if I could make it down to a hundred jumps to go that would be really nice bar I think that's stretching it a little bit looking at at the time and at the fact that I hardly have to screw her I have to go to work tomorrow okay new rules temp Johnson's one-shot system with water ammonia world's is also a fair system with earth life is two shots systems with more than 50 bodies take the whole bottle that could get dangerous real quick I can 1 2 3 welcome to the stream says you're doing all the good we are Mario says Scandinavians everywhere where else is the Scandinavians apart from meld moto Scandinavia ha only our job to new systems after certain number of shots hurt of a start I called a magnetar I've heard them mentioned I don't believe there any leet but from the name I guess it would be stars with a strong magnetic field so just a wild guess actually we could make it down to just a hundred jumps to go if but yeah that we don't have to don't have time to take any any real pit stop so sir love your videos and the plane this indiaia elite is really good we are what I'm not really sure if Mack guitars are actually a confirmed type of style or if it's something people are theorizing or if it's just sighs deep science fiction at least I've never I've never heard of them in in a scientific context or they think the time sort of heard of it has always been in sci-fi but I guess we could try to ask ask little quick okay so this is a thing it is a okay so it is the soft it is a soft gamma pulsar goddess it seems now I lost track of what I was doing and I was looking at McNeese house instead okay I'm Hyuga system looking after some asteroid clusters and a lot of stuff do you want me on suit the suit TM how are we doing actually making some pretty good progress which is made down to the fact that we're really unlucky with the systems we hit finding two bodies wonderful soft GABA polska sounds nearly cuddly yeah when he refers to soft kamerad it doesn't mean that it that it's it's nice and cuddly it's just refers to a sub region within the gamma spectrum thank you FairPoint you can do like when you find these systems with next to nobody says and you could just map them and and then get a full map you can you map stars even I okay let's try that can you actually met a star it makes no sense but well you can fishes fishes it's hogging infinite nope it just burned off and died it would also be really silly yeah one day would burn up and – it makes no sense to map a ball of plasma while maybe are trying to target the distillation system and maybe should get off the controller before I am taking my time I just always stopping it systems great so see this one does well one body so that's what the star and that's about it what's the name of the next station what I mean next station like the next stopping point I mean next time I'm talking it's hopefully got up in Colonia here everything goes according to plan our destination oh I'm just going around there was a destination right now we're heading out to a to a system that I've been wanting to visit for a while and I figured that since I'm heading to Colonia why not just give it a go and give it a go and and go out and visit that system so I'm taking a small D 2 out through it to that and then once I'm done there I've seen what I want to see then I will sorry then I'll move on towards Colonia so Colonia is probably still a few weeks away before I'm getting there oh the system's beginning to change name so I must have moved in through another region not like the big region regions but like small new areas of space reaction craft there's an easy solution to that 12 bodies to see what they have to offer nothing of interest if the stars are getting too hot you just need to get even closer it's actually quite quite funny that the practical role of the star where we would be a few scooping like at the top of these of the arches and the crooner there's like millions of degrees but if you get down to the surface level it's only what five thousand Kelvin something like that not that hot so it's getting too hot you just not close enough just have to fly closer and yeah people ask you about jump range it is around 45 light-years it's not bad on a Python yeah only 5000 Kelvin that's nothing that's taking our Sun of course other stars are considerably hotter John says Kant decided award you to make it to colonia for and asked to find out who died hid out of him yeah that's actually a time very very interesting I don't believe that I've ever had that actually happened to be in in sky rapid played Skyrim a lot and I think that's always because I always end up playing sneaky characters to just go straight and join the Brotherhood but no that's apparently now I hit out on on Ren ash and yeah we'll have to see we could figure out who it is yeah yeah radiation will probably be an issue and you might get a slight sunburn if you try to cuddle the star too much we're buddies we have nothing of interests keep it on fuel fuel is good it's been quite a few systems I mean when we started out it was I at least once good system every 10 jumps now we've had quite a few jumps without anything of interest is there anything unique colonia other than having us stationed well there's a lot of stations out there it's a whole little community up there now and there are special engineers out there and I thought it could be fun okay three parties and all of them are stars or little stars okay we have a question here once which I recently returned from a run to Secretary's a and back I have about 500 million or so in data to sell they already have all the systems unlocked and have cruise if there's any other benefit beneficial way to sell the data oh sure to sell it at a homes at my hope system if you already have all the permits that you need and the only thing I could think of is to find systems where you would be like we want to pick up missions in the future like if you're not fully allied with all the factions in let's say Rafi go then that could be a good place to go and spend some of your photography data no not that one that one because then it kind of helps you on so you don't have to sit in levels up that's one way to do it um alternatively you can always go and find a you're dumping that mod expiration data it will have a rather large impact on an assistant BTS why so if you want to you can always go and look up a PGs faction like like the one we have around the channel go and have a look every day there's posted strategies what needs to be done and it's quite often that during a cropper feeding a dump is as requested in case like that if you're no other place to dump it you're more than welcome to just dump it on in the systems where the where it's put in the BDS trail view of the day and then it will then it would benefit a little bit I believe there also is a lot as one of the factions that like one of the superpowers that give you more eggs more benefit from the exploration data do you have to be a member when you scan it or is it can you join afterwards so how does that work okay you need Bank five okay never might there in that case I would just fight the system yeah hopefully right forget it in that case I would find systems where you might think you want to pick up missions in the future maybe get a light with the dark wheel and schemata destra or something like that just because though you can't because you don't own in stations nevermind don't think there are any stations do they not sure Oh running a little low and fuel also boring stuff the data thump requests if you go down to the link for and for this code server below the stream and if you go in there and you scroll down you will see a section about Terrax that's our faction and under Terrax does a werster's chat called that's called a faction news and in there you will see often running ghost he poached the daily strategies every day so we can see for it today we have we have a election going on over in Midori and we have some media Pro stuff going on over in Car Talk but I believe that katryca feed dump works for elections so that could be that could be be a place to go and do a crock of dump if you have no other place to dump it do they scan the system of judges jump I think I just scanned it and I think it just jumped yeah I agree I would love to see stars being way more deadly than they are right now I mean black holes they should just rip your ship to shreds hold on okay so this is one of those systems are we lucky is it on this side it's ray how far away is it now it's too far I was considering going and mapping it just to get the full system mapping bonus but in the interest of keeping the speed up here and we've got some good good to be going I think well one that covered absolutely I know it sounds silly but I've kind of wished I could blow up more I mean I would love to see like stars getting way more dangerous than they are in general just make the make this I mean make space few more dangerous than others at the moment that's always the self-destruct button yeah died 25 that's nothing the souls of rookie lovers else needs to be much higher yeah that's right you would have to make sure that that explores just wouldn't die halfway home from a trip to kind of prevent you from safeguarding yeah the expiration data but it could be something as simple as a like in hand transmitter array or something like that that you fit that allows shoot through transmit some of your exploration data back home and then they would not have the same value as if you brought the actual scans but all that would take a lot of time that that would be good game play sitting and watching a scanner sending data back something like that would make it more difficult to make it back home in one piece but that would allow you to transmit some of the data back home make giving you let's say half the price I don't know if that would work or if it wouldn't but yeah how many jumps to go we have yeah 119 now can I see a black hole we can try to find one I don't know if that's anyone's one in the area though but sure we can go hold on hold on what do we have here water wills and we have at least two water wells in this system but yeah you can definitely see black holes if you if you go and look for them and we can try to find one today if we're lucky if we have one that happens to be on or out okay let's get this system scant we just start right here she's like a screw to places any high metal content world's there's a single gas giant in the system I'm expecting once we find that that that's going to be a sawn-off let's see we have here maybe a ton of moved around that usually is oh there's something even closer here is that oh this laughs yeah so those are where the bulk of the asteroid clusters got it what do we have here another high metal content well oh oh this is probably asteroid clusters as well I guess yeah but there's also something here that's not an asteroid cluster this is an actual planets that's one of the water wilts no another guest I'd yeah that's one of the more wilts and there is something completely different that's the other water world I think yep and here we have a bunch of planets also grouped together oh we're done nice that's the fun oh so what else has been here before me look at that this has been at a previously discovered system we're gonna map it anyway I'm fast that away ten thousand I would do that why can't you Scoob fuels from ground drops because they are not hard enough they don't have an active fusion process well we're heading up there actually just gonna have a look yes this was a really really really look at that so you have like one solar system here on its own and we're heading out to that star there then you have this other solar system here which when we look at the planets that is a captured system right you can see the orbit of rotation in this system is vast different than the others and I'm not sure because all these orbits are very very round so I'm expecting that if we look at the dc2 that probably has is that a gas giant I think it is it's odd that would be so far off the axis yeah there's the gas giant is really Arthur that is so far off the math Center after system yeah that's okay that's the interesting part again if we hold on just slow us down a little bit here the math center of this system here is really odd because you actually see this right there where the pluses because you have the two stars right so you have two stars of this system that are orbiting each other so this common center of mass is somewhere between those two and they have their own planets orbiting around them and then you have that orbiting them together with that one this is a really really weird configure especially what what passes me is that you have this clean orbit plane where most of the stuff is happening in and then you have this one that's just way off from everything else would indicate that this one should have been a captured object but if this was a captured object let's go get the data sheet and nothing we should see that it was a very elliptical orbit semi-major axis now look it's almost perfectly round it's not busy it's it's you can sit here the the orbit is like very very close to being completely round indicating that this is probably something that's been created with the system but that really makes it odd why it is at such a such a steep angle and the only thing I could come up with is that obviously these two systems will always be opposite each other otherwise to do that the balance of the system is completely off but maybe at some point when these were captured in if these were if these were generated as two different systems and this star at some point was in the same plane as the rest in this system here but after the capture process it kind of got flung off at a rear angle that could explain why it was was ending of this really really hard open but this system down here looks very very undisturbed when we take a look at it I mean that that is a very very flat orbit plane so that is weird it could be a I mean that is also an option that it was a passing object that has been messing with the messing with the system and that that thing is just now gone that that's theft also also an option this is oh this is 700 well not much you can do about that now yeah this is got to be an issue I'm not going to get the efficiency target on this one it was damn close though if I can hit one more there on the back that spot there then it should be okay Oh hold on I would he sent aha if I only sent out six probes and it was a seven come on dant yes perfect ha okay men to salvage that what we're doing I want the other back yes so we run with that one let's move over to the other system it's flag for us now I'm wondering can we actually see ourself where we are I assume that's us it could be fun if we could see that when we begin to fly out because what I'm expecting to see is that we're going to spend a lot of time then suddenly we're gonna move across here very quickly but I'm not sure if we can actually see yourself move try to zoom in here now it claims we are here we started there and now we're here but we're flying there that makes no sense is it moving is really difficult to see though sorry doesn't mean to seem like we're moving so that we out here okay right now we should be around halfway between the two systems but just moved me all over the place and it's not really moving in real time either now let's move somewhere that seems fairly reasonable and are we out there frontier go home the drunk I will I'm glad that there's actually something that works on console and not on on on PC for once it's normally the other way around we have balls this oh my god watch so many of your videos I'm new truly dangerous five days new I'm loving it how are you I'm doing great ten boxes I'm not saying these aliens but it's aliens yeah so we are still in deep space I have a suspicion that as soon as we switch over to the other I could buy but the other sphere of influence then it would also jump on the map okay so now it figured out that we are heading into the system at least so just done a little bit of a better job this time see I should have fitted a super cruise assist module that module has graduated become one of my absolute all-time favorite things oh look at that deputy there in the background that looks pretty wonder which one that is it's very large and in the direction of the call yeah already started my journey okay six probes that should be pretty standard layout off something like this this this so new mask what's the plan for the stream I'm gonna begin making my way towards my first pit stop on the way to Colonia and just having a quick look around what we find in terms of interesting planets along the way that is that's pretty much it okay I think we're done in this system now I think I'll be moving on to the next one so what else do we have whereas the next sister here we go haven't had that many good photo opportunities this time what stick I'm using I'm still using my X 56 from Logitech oh this much one the old one from SciTech it's okay it's it has definitely some flaws the software is well I'm considering not even installing it sometimes but oh hello oh right to say at least the software's not very good the drivers for it and it does have some issues if you don't have enough power running to the testicular throttle so you need to make sure you have plenty of power from your USB ports so don't just plug it in to where like a breakout thing on your monitor or something like that which I don't know what else you could to do but yeah they will get ghost presence all over the place so it's I it's not the best joystick by any means if you work around all the box narrows with it then that is okay but if it works by something new today would buy a maybe an X 52 Pro again if if I wanted to go that route alternatively I hope it'll gain some other more expensive gear from either someone like purple what's they K they also have some pretty cool stuff oh yeah mapping a gas giant that's right forgot that three buddies whatever yet oh wait okay we have a single gas giant in this system so just to need twist-off mapping that let's go and do that yeah the throttle definitely is the one that has the most issues I I have a suspicion if that maybe it can be improved that you turn off all the LEDs as all the lights on it because they must be drawing some power from it on a lot but to some and if power is the issue then maybe turning off the enemies will have help I don't know I actually haven't tried that because I found two USB ports start up providing it with sufficient power so that that's not an issue where is this gas giant over there it is oh that looks like it could be far away yeah 26,000 light years but flights for the 6,000 ideas okay macro says does he even bother that's a doll dealies and it still has the ghosting issues okay then I don't know what it is what does ghosting ghosting means that you get the joystick will push buttons and without you actually touching it so for instance you could have the judge just sit in the other disk and then suddenly it would deploy your landing gear or it would boost or it would go sending it to silent running up whatever you have back to the buttons on it is the war Thark good for elite well the only problem I have with the war thought is that doesn't have a twist the jury doesn't twist so you have to use petals for your unless unless you want to put them on something else I mean I really have a hard time I mean I just lots of good throttle units out there I mean verbal has a really good one that looks really really awesome but what I'm having a hot side is finding a joystick that I like because I want a joystick that has twists so that I can use the twisting of joystick as as your and I needed to have a combination of both hats and add buttons and especially that's well pinky switch you can see here on the back that's just like pinky switch try not to fly into a star and I use that a lot are you status for my secondary trigger and so I've worn something along those lines I know these are normal used for in airplanes for braking but I use it in the in elite as a secondary trigger it doesn't love them but that to be fighting on the build has a good pinky switch and has twists in the joystick that's not not an easy task how our DP to be hung to system I think we hung up the system you get ghosting how to stop it make sure that your joystick is plot into a two USB ports directly on your motherboard don't use any breakout stuff at least okay what you could do is try just to move through a round until you don't get any ghosting because in some cases they work better with when they're in a powered USB hub some times they work better if they are straight off the motherboard it just tried to free USB ports until you find something it works you don't need a stick no no you would definitely walk lips you definitely want to throttle by one unit as well as I have over here in the other hand and some people would go tool stick part of the thing is that many that go that route I prefer a throttle and and a stick or moved from the PC from xboxes yeah triple leaders it's quite a bit of work eleven buddies nothing of interest yeah exactly it's really it seems to be really random which type of USB they like so try and try different ones move them around see what happens it's the best it's the best recommendation that he gave just try different USB ports and and figure out which one don't give you a ghosting if you yeah okay this is a good opportunity we have a plateau system here with a single gas giant so we can get a full system scan for mapping and scanning this system although the x50 okay the x52 does not have the ghosting issues and the reason why I moved away from the x52 Pro is because the water hat was just getting my physically worn down I mean the buttons were not responding anymore because they were just worn down I've been playing with that thing so much that thanks all the subscriptions and YouTube and follow us at rich ok what were we doing we were scanning that that one gas giant and system and then we gotta go and get the full mapping and we could try to do us a map of a gas giant which was requested from chat there we go and it's lovely it's far away again please don't be on the other end of the solar system or 7000 ok you know what we gonna take it just because what is the estimated travel time to reach Colonia in my play time or in real time because it's only real time weeks play time I don't know probably a lot I mean I'm far with the Bob now so we made about 200 like 2,000 light-years today and talked about him screaming for two hours so I'm making around a thousand light years per hour so if I'm keeping this pace up it would be another five hours before Matt my first destination and from there I'll probably have around 20 hours before I met before my order Colonia so about 25 hours dreedle oh wow hello world welcome to the stream people asking about my guests by like keybindings on the throttle I have like small hat switches at the side and I use those for opening you can see here now I'm just pushing it to open up the FSS scanner then I have two dials there's like some small rotating dials that you can use I use those four for moving the moving the scanner around um and I guess that's pretty much it use the trigger for select and that's it at least when it comes to to scanning planets okay almost there we oh yeah key bindings takes a long time I mean just sitting and getting everything back that's always the issue when you switch to a new to a hostess or switch to a new hotel is it will take your time just to figure out where everything is and I'm just mapping it will take at least an hour and then afterwards you forgot where you put half of it and you're sitting like oh hold on whether I put my landing gear oh it's probably that one and then suddenly you turn off your shield or something okay we're coming up with the gas-giant now to see where where we're at it's a pretty planet okay stop this thing here okay 21 probes so what I would probably do is to find one at the center and then begin moving outwards so I'll probably this case because gas giants could vary a lot in size so I would lose weight and see how big the circle is when it actually impacts okay so it's pretty big so what I want to do now is to kind of hit right here on the edge of it maybe a little bit further out so what I will do is I will call it we pulled into off the center so I'm going to aim a little low and then we're gonna build a basically a square around this one I think so I'll probably aiming around there there I'm hoping about getting pulled in too much there and there see where these things land that's pretty that's okay okay so now I can begin I can continue this pattern and now I want to kind of hit in that section there maybe a little bit further out so I'm gonna go and aim slightly further out that I did before probably around there I think oh I used the right trigger it's probably odd issue and at the same thing they're there and probably there that's okay as well we get good coverage on on that area as well okay so now we've pretty much mapped this side of the planet at least what we can see and but again we can continue the pattern that we can shoot on that is right at the horizon so I've got to shoot slightly over the horizon go do that on both sites so that's as well shoot one there there beautiful so that we got the majority of the map done on this site if we look at the backside of course we haven't done a whole lot but what I would probably do now is to jump out of out of this mode and then move over to the other side of planet because it's quite difficult to do accurate I think I'm not good enough at least like you do accurate probes on the backside so in order to get that done in in a more accurate fashion I'll just move around the planet and continue my work from the other side making sure I can get so this is not quite far enough yet keep moving keep moving keep moving there we go okay and now we're just gonna map this side that side of us well as you can see we have about 50 we can start and pretty much do the same thing again a Camry but how far by was was they like there I think that was about where I was yeah so these times they are a little bit too far in she just shot further up she walked yet sure probably a maybe a little bit closer to the plan at this time that I was before I'm so we're gonna compensate a little bit by shooting I think there there and there and there I think yeah much better and that should bring us up to 90 and 100 fully mapped I'm not sure we got the efficiency bonus didn't actually pay attention to it but I think it was a pretty good map how long are we we actually getting pretty close to through the edge of the region 22 probes okay so it was one probe sure so probably if I haven't messed up those four probes and on the backside in the square around it I would probably be able to have gotten it a little bit earlier and of course this is a ton engineers probe launcher or well detailed service scanner so if I had a better detailed surface scanner then of course I would be able to mad a lot quicker you have any specifically planned videos for the future wants to reach Colonia I don't have anything specific in mind it's probably going to be something along the lines of like when I get out there I'll probably do a small video on arriving at the first time like what is the like a quick overview of Colonia or maybe something along those lines and that eventually as I begin to progress out there I guess I said the videos is going to be instead of being more guides tutorials as I normally do they'll probably be a lot more like left to play color videos as I begin to discover the area and learn about it so I'll probably do something like okay so now we arrived in Colonia what's the first you need to do okay let's just start by building ourself a mining ship get that thing up and running get some cash flows and then begin looking into the engineers and eventually begin expanding the fleet with more and more ships and and do it kind of like a like a a little bit like a live stream can't the same idea for edit it down right so I would probably caught them in a similar fashion to what I do when a live stream of course without people to talk to in chat so I would just be basically narrating what I'm planning to do why I'm doing what I'm doing and then I would edit that down to a maybe 10 15 20 minute video or something like that I translated might be a little bit alongside but that depends how much I'm gonna be able to have in there what do we have here nothing of interest okay Marxist I went to Claudia what didn't make it by remains that I can in somewhere halfway top five ships hmm that's a good one I would definitely have to say that the Diamondback would definitely be in there and that's just because I have I mean I love the Diamondback it's such a joy to fly and because it's like it's one of those it's not the best I know there are better ships but it's just such a joy to fly the Diamondback Explorer I really enjoy that I think the covet baby because of its copper capabilities clipper for mining obviously good ship as well now than that I've always liked these I've always liked these multi-purpose ships like the Python and and the the Cobra Mach 3 I mean I really liked those ships because of their multi-purpose roles and I kinda would be an I mean yeah the Condors little I mean I like the ship because it's so versatile it could do so many things but I'm also really hating it because I've been flying it for so much so for so long and every time I try to make a feel that's just it I just always end up coming back to the Anaconda and even though I would love to be flying something else for a while just to get out of that ship it is just for from what I need it is just the best ship out there I did try it I think it was was it after three point three came out I did try to like move out of the Anaconda find something else that I could could use as by my everyday bubble boss but at the end of the day it would just be a downgrade from what I had and this just yeah just didn't make any sense to move our bed exactly the silver sister to Dimebag had a class-five but for a few scoop it was really hard to argue against it but here's my argument with the Diamondback a is as a bubble boss you don't need that huge fuel scoop because if you're sitting on it it has 70 Lightyear jumping 70 lights your jump rates ship anyway chances are you're going to be able to reach your destination without fuse could weak at all and if you have too few scoop it will have to be so little that it doesn't really matter if you do if you if you do a little bit of few scooping in the Diamondback yes it's slow but it's not the end of the world okay we have some gas giants and we have some smaller things there move on do you think frontier will ever let us allow us to move remove mill suitor to add more cargo it's definitely a possibility I mean they done it with the with some of the passenger liners where they had reserved slot for passenger cabins that has now been removed so maybe I mean it's not it wouldn't be unheard of if they did yeah you have to write civil if you if you taking the time back out for integration then the bigger fuel scoop would be really really nice but when it's just a bubble bus it should do just fine rocky ice wilt just gonna make me for a little bit here there we go how are we doing for time okay it's getting late we have smithy says beginning to look to start to come back start progressing my comeback for dangerous for Laura Jamison any ships activities yeah definitely I did a video a little while back and I would recommend you get yourself a crate back to you fitted out for hauntings Aykroyd Scouts and then you just begin slaughtering Thacker Scouts left and right it is by far the fastest way to do it you should be able to Beach dangerous in I don't know how many hours the depends where you're off course but I guess dangerous you could probably reach that in in a matter of I would say hours but maybe like three four hours of gameplay something like that you should be dangerous you think the no man's sky is tied off cradles would be I don't maybe and we do have the mega ships that are kind of been they were delayed after the after the three point three patch and and I guess they would have to be moved around somehow I hope that they're not going to be like the fairest I can only move on Thursday's like once a week that would be a little disappointing if that was the case but I have a I have a sneaky suspicion that's gotta be the case that okay so wow I think the mega ships or the the fleet carriers gonna be is it's basically going to be a platform that you can dock on only if you're part of a specific squadron and then you can gather few on it and maybe stored somewhere on the ship a little bit like when you're donating to two engineers you can also donate fuel to the mega ship and then you can schedule it for jump if you have the right roles within the squadron allowing you to say this ship should now Trump to the system and it will then do that hold on no standards like it's just close and even then do that at the next coming Thursday I think that's how it's gonna end up working what kind of missions and activities do you think you'll be don't we get space lakes base buildings seem to be a thing definitely that indicates that we're gonna be able to walk around on the planets of course and hopefully that also means that also means we gotta get some us RVs to drive around I hope we're gonna be able to walk inside ships or stations as well but again I'm not sure what kind of gameplay that would be around it but walking on the planets is definitely you think I think okay I don't know I'm just this is my guess see you can't you can't get away without engineering it you just need to be a little bit more careful when it comes to concur that when it comes to your wake up to your arm up because you will take corrosive damage and the method I used I didn't carry any decontamination limpets I just had enough Alba head points that we just faced hanged him so my ammo in my multi cannons would run out before before my armor did was corroded through weapons the first person laughs I don't know I don't hope so I also believe it's gonna be a first-person shooter it it would seem I don't know I hope they're gonna take a more I keep the exploration side of it right so make it yeah I don't know I don't know if they're gonna put guns in there in the game I hope they're gonna put new mining tools new scandals and stuff like that and building tools so we can build bases on on the planets and I hope those bases can then be set up as like remote our binding our code so let's say I find a planet that has a lot of assert materials that I need and then I could build a mining facility on that planet that would then mind that material for me and then I could like pop up the mining outposts in various locations around the around the area that I that I frequent and 21 nice oh we have here it's a water world okay let's scan the system and then I could come back and that I could collect the materials so I didn't have to drive around with the SOB and prospected manually squadron Statham would have to do it in a mall like just have it done automatic so I'm gonna pick it up it would ever take some of the grind out of the game that's for sure okay let's get this system scant oh look at that looks hot No what do we have here oh there we go oh come on oh I was too in there this is really really weird we have moons orbiting moons in here I think we have another gas giant here no asteroid clusters rusted belts yeah there we go gosh oh that's pretty I like that I really like the ringed gas giants we have here and that's another gas giant with water-based life on it nice they're more gas giants out here it never stops something there wow what a system I'm sorry I'm not reading chat right now but just need to get this system scan so we can figure out what you want to map and okay so that is actually a water world Oh was that a ringed water world yeah it was yeah there was this section here that got me all confused and that's a rink Waterworld let's go and visit that goodnight micro thanks a lot for dropping by okay okay to catch up on chaff okay people are discussing star citizen's I see okay Phaneuf yeah it I agree it there it is I mean I've been of course like anybody else something keeping an eye on star citizen is just to see what they're up to and they definitely have a source of definitely have some good ideas no doubt about it but it's just something about the business model and this way like that that everything is like halfway done and and the fact that I think they have corrected him wrong but did they say that they were not gonna release the game there was just going to be like a continuous not gonna say the release thing they're just gonna keep developing it like forever I never I never which i think is really a shame because I think what a lot of people are waiting for us to see okay where is this game when it's being released when do we get a here you go guys this is version 1.0 enjoy you're right to really craft the spirit develop it for seven years which is way longer than it should easy mode says stop Astro that orange hot man yeah but problem is I never really found a hot color where all the different colors are each two distinguishable like I want to be able to see the difference between what's an enemy what's a friendly what's a wing made what's a neutral and what I can container and stuff all that stuff needs to be easily distinguishable and I just haven't found one that allows for that okay let's get this thing mapped didn't this thing that it says here it has rings it has it it claims it has metal-rich rings am i just edge on to them those are the faintest rings I've ever seen can we nope we can't Oh No there we go oh they're just really really thin well I still can't see the ring okay yeah believe this this is in fact say a on discover I haven't have a check but I believe this is undiscovered I still can't see the ring she said okay oh wait you actually see the hotspots they're not even try to drop down into one of these hotspots here I don't know for planetary ring eyes I somehow feel she is yeah maybe we should try night-vision that didn't do anything either it's just debris hold on Oh about pulse wave scanners deactivated hold on Papa Papa Bob what do we turn off Guardian FSD booster we turn off the fuel scoop and good meshes I also trade off the I don't have anything how much this is used part which is 15% okay we should have enough now there's nothing but this is still very interesting because this is actually very very interesting so we know that that coal asteroids with the core deposits in us are generated separately from all the other rocks in a ring we know that from slip mining then that showed really really clearly that those two are completely different ones but the fact that we are now in a ring where because what I had then were to try to figure out is if the Ring density if the ring density has had anything to do with with the number of core deposits that are being spawned so does it make a difference between if you go in through a high density or low density area and so far I haven't come up with a sure way to detect this if that was the case but this shows this is a hands-down proof that the density of the Rings unless this is a buck I mean weak okay we can't say it's not a buck but you can still see they are still like the small like dust particles around here like this one here like those there they are still here and they are generated just as they as they normally would when you get one up close here it's really really small and there is you can see that there but that that shows that the ring seems to have been spawned somewhat correctly at least but the fact that there is no core deposits here either if we were seeing basically what you would expect to see in a slip mining situation where there was just scattered coal deposits then I would say that that has that the density of three has no effect but the fact that the ring seems true actually have a terse toccata cause it tells me that it's okay it was looking at how wide it is you can see it it's actually quite white I mean nine thousand it'll ten thousand it like twelve thousand kilometers wide that's like the radius of the earth or the diameter of the earth ish metal rich made rich by hands is a pristine reserved metal rich so it's not a bad ring if there was anything to mine but okay back to the back to the point at hand here the fact that there is no coal deposits here tells me that the density of the ring indeed is tied to the – how many core depositor spawned in a ring that being said though doesn't mean that you should always go and go into the highest density areas because when you go in through our higher density area of a ring you are like mean free path when terms of line of sight like how far can you see on average before you hit an asteroid it's basically like if you go into if you go into a forest and you're looking for for a specific type of tree do you go into the densest part of the forest where you can pretty much only see ten meters around you but there's a lot more trees so the chance of finding one is a lot bigger because they should be a lot closer or do you go into an area where you have a wider field of view where you can see further but of course there would also be less less of the specific type of tree this is exactly the situation we have here where do you want to go into the highest density areas and you get a low average I like a low mean free path before you like interpret line-of-sight what will go into a low density area where there would be further between the rocks but it's easier for you to spot them um and I think the the the correct answer is somewhere in between I don't think that it's necessarily the highest or the lowest this is very very interesting and I know I'm a mining freak and I can spend hours talking about mining but this is really really interesting without good for us to be here Ricky was fed off okay let me try to find another analogy that maybe fits a little bit better okay you know what um I was acting ok slate but okey I can't stop now did that turn off my FST know my FST still acted good but again as Matthew says he says Northend still work better for him for coal mining but this also this also shows that when working with us that it depends on the ship if you have if you're flying let's say you're flying a a clipper for mining which is very fast in a straight line you can easily go into a lower density area without worrying too much about about the travel time but if you're in a slower ship let's say you're flying in a Python maybe or maybe even let's say a tight line in that case you would probably want to go to them where's the hot spot let's try another hot spot but what I wanted to do something else go through a drop here and then I'm just gonna log out and log into another instance and I just want to to see if this is in fact just going to those characters or instance there you go every seems to me like this is in fact how it is generated it's pretty much the same deal here just move into the ring see nothing nothing at all okay so one thing I want to check now that we're at this anyway so this planets here you could also see how faint the Rings are here on the the graphic if we look at it we only have about four and a half million metric tons of material so if we take another ring I got this planet here look at that this is a factor of a million times just the inner ring here is a million times almost yeah about a million times hit more material in this ring here it is also a little bit wider this one down here was twelve Columbus's wide and this one is about 35,000 kilometers so it's about three times this wide but it has a million times as much material assuming they're about the same height that scales the scales is our square I think and lower the outer one here that's even even more it's not a building it's leave a million or miscalculating this alone one two three four no sorry that's a hundred thousand times okay so it's 50 thousand times heavier sorry my bad no I might be okay I'm completely messing this up now it is that was fall and that was two hundred thousand yeah yeah I don't know I'm messing this up completely sorry that one is about a million times heavier this one is wow it's too late for this two hundred thousand divided by four that's what I'm trying to do that is 50,000 yes okay sorry my bad this ring well the inner ring is about 50,000 times as dense and the other one here is about a million times as dense another stage this is a million times more materials in that outer egg then ok I'm messing this up completely I guess you get my point there's a lot more stuff here and lot more stuff here that's not a lot of stuff here it should they do the drinking game huh I love this this is awesome never hasn't might have been so happy to find a empty ring anyway you know what I think on on that little interesting discovery I think I'm gonna call it for today rocks you can see them floating around anyway I am gonna I'm gonna call it for for tonight that was really really interesting I'm really happy we found that here at the end and I might actually stick around here and and do a small video on it just because of what it shows but anyway I really hope that you guys enjoyed today's livestream if you did remember to keep it like subscribe to this channel if you haven't already and if you want twitch you will need to follow up on over there next livestream is gonna be Tuesday I think where I will be oh god I didn't think that through okay next live stream will be Tuesday and I will most likely be continuing from here where I will go on and and move on actually don't know how far we are from from our destination right now I locked out so we need to repot the rock I don't want to do that right now okay it is been fighting it for me Thank You League bloody Rock Oh kid still plotting hold on there we go all 137 jumps to go I also awful lot of jumps well fold with without 219 at some point weren't we where it's why did you suddenly get a lot of extra jumps elite you're drunk okay we have a hundred something jumps to go oh you guys can't see chat ah well if you can't see in game anyway um this is getting too late for me now oh yeah thank you okay no I'm just gonna get you guys some gaming in I did turn off all kinds of stuff and modules it's just me being really tired so I'm gonna I'm gonna check the pulse wave analyzer I'm gonna turn that off and I'm gonna be activate the fuel scoop and I'm gonna take my guardian FST booster and activate that as well there we go um yeah thank you guys otherwise it would have been kept jumping without my FST booster let's try that again thanks a lot for watching and again huge thank you to all you guys who who've donated tonight and again next Tuesday I'm gonna continue from this point on and we're gonna be moving to bots go away we're moving towards the the first destination and hopefully we're gonna come across something something interesting once again and yeah if you haven't already please go and jump over on this code if you use that and join the community over there lots of funny stuff happening over there and we play other games outside leet and there's also plenty of nice people to talk to there and finally just won't do a quick mention and say of course I have emerged all that has been opened recently you can go around check the link in the description and actually if you want twitch there should be like a nice where you can click through it and everything it's really nice integrated now but go and check that out if if you're interested so yeah thanks for watching guys and also next time I'll see you guys space

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4 thoughts on “🔴Into the black with Down To Earth Astronomy

  1. Imagine that if an explorer ship (or any ship for that matter) when destroyed it drops a black box, containing all of its exploration data… if you get destroyed you can go back there and collect it, other players could do the same, and collect your black box, with the data contained in the black box you could make good profit from other players' exploration exploits, etc.

  2. When you reach Colinia please let us know where you find void opals. Been looking so far and have not found any yet.

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