10 Ways to Reduce Waste | Zero Waste for Beginners

10 Ways to Reduce Waste | Zero Waste for Beginners

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today’s video is on how to live with less
waste. It’s a video for beginners who are looking
to get into the zero waste lifestyle, and it’s just a video for anyone who wants
to be more conscious of their environmental footprint. I am so, so thrilled to be partnering with
Ecosia on this video. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees as you search the web, and
I think it’s just the coolest concept ever. The way it works is just like any other search
engine. You can use Ecosia to search something on the web and then search
ads will come up with your results. And with those search ads, they get income,
and with their income, they donate 80% to planting trees. I think, on average, 45 searches will plant
one tree. And I’ve been using Ecosia for about three
months now, and I have about five hundred searches. So if you calculate it, I think I’ve planted
maybe eleven trees which is so awesome, just knowing that you’re
doing something good just by doing what you would normally do with the internet. So this is something that everybody can apply. Everybody can start using this now, and you’ll
truly make an impact. There are a lot of resources that I’ll link
down below: videos of Ecosia doing their work, planting their trees. And they’re really big on transparency which
is what I love and why I support them, so that you know exactly
where their money is going to, so I fully trust them. Yeah, I love this thing so much. You can use Ecosia on your computer or on
your phone. They have a mobile app for iOS and Android. And what’s really cool is they’ve already
planted 10 million trees this June, and they have a goal to plant one billion
trees by 2020, which I think is super inspiring. So definitely check them out if you’re interested
in this sort of thing. As you can tell, I am super behind it. Alright, so moving onto other ways you can
be environmentally-friendly. Here are ten ways to live with less waste. First, it’s important to know the five R’s
of waste management: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot, in that order. Today, we’ll start with refuse. Refusing is the first rule to living a zero waste lifestyle. Think before accepting any clutter into your
home. Turn down flyers and junk mail, freebies,
party favors, and any other junk that will most likely go into the trash. Each year, Americans throw away 100 billion
plastic grocery bags which take about 1000 years to break down. Instead of accepting plastic bags and creating more demand for them, use reusable
cloth bags or even no bag, when possible. I used to think it was mandatory to use these
plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables, but I recently discovered you can just use
your own bag or even no bag, which is even better because why bring home
extra plastic? You could also bring your own jars to grocery
stores to avoid bringing home any unnecessary plastic containers. I love when grocery stores sell things in
bulk so that it’s really easy to do some zero waste
shopping. You can either weigh your jars at the front beforehand, or bring an extra
of the same jar so you can weight it at checkout. Next, instead of using a one-time disposable
plastic straw, you can either refuse the straw completely, or use an acrylic
or steel straw instead. I personally like to drink my smoothies with a straw, so I have
this acrylic straw for that specific purpose. Instead of using this plastic cling wrap in
your kitchen to preserve your food and leftovers, switch to using this sustainable and reusable
food wrap. These are all natural, organic, and compostable. I believe they’re made out of beeswax, and
they actually do a really good job at keeping your food fresh,
even better than plastic in my opinion. Instead of buying disposable plastic water
bottles, opt for a reusable water bottle that you can fill up again and again. Glass and steel are probably best for your
water bottle, but I’m using this BPA-free plastic bottle
because my boyfriend used to sell them and we have a ton of them left over. So if you have them already, reuse what you
can. Do your best to avoid using disposable utensils. Instead, you can bring silverware from home or use portable utensils made out
of stainless steel or bamboo. Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes that
will never biodegrade are dumped in landfills and oceans each year. So you can make a huge impact just by switching
out your plastic toothbrush for a sustainable
bamboo toothbrush. Think of all the plastic toothbrushes that
you use in one lifetime. And imagine avoiding that waste completely, just by switching to something that’s biodegradable
and compostable. Disposable period products also create so
much waste. The average woman throws away up to 300 pounds of pads, tampons, and applicators
in her lifetime. Instead, try using a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are made out of medical grade
silicone and one cup can last you up to ten years which
is pretty amazing. Lastly, reduce the amount of paper you bring
into your home by switching to paperless whenever possible. Do this with your mail, your bills, your notes,
and your books. I personally love reading eBooks on my iPad,
but I know some people love traditional books, so just do whatever works for you. I hope you liked these tips on how to live
with less waste. I just want to remind you though: Just take it one step at a time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a journey. All that matters is that you’re becoming aware,
more conscious of the environment and you’re doing your best, okay? Everyone is at a different point in this journey. I’m not perfect. I’m totally not zero waste yet. But I think the first step is awareness. And then after that, you’ll start to reduce
your waste little by little. So let’s create a non-judgmental, welcoming
space where we can just open up the discussion around reducing our waste. And let’s not judge others who aren’t aware
of this lifestyle. Let’s just understand everyone’s at a different
point in our journeys. The best thing you can do is just be a living
example of what you want to see in the world, and let your actions speak louder than your
words. It all begins with awareness and let this awareness seep into your actions,
and then others will see what you’re doing and then they’ll be inspired to follow along. Alright, that’s it! Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already. I love you so much. And also: Check out Ecosia for a really easy
way to start being more environmentally-friendly, just by searching the web. Alright, love you all so, so much. See you next time. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “10 Ways to Reduce Waste | Zero Waste for Beginners

  1. Thank you so much for the love on this video! If you want to learn more about zero waste, here are recent collabs I did with Jamie Kate, a zero waste blogger and YouTuber:

    → PODCAST: Starting Your Zero Waste Journey w/ Jamie Kate Adoc | https://www.lavendaire.com/lifestyle-73/
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    | https://bit.ly/2xjFB35

  2. Yay! I feel like our planet is getting better!
    Tip: instead of using parfumes or spray deodorants, try using deodorant roll, it works very good as a parfume too!

  3. Hi. I have a legit question. I have my keep cup and I love it. But I drink a lot of coffee. Handing over a gross coffee dripped cup is just not something I can do. Is there something I can keep in my bag or car to clean out the cup after I use it before I get a refill?

  4. for those who love traditional books: THE LIBRARY EXISTS and treat it as a excursion, you’ll enjoy yourself so much 🥰

  5. I am 11 but am so environmentally conscious. I recently became a pescatarian to cut down on methane emissions, I try and use as little waste as possible, own 5 metal straws, and just ordered a bamboo toothbrush. I wish that everyone would acknowledge that global warming is a thing and that the earth isn't going to get better all on its own. So many people are in denial and it is scary the way that we are headed. PLEASE try and help the earth as much as you can. Don't use plastic bags! Get reusable straws. Just try and pitch in and help our planes was much as possible. 🌎

  6. The problem with being zero wasted or trying to be is hard because my family has a lot of allergies and my dad isn’t really with us and doesn’t really agree with us and won’t do anything differently but thanks!!!!!

  7. Ok so, I like trying to be zero waste and totally respect you! But I just can’t use that cup for my period ☹️🤣🤣🤣 So I’m just going to use pads and tampons! 😐😟 uhm.. I never tried it but never will… sorry 😐

  8. I’m 13 and I finally convinced my mom to get me 6 metal straws. It’s all I can do right now, since my mom is annoying and thinks the earth is “gOnnA Be fInE”

  9. Hiiiii guys just wanted to say there’s no use of a straw! Just drink out of a cup normally, it isn’t that hard. Even with metal/silicone straws, it takes a factory to make those straws! So just don’t use or buy any straws

  10. if you want to use e-books but find that they are expensive, find out if your local public library uses borrow box. borrow box is an app that is essentially the same as a library but online. you just need a library card and then you can download whatever books you want for free. i live in ireland and i’m not sure what other countries this is used in but it would be worth looking into if you don’t want to spend money on e-books. hope this helped someone 🙂

  11. My sister is vegan and is trying to get into zero waste so we have bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, and like 30 reusable bags

  12. You can also get reusable menstrual pads that you can wash in the washing machine and reuse if you don't want to use a menstrual cup!

  13. I really love zero waste videos bc it inspires me to use less and less trash everyday when I become an adult and move out I want to live a zero waste lifestyle #saveourplanet

    Edit – Omg she hearted my comment!!!!
    Thank you so much 😊

  14. Honestly i dont think using anything made out of bamboo would help, a lot of enviroments are in danger because of that particular reason…

  15. I feel bad but with period product i have to use tampons/pads. I just cant get used to a menstral cup

  16. I started my journey with buying art supplies in cardboard or metal case. Cardboard packaging I reuse in crafts and metal cases I can use for organising my school bag (I store there extra pencils, pens, fineliners, erasers, ruler, sticky notes, paper clips and in some also my pads). Paper scraps I cut in pieces (the bigger ones) and use them as notes paper or labels for containers. I also don't use cotton swabs for my doll repaints, instead I use pieces of fabric that I can't turn into clothes. I can use them for a long time. Plastic packaging from ice cream is used for storage (we wash it and then I paint it or leave it the way it is) or as flower pots. Instead of packing my lunch into plastic bag, I pack it in containers and if it's something warm I wrap it with fabric. I don't really like bottled water (it has a weird taste) so I drink tap water or if mom bought 5 litre bottle of water, I drink it. Those bottles don't go to trash, we give them to my grandma and she uses them to carry water for her animals.

  17. by the way, Tab for a Cause is another chrome based tab that puts the money it gets from ad revenue into humanitarian issues, such as human rights, education, and clean water. it lets you choose where the money you earn goes, too.

  18. I would like to contribute.
    Libraries and second handed books are a great option too.
    For period purposes there is also special period underwear that you can wash traditionally if you don’t like the cup.
    This video was extra helpful thank you so much. I’m getting started with my zero waste journey. 🌞✨🌱

  19. I use silicone straws and they’re the best!
    Edit 2: Does anyone know the difference between bamboo, silicone, and glass straws??

  20. I hope being eco friendly will be a trend thats bigger than gucci being a trend (bc gucci aint even that good).

  21. I'm actually so happy that I get such good inspiration for helping our lovely earth.
    The earth gave us a chance to live so we shouldn't kill it by being lazy and throwing trash on the floor/in the ocean.

  22. Those fairy tale lights in back are on , are they NOT WASTING ELECTRICITY?
    2) the camera you use maybe made of METAL, aren't those metals will not be available one day ?

    3) and what about hair dye ? 🙂

  23. I don’t like reading on the internet, but i dont like buying books. I like to just read them in the library because i’ll probably not read the book until a few months lol. Great tips! Im trying to be more eco-friendly. 🙂

  24. Why people always try to seek an alternative for straw? I mean you can drink directly from cup, glass or bottle

  25. if i tried to use my own bag and containers at the local supermarket to shop, i think security would come up to me because they would think i'm stealing or something…😞

  26. If governments all over the world, make industries use similar packaging for each criteria e.g. soaps, shampoos, all FMCG products , the segregation work gets reduced and similar materials can be recycled instead of going unsaggregated to landfills.

  27. I can’t use those things when I’m on my period, and I don’t feel comfortable explaining just doesn’t feel right to me. Then I don’t even know what to do when my next period happens like what to use. I can wear my underwear but leaking and odor will be a problem.

  28. What have books got to do with waste? Most people don't dispose of books after they read them, and they're made of a biodegradable material anyway. Using an electronic device that needs energy is far worse, unless you have a solar charger.

  29. Another option that I use for avoiding the waste of pads and tampons are period panties. It's actually a good option because you just wash them and use it again and again. Once they stop absorbing, you can use tem as normal panties 🙂 I personally don't like the menstrual cup so this is another way to reduce waste.

  30. why not just try to cut out plastic? steel cans rust away and steel and iron are natural their there anyways aluminum is easy to recycle paper is paper, and paper is made from unused cutoffs from sawmills so its recycled anyways and then the paper gets recycled into toilet paper. its just plastic causing problems.

  31. Trying to slowly reduce my family's waste by phasing things out one at a time. Like getting in the habbit of using my tote bags for groceries and I LOVE MY INSULATED WATER BOTTLE it keeps things hot or cold for an amazingly long time. Now just to get my husband on board as he does the majority of shopping/cooking. We fill up 1-2 13 gallon sized trash bags! I was like if anything we will be happy we dont have to take the trash out as often. And in some ways it saves money in the long run too!

  32. what if i’m not comfortable using diva cups? i am not able to put anything up there without freaking out but i don’t want to contribute to so much waste. are there any other solutions?

  33. I am a child want to be a friend the envinroment but it is hard to me to do it because i don't know were i will start , i will try my best to be friend the eco envinrement.😊💖🌲🌳🌴

  34. About just putting the fruits in your bag: if I did that I would be accused of stealing by the security lol. I think just shop with a basket or cart and put your fruits & vegetables in one section. Then when you're ready to leave and have paid you can put them in your bag.

  35. if you see this, you should look up Chinook Sciences. they are an environmental company that produces "energy from waste" by basically burning people's recycling and now they've started working with activated carbon.

  36. This year Ecosia helped to plant 60+ millions of trees and I made more than 1000 searches (20 trees). They upgraded their offices with solar panels, every search removes co2 from atmosphere 🙂

  37. I like the way you did this video, especially since a lot of those are: buy this and that and then start etc. Instead you explained it in a mixed way. Like with bottles that you already had them, but other things you were buying.

  38. Something I’ve noticed people don’t seem to think of: If you’re flying somewhere, you can get an empty water bottle through the security check and fill it up in a water fountain afterwards. Saves money and plastic.

  39. Just a question I'm really confused about: how does using lots of paper harm the environment, since it will decompose?

  40. I judge my bf so hard when he creates SO MUCH wastes: plastic bags, disposable utensils, disposable bottle waters … 😤😤😤

  41. I loved the idea of portable silverware. At my school, there are tons of plastic forks and spoons that are handed out with trays to eat with. I'm going to favor bringing my own instead. Thank you for the informative video!

  42. Guys, stop the thought that living zero waste is expensive. Noone wants you to buy lovely mason jars, just reuse jars you have from honey, jams, mayo etc!

  43. I love this so freaking much this inspires everyone to do their best and not feel guilty if you can't do this zero waste thing perfectly liked and subsribed! By the way I'm 13 I'm doing the best I can now and also want to have this kind of lifestyle when I'm older too

  44. I have a bunch of straws I bought years ago and haven’t and won’t use but I don’t want to throw them away because I don’t want it to damage the earth so they’re just sitting in a cupboard

  45. I feel so guilty for the books part bc I'm a bookworm who can't finish a book unless it's a physical copy (except wattpad ofc).

  46. Machines are available today in markets even onlune lime in alibaba.com where plastics are converted to crude oil. If only government will spend funds for these

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