1002:  Large Planet X object observed over Canada

1002: Large Planet X object observed over Canada

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. Claudia Albers planet-x research and professional physicist and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled large planet x object observed over Canada now figure one below shows a screenshot from a video from the YouTube channel crying hippy which is entitled cottage cheese clouds and this is an appropriate descriptive term for the clouds in the sky which are very clumpy with patches of blue sky in between you can see that but they are also characteristic clouds associated to large planet x telecourse in the sky which have these clouds as part of their sparse cloud envelopes and Planet X telecourse or energy depleted cores of the destroyed Planet X planets they are coming inside the Earth's atmosphere and can be observed from the surface so here you can see the screen shot you can see it looks like blue sky through these patches of cloud very patchy cloud very clumpy but this is not the first time that I've observed these in this particular one you cannot quite see the Sun being reflected off the clouds like in this one but that's one of the things that I used to identify them our however the the structure of the clouds you can see is very similar to this one and this was the cloud pattern over Hawaii from June 20th 2019 and this this is the sunnat' it's a reflection of the surface it's not coming from behind the cloud this is what occurs when we have the surface of a very large stella coin sky so this is actually the surface of a solid object to cease its cloud envelope as you can see it's all at the same altitude it's clinging to this solid surface of this object which is emitting blue light and this seems to be what's happening here as well now this is another example and this was one of the ones that I first examined and I realized what we're looking at when I looked at this you can see the same kind of patchy clumpy cloud where you can see blue through the holes but from this you can see were you looking at the surface of a solid object you can see some of the pink cloud it's emitting pink light this cloud for this particular object and you can see that it's clinging to a solid surface you can see the gradient in the surface it's convex or curves downwards so this was one of the first times that I saw these and I realized what we're looking at this is actually a very large planet egg Stella coin in the sky penetrating into the Earth's atmosphere they only come to this is at a very high altitude and I explained that in article 786 so they do not come down to as low as an altitude as the way the creating the the ones that create water they remain at higher altitudes and that's to be expected because they're much larger so the repulsive force between these objects and the surface of the earth would be stronger you can see that the Sun cannot be behind the objects the solid objects so some kind of method is used to simulate the Sun so it just reflects off the cloud so these large planet egg stellar cores are likely to be of a size which would be able to form a gravitational connection with the earth central core which would then give rise to a change gravitational field in the connection region which would result in sinkholes and earthquakes and I talked about that in article 1,000 entitled Birch Bay tides connected to Seattle earthquakes and you to Planet X so I talked about the large planet x telecourse that give rise to sing holes in earthquakes and so these almost likely in that sort of size that would create these effects nightmare ever be some time before they absorb enough energy to allow them to create a strong enough gravitational connection with the earth central core that would result in sinkholes and earthquakes in the meantime they're gravitationally fixing to be strong enough to produce pressure changes in the air that result in trumpet type sounds and which cause dizziness and nausea in sensitive individuals and perhaps other symptoms like headaches pressure changes in the fluids in the body can cause all kinds of effects in sensitive individuals so you may look at article 99 to in taught a huge Planet X object in the sky over Hawaii causes dizziness and nausea so in conclusion large Planet X telecourse the course of the destroyed planet X planets and stars which seemed too large for the whole object to fit inside the Earth's lower atmosphere continue to penetrate inside the Earth's atmosphere and be observed from the surface this time from Canada and these are the references this is dr. Claudia Albers Planet X physicist thank you for watching

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48 thoughts on “1002: Large Planet X object observed over Canada

  1. Give your life to Jesus Christ. Believe and Pray: God, I know that I am a sinner and unless you save me I will be lost forever. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and arose on the 3rd day. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. I have observed that cloud pattern displayed at the beginning of the video for most of the day around Central Virginia

  3. Dr albers thank you for bringing the truth and this article I have seen these shapes In The Sky and convex I I know because of my ongoing illness and disability I have become worse with these SCs above my head anyone else who is who would be feeling the same effects even people who are well are also becoming ill thank you Claudia for explaining this

  4. Hello Dr.Albers, Thank You for featuring my channel and if they type Clouds in my video page search they will be amazed!
    I care more about sharing than subs, so enjoy the videos and if you like nature, animals and canoe trips, see my other videos for a relaxing time out and enjoy nature if you can't get out there yourselves.
    I heard years ago Planet X has done mass destruction to other planets as it passes by them and this started a few years ago, you could chart its path based on the new findings and destruction taken on of these other planets and moons, some claim Saturn got its rings when it destroyed another planet or several moons on its last swing by our system but this would make it a part of our system on a few thousand year orbit.
    Much Love From Above and God Bless


  6. Off we go on another roller coaster gloom and doom ride when we reach 2000 videos there will be some green faces!

  7. In your second photo – what is creating the rectangular blue sky like shape among the 'clouds'? I've seen these rectangular shapes (and triangles) both as 'gaps' between the clouds and as cloud like man-made shapes in other YT videos. Thx

  8. Why do most people not notice the difference? I can look up and notice the difference in the color of blue for these objects compared to the normal sky. It just doesn’t sit well with my mind that the they cannot see this and ignore it.

  9. Thank you for tonight's article and lesson dr. Albers as always greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful night

  10. We did not have this shape of cloud in Missouri today but we had what I call dial a cloud. We had every shade of blue and grey to dark brown. They all were straight lines on the bottom and definitely different depths. Even bright white clouds. I was at Walmart taking pictures with my phone for my own reference. Everyone look at me like I was a a white haired old lady with dementia. Then they started looking up and making comments on how abnormal they were. I walked by and said” that’s a big one up there” and turned on heels and went inside. They were still there when I came out and loaded up my Jeep . Still transfixed on the clouds. Unbelievable this has been present for years. I believe your absolutely right they are coming in more numbers and much larger. Thank you again ! Dr. Claudia. I kinda had fun and a chuckle!

  11. Hi Dr Albers, you said something on here that got me thinking. You know how these are affecting the fluids in our bodies and causing dizziness, etc… once in a while my totally healed tattoos rise up a couple millimeters as though the ink is being pulled from my skin. Everyone writes it off to irritation from humidity or dry air, but mine happens when the skin is not irritated at all. I wonder if it is an indication of pressure change or something (in my own non-scientific words)…

  12. I would love a smoking gun like a telescopic picture of a Planet X object in the atmosphere. Not just inferences.

  13. Gracias Dra. Claudia por su pureza en los informes y su búsqueda de la Verdad, gracias por dar testimonio con su Ciencia.

  14. Notice how the supposed sun emitting light on the bottom right corner is illuminated? Notice how the light reflects on the top left to the bottom? It's darkened skies !

  15. I listened to another video that was saying scientists are just beginning to understand earths core n its leaking. Its gonna take further examination to truely understand. What a lie! What they refuse to tell us…

  16. I've seen the big blue one before and I have actually seen designs on it with 90 degree angles and so forth more than once haven't seen the red one yet but at night I've seen it just remember Jesus told us not to fear these things these are the signs and wonders that he was talking about thank you so much doctor Albert's for your reports no fear love and light ❤️☀️

  17. Do you have a timetable to when the bleep hits the fan? Because I am going to quit my job and get my affairs in order Thanks very much 🙏🏻

  18. Hello Dr. I have seen that very same thing.. Also please check out, "JesusFreak ComputerGeek"!!

  19. Those cottage cheese cloud have been zapped with sound waves! Geoengineering at its best, never thought those are not natural clouds I've been seeing them for years. It's like watching water dance on a speaker it look exactly like this. So are those plants putting out some kind sound waves also? Ok I typed this before I got to the part about trumpet sounds. Guess that answered my question. Lol

  20. I have photos of the same pattern that were above my head. Many different cloud systems not normal. I have been taking them for 4 years

  21. As a matter of fact, these are witnessed by many worldwide, as well as other very anpmalous "clouds" / bodies…These phenomenom do indeed affect many rather profoundly

  22. Yep……I live and work on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario……saw this all day today. I see LOTS of cloaked craft……as well as Planet X related objects. Thank you for posting as I KNEW I was seeing SOMETHING today. I could FEEL it in my gut. People must think I'm nuts……I'm always looking up. I think they're the crazy ones for not seeing it also! Excellent work Dr…….thank you!!!

  23. I've noticed when looking at the clouds that there are those types of clouds and they don't move. They're stationary. Lower clouds below shaped differently are whispy and do move. Do these clouds from the SC's move? Or stay clung to the SC and move when the object moves?

  24. These clouds are at about 700 meters high so this stelar core is about to crash into the land.Clouds how high can they be?

  25. These are what caused the Sun to go dark. The closer they came to our solar system the more energy they took. Since 1948 they began pulling on Pluto, Uranus, Neptune. So once the Sun Orion pass the Sun and turn an go back the pull on the Earth will be catastrophic. So only those who believe in Jesus the messiah/Christ will be saved from the destruction called the abomination that makes desolation. excellent work again Dr. Albers

  26. Thanks 🙏 Dr Albers. Exclamation mark on similar patterns observed in the NC foothills sky. Take care and prepare ✝️

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