101 Facts About Finland

101 Facts About Finland

breedings well the factors my name is
Sam and today we’re traveling North Woods to the land of salty licorice
eccentric sports and steamy naked blonde people yes we’re going to be learning
all about Europe’s less well known actually quite badass countries where
rye bread is king and the metalheads roam like wild horses magnificent but
what does nearly every Finnish person have in their home
how did Finland beat Italy at their own game and in billions of years when the
Sun swells in size engulfing the earth in fiery oblivion we’ll look your phones
fly off into space or just sit bubbling on the sun’s surface like the wonders of
indestructibility that they are see like 2/3 those questions gonna be answered so
grab your Finnish flags make yourself a nice sandwich on rye bread and strap in
for a white-knuckle thrill ride through 101 facts about Finland before we kick
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internet number one Finland officially known as the Republic of Finland is a
Nordic country in Northern Europe the borders Norway to the north Russia to
the east the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea to the south and Sweden and
the Gulf of Bothnia to the west it’s a cool country for a number of reasons a
further 100 of which we’re going to get into right the heck now ready ready
number two if the archeological finds from wolf cave are the result of
Neanderthal activity the first people inhabited the area now known as Finland
as early as 130 thousand years ago fast-forward around nine thousand years
ago a number of people including the ancestors of the sad
people first arrived in Finland these groups moved north into the area now
known in english as Lapland during the first millennium BC when the ancestors
of modern finns arrived on the scene number three the first written sources
that mentioned Finland date back to the 12th and 13th centuries when Finland
became something of a battleground between the competing nations of Sweden
and the novgorod republic which was basically a demo version of russia a
series of religious conflicts known as the swedish crusades brought catholicism
to finland while novgorod and the orthodox church
pushed westwards from the east number four the two sides struggled the
dominants until the signing of the Treaty of Knut Berg in 1323 which gave
most of what is now southern Finland to Sweden while eastern and northern
Finland went to Novgorod Finland was getting carved up like a Thanksgiving
turkey without much consideration for the native Finnish population who in
this analogy live on the turkey it’s not great but let’s continue number 5
after the Treaty of notebook notebook notebook notebook Finnish history is
Swedish history for around 500 years during which one is now Finland as
merely a group of provinces within sweden finland winland finland was
administered in accordance with Swedish traditions and legal systems which
cemented Finland’s Western Europe cultural identity number six only
decades after the Treaty of notebook was signed Finland was devastated by the
Black Death which wiped out 1/3 of the population according to one folktale the
plague killed the entire population of the southern Finnish town of Espoo
except for only a young girl and a monk sadly the monk eventually succumb to the
disease himself at which point the girl climate church tower and told its Bell
in tribute this signaled her presence to the only other survivor in the area who
would later become her husband and together the couple hope to repopulate
the town of Espoo probably not true but a nice story nonetheless a number seven
during the period in which Finland was little more than a region of Sweden
Swedish naturally became the dominant language among the ruling classes and
was the principal language of administration and education Finnish on
the other hand was the language of the peasantry local courts and the clergy
who were the only members of the educated classes whom would be able to
speak Finnish well this distinction cemented the legacy of Swedish in the
history of Finland and even forms a significant part of Finnish
culture number eight the reservation started by Luther in the early 16th
century and I don’t mean it yourself above the way eventually reach Sweden
and Finland the which point the Catholic Church was supplanted by the Lutheran
faith suck at Catholicism sorry if my priest is watching this number 9 at
around this time the various Finnish groups greatly developed a sense of
unity and Finland saw a surge in Finnish language culture the Bishop of Turku
Michiel Agricola created the first comprehensive writing system for Finnish
which remains to this day in 1548 Agricola translated the New Testament
into Finnish and roughly 100 years later in 1642 the entire Bible appeared in
Finnish for the first time number 10 throughout the 18th to 19th century
Sweden’s power began to decline eager to exploit their neighbors Foyle T what is
now Finland was annexed by Russia in 1809 becoming an autonomous part of the
Russian Empire known as the Grand Duchy of Finland number 11 the Finnish
national movement gained momentum while under Russian control in 1863 finished
became an official administrative language in the region and Finland’s
legislative assembly was convened for the very first time in over 50 years the
conscription act of 1878 gave its very own army – which is an important part of
being in countries that allows you to intimidate and fight with other
countries as the good Lord intended number 12 as the dawn of the 20th
century approached Russia became increasingly wary of growing Finnish
nationalism and in 1899 nicholas ii began attempts to curtail Finnish
autonomy and impose Russian culture language and laws commencing the so
called first era of oppression the 1905 Russian Revolution offered some respite
and in 1906 Finland was granted its own Parliament number 13 1906 is also
notable as the year in which the Finnish people adopted universal suffrage
granting women the right to vote and stand for elections on the same basis as
men no weird right with this Finland became the first
European nation to grant equal voting rights for women number 14 Rotten
attempts to crack down on Finland’s autonomy began afresh in 1909
constituting the second era of oppression but luckily the Finns didn’t
have to wait too long for a liberation well Finland did not take part in the
first world war the conflict led to the collapse of the Russian Empire and on
the 6th of December 1917 Finland declared independence which was
recognized by the Bolshevik government 25 days later on the 31st of December
Congrats Finland number 15 sadly Finnish independence began with an eruption of
violence only days after emancipation from Russian control which left a power
vacuum in the former Duchy this led to the outbreak of the Finnish civil war
sounds nasty in which the communist Reds waged war
with the conservative whites the latter of which eventually emerged victorious
after only three and a half months roughly 39,000 people died in this
conflict number 16 Finland is notable for the
fact that it’s never had its own monarchy well okay sort of after the end
of the Finnish civil war it was decided that Finland should get a fancy new
monarchy the head of which would be Frederick Charles of Hesse owing to the
considerable assistance provided by the Germans that had helped deliver victory
for the Finnish whites however this plan fell apart after only a couple of months
after the German defeat in the First World War and so Finland emerged as a
democratic republic number 17 Finland fought against the Soviets on two
occasions during the Second World War first during the winter war between 1939
and 1940 followed by the continuation war between 1941 and 1944 a conflict in
which Finland fought alongside Germany not a great look the wars ended with
Finland ceding significant areas of its territory to the Soviets although in
doing so Finland managed to protect its independence number 18 however by August
of 1944 Finland had begun to hold secret talks with the Soviets and had
negotiated a peace by September this required the expulsion of German troops
which resulted in Finland fighting Germany in a Lapland war between 1944
and 1945 as such Finland found itself in the quite unusual position of having
effectively fought on both sides during the Second World War
number 19 Finland’s peace treaty with Russia also required them to pay
reparations of all the countries that were compelled to pay reparations
following World War two Finland is the only one known to have paid its full
bill when it sent 300 million dollars to the Soviet Union in 1952 by Finland a
drink though no you get what number 20 Finland became a member
of both United Nations and Nordic Council in 1955 which sounds like
something from Skyrim but isn’t Nordic cooperation has led to many legislative
and political similarities between Finland and its fellow Nords in Denmark
Norway Sweden and Iceland including free movements the gradual development of a
common and free labor market an extensive welfare state and numerous
cultural similarities number 21 our turn during a severe recession
during the early 90s Finland joined the EU in 1995 and was one of the first
nations to adopt the euro phasing out its previous currency known as the
marker by 2002 number 22 today Finland is a parliamentary republic consisting
of 19 regions called Mukunda in Finnish and land scope in Swedish these regions
are further divided into 317 municipalities referred to as couldn’ta
in Finnish and common in Swedish Finland also has a single autonomous region the
åland Islands which is the smallest region in the country and it’s only
monolingual II Swedish area that means they only speak Swedish they’re number
23 finns generally refer to their country as suomi which is a bit of a
mystery as no one actually knows where that name came from some cunning
linguists have suggested that both suomi and sami derive from the same proto
baltic wood as in may which was used to refer to a particular land or territory
and the people living there but again not sure it could be something
completely different could be ice cream you never know
number 24 Finland ranks very highly in numerous metrics and national
performance including education civil liberties human development and overall
quality of life Finland was ranked numero uno in the 2018 and 2019 good
country index which attempts to measure what each country on earth contributes
to the good of humanity so yeah it’s pretty legit number 25 and the accolades
don’t stop there turns out Finland has a lot more to Robin are miserable non
Finnish faces the UN’s world happiness report released in 2019 found that
Finland is the happiest place in the world which followed on from 2018 which
also soft Finland placed in the top spot in fact Finland is placed in the top 5
happiest countries in the world happiness report since 2012 what’s their
secret do they not have the news in Finland
number 26 Finland offers free education for students even at university level
amazingly this also applies to international students from the EU and
EES while non-eu Nationals can also take advantage of Finland’s commitment to
free education by taking classes taught in Finnish or Swedish or doctoral
studies in any language Wow sounds lovely number 27
due to its commitment to equal rights and emphasis on transparency Finland
boast a particularly free press currently sitting in the number two spot
beneath scandi show-offs Norway damnit Norway number 28
the latest Corruption Perceptions Index published annually by the Berlin based
anti-corruption organisation transparency international ranked
Finland as the third least corrupt country on earth beaten only by the
consistently left off maps nation of New Zealand which came in second place and
it’s Nordic neighbor Denmark in 1st new New Zealand and Denmark number 29
passport holders from Finland can gain vassilis entry to 187 countries making
it the joint second most powerful passport in the world along with Germany
in South Korea first place goes to Singapore the citizens of which enjoyed
visa-free travel to 189 nations around the world and the EU’s number 30
Finland’s education system also ranks as one of the world’s best pumping out
thousands and some little blonde Einsteins into the world that’s a
horrible image forgive me this is despite the fact that children don’t
start school until they’re seven and it’s not compulsory to give them grades
until the eighth grade number 31 in 2003 Finland elected under Leah Tamaki as its
first female Prime Minister making it the only country in the world to have
both a female Prime Minister and president a position then held by Thai
Hallinan sadly this cool little win for women was cut short after only three
months when determine Eve resigned amid a tinsy winsy political scandal about
looting leaked secret state information for political purposes during a election
campaign still good polit lost did number 32 in 2010 Finland became the
very first country in the world to make broadband illegal rights for every one
of its citizens from the first of July 2010 every Finn has had the right to a 1
Mbps broadband connection guaranteeing all things decent access to the world of
flame wars nudity and 101 fact baby number 33
Finland proudly boasts one of Europe’s lowest prison populations believed by
some to be because 30% of all Finnish prisoners serve sentences in open
prisons in which they are famously well treated people staying in open prisons
are given keys to their rooms and have their own kitchens to cook in and are
free to go outside to work study and shop in town they’re even sometimes
treated to supervised camping and fishing trips number 34
however some have suggested that Finland’s soft touch approach to
imprisonment may also be why the country is known as the Prison Break capital of
Europe in 2013 one thousand eight in 2013 in 2013 in 2013 in 2013 in 2013 in
2013 in 2013 1084 escapes were recorded for every 10,000 prisoners of Finland miles ahead of second place Belgium
which has a pathetic prison escape rate of only 600 to escape so every 10,000
come on prisoners up your game number 35 Finland has two official languages
Finnish and Swedish however usage between the two tongues is
highly imbalanced with approximately 90% of finns speaking Finnish as their first
language compared to only 5% who speak Swedish
number 36 the Finnish language is one of the few European languages that does not
belong to the indo-european language family instead it’s a part of the
finno-ugric language group yeah they didn’t expect that did yeah it’s closely
related to Estonian and a few other minority languages spoken around the
Baltic Sea and more distinctly to Hungarian number 37 the longest known
single word palindrome which is a word that reads the same backwards is forward
like Hanna or assuming one can think of is the 19 letter Finnish word Lord above
so per akivi cow PS which refers to a dealer of the caustic soda known as lye
very useful word then I can imagine it comes up a lot number 38
one of the most important works of finished literature if not the most
important is the Kalevala a 19th century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias
long draught from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology a collection
of stories poems and songs including a creation myth asserting that the world
was created from the broken stars of a duck egg the Kalevala played an
instrumental role in the development of Finnish national identity and to this
day is still studied and finished schools number 39 interestingly
legendary English author and language nerd j.r.r tolkien base the high elvish
language featured in The Lord of the Rings on the Finnish language drawing
inspiration from the Kalevala it was mad cult at that talking number 40 the
country of Finland is the eighth largest in Europe yet it’s the European Union’s
most sparsely populated nation very big on personal space the Finns well unless
you make it okay that sounds weird out of context but we’re getting to it
number 41 Finland is home to not one not two but seven UNESCO World Heritage
Sites sixes and cultural and one is all natural baby
examples include the Bronze Age burial site of sumela Denmark II the fortress
of suomenlinna and the Kivar kin archipelago which are here is look
this time of year the meaning of life fin them both a whopping 180 7888 lakes
that are larger than 50 square meters in size some hydrophobic bigots in the anti
Lake media might say that that’s far too many lakes but not me what I want that
it’s proudly Pro Lake I don’t care how many subs we lose as a result number 43
ad 120 kilometers in length fiddling spire no water tunnel is the longest
tunnel in Europe and the second longest in the world after new york’s delaware
aqueduct ce president pranked on the only interesting things about Finland
they’ve got some nice long tunnel to number 44 the capital of Finland is the
lovely little settlement of Helsinki which also happens to be the most
populated city in the country what a coincidence it has 650,000 and 58 people
within its city limits and a total of 1 million two hundred sixty-eight thousand
two hundred ninety six people living within its urban area though it’s a
little on the small side for a capital city Helsinki remains a delightful place
to live dubbed the world’s most livable city by
monocle magazine in 2010 and ranked the world’s ninth most livable city out of
150 by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2016
more like heaven sinky am i right number 45 the average temperature in Helsinki
during the winter months is -5 degrees Celsius that’s around 23 degrees
Fahrenheit which is certainly a bit nippy but not completely intolerable
however the coldest temperature ever measured in the country occurred way
back in 1999 when Prince was partying specifically in Cotulla a municipality
in northern Finland when the temperature plummeted down to minus 50 1.5 degrees
Celsius or America that’s minus 60 point 7 degrees Fahrenheit ah no number 46
around a quarter of the country lies within the Arctic Circle making
Finland’s northern regions one of these several places on earth often referred
to as the land of the Midnight Sun in these areas the Sun doesn’t set at all
for 73 days in the summer and conversely the Sun doesn’t rise at all for 51 days
during the winter a phenomenon known as polar night
number 47 the eroding effect of the heavy glaciers that covered Finland
during the last ice age left the country with a generally flat landscape with few
hills or mountains good news for little carbs there but also more than 70
percent of it covered by thick forest which is ideal
carves like forests I mean mind a number 48 interestingly Finland’s landmass is
rising up to 9 millimeters a year as a result of a phenomenon known as
post-glacial rebound as the name suggests the land that constitutes
Finland previously weighed down by the huge way to glaciers during the Ice Age
it’s rising out of the sea like a beach ball that’s been held underwater except
it’s not a beach ball it’s 338,000 424 square kilometres of land physics it’s
physics gang number 49 the national animal of Finland is the brown bear
which features prominently in Finnish mythology and folklore the brown bear is
the second largest variety of bear behind the polar bear and is known to
inhabit all areas of Finland not just the heavily forested areas in the
northern regions of the country you better watch out number 50 Finland is
home to the cyma ringed seal a highly threatened seal species that’s found in
lakes cyma Finland and only in lakes Aimar Finland the species descends from
a population of seals has inhabited the lake when it was first cut off from the
sea after the last ice age and in the 9,500 years since these adorable
blubbery boys have evolved into a separate subspecies that constitutes one
of the very few freshwater seal species sadly only about 380 individuals live in
the lake today and are therefore considered endangered number 51 Finland
is known around the world for their enduring love of stripping naked and
cramming themselves into extremely hot steamy rooms known as sauna also known
as a sounder Sounders a super common in Finland where there are built-in saunas
in almost every home Finland loves communal naked sweating with such a
passion that there are two million saunas for its total population of
roughly 5.5 million people number 52 in fact there are more
soreness in Finland than there are cars if that doesn’t give you an idea of how
much Finnish people love taking off all their clothes and sitting in a steamy
wooden room with one’s family and friends like it’s a perfect normal thing
to do and you know not entirely traumatizing I don’t know what will
number 53 but Finland’s insane obsession would make it sweaty socializing doesn’t
end there not only does the Finnish Parliament have its own sauna chamber
for MPS to debate in a Burger King in the capital of Helsinki has its own
sauna when will this moist naked madness end number 54
for these centenary celebrations of the country’s independence in 2018 the
people of Finland voted to make rye bread their national food known in
Finland as Brewers labor rye bread is a dark summer bread made from unique
finnish yeasts and has been part of Finnish culture identity for hundreds of
years number 55 another popular Finnish dish is the
honey Kyoto which is a variety of pea soup made with ham and mustard and often
served on Thursdays along with oven baked pancakes for dessert pea soup on
Thursdays is a culinary tradition in Finland that’s thought to date all the
way back to medieval times although nowadays Monday is actually the day were
the most piece super salt and shops number 56
Finland is known for its frankly disturbing love of salmiakki which is a
kind of salty licorice also enjoyed in Scandinavia and parts of Germany and the
Netherlands it’s awful I’ve had it before I’ve got Swedish family it’s one
of the worst Oh however it’s the Finns we most frequently munch on this vile
sounding confection such that there’s even a finished salty licorice
association which gives out an annual award the best salty liquorice of the
year number 57 while the Nordic nations in general have a reputation as coffee
lovers it’s the Finns who outrun everyone else when it comes to chugging
mud Finnish people consume the most coffee in the world per capita with each
film consuming an average of 12 kilos of coffee every year over 2 kilos more than
second-place Norway who imbibe only 9.9 kilos annually come on Norway number 58
the Finns also drink massive amounts of milk with a per person milk consumption
rate of around 130 litres a year this makes Finland the world’s highest
annual consumer of milk per capita which is a bit weird considering the fact that
as many as 17 percent of finns are lactose intolerant number 59 alcohol in
finland it’s expensive and sales are restricted which prompted many Finns to
head over to Estonia where booze is generally cheaper as a result 34 percent
of all alcohol sold at liquor stores in the entire country of Estonia are bought
by people from Finland while roughly 2 percent of the Finnish
population visit Estonia up to 3 times a month
just to buy alcohol number 16 though Finland has much to offer in the
culinary realm it hasn’t always had the best reputation which as a Brit hits
home real hard the myth of bad Finnish food came from international news in
2008 when silvio berlusconi the then Prime Minister of Italy complained about
having to endure or Finnish cuisine while making snide
remarks about marinated reindeer a delicacy enjoyed in some parts of
Finland wow what a hater he must have really
bruised Finland’s ego there because the country took the insults on the chin and
definitely didn’t retaliate by spectacularly proving Berlusconi wrong
number 61 psyche that’s exactly what Finland did in result to Berlusconi
scurrilous lies a well-known finished pizza restaurant called Kotter Pizza
great today delicious having pizza topped with tomato cheese chanterelle
red onion and of course reindeer with their creation sarcastic pig dubbed
Pizza Berlusconi the fin turned to the 2008 America’s plate International Pizza
contest and came in first place pushing the italian-american squad into second
so suck on that Berlusconi number 62 the National Sports of Finland is called
peso polo which is in many ways similar to baseball but with a number of notable
differences such as the fact that the bases are arranged in a strange zig-zag
formation and the ball is pitched vertically the game also has a specific
designated field of play within which the ball must remain so you can’t just
whack the ball as hard as you can like in baseball number 63 Finland is also
home to a rather bizarre bear into football called wait for it
swamp the football in case your powers of deduction are considerably less
developed than they should be swamp football is exactly as the name suggests
in that it’s a form of association football that’s played in bulks or
swamps the sport is said to have originated in a physically demanding
exercise activity for athletes and soldiers and the pastime since become
its very own bona fide sport today there are an estimated 300 swamp football
teams around the world Nintendo 64 in 1996 Finland also began hosting the
annual air-guitar World Championships where people from around the world who
could have better spent their precious time on earth actually learning to play
guitar flock to the city of Oulu to while away on their imaginary axes in
the most impressively stylistic fashion possible number 65 another kooky Finnish
sports known as wife-carrying is said to have originated in the 19th
century when a robber named her ko Ron Kainan and his gang began stealing young
women as well as food and other valuables from the village they raided
today the tradition has evolved into a genuine sports with Championships held
every year in the municipality of song Kiev a male contestants compete by
carrying their female partner along an obstacle Laden 235 meter track
with a winner being rewarded with his wife’s weight in beer though we should
point out that the team is actually not obliged to be husband and wife
number 66 Finland apparently possessed the dream of becoming the weird sport
capital of the world made evident by the fact the home of the annual mobile phone
during World Championships had been held in the southeastern Finnish town of
savonlinna since the year 2000 the competition features categories based
not only on how far you can shock you nakiye 3310 but also a freestyle section
in which contestants are judged on the aesthetics and choreography of their
phone lobbing number 67 every year on the 27th of July the people of Finland
celebrate national sleepyhead Day a tradition that dates back to the
medieval period when it was believed that the last person left to sleep in
the household would be lazy and unproductive for the rest of the year
since then it’s been tradition to arouse the last person to wake up by pouring
water on them or in a more extreme way by throwing them into a lake or the sea
not 68 the town of nun Tali in southwest Finland takes the tradition very very
seriously and celebrates this Trudy Bazar gets mobbed the endearing holiday
by dunking a Finnish celebrity into the sea I know I didn’t know Finland have
celebrities either number 16 but dunking celebrities in the harbour just for the
nipple hardening surge of adrenaline isn’t the only weird and holiday that
the Finns have concocted every year on the 13th of October since 2010 the
Finnish observe the day for failure which celebrates setbacks and cock-ups
as a way promoting perseverance and learning for the future number 70 the
last crazy finished sport we’re going to share with you and be assured there are
many more is the ludicrous tradition of anthill sitting again the activities
pretty self-explanatory and involves sitting bare bottom Don an anthill to
see who can last the longest Finland are you okay really i everything is
everything all right I mean who hurt you Oh Russia right yeah number 71 owing to
the fact that a small set fine for speeding is going to have a negligible
deterrent effect on the super-rich Finland decided to even things out by
calculating speeding fines based on the violators income this means that the
average person will receive a firm but fair fine for violating speed limits but
Finnish millionaires can face eye watering fines that far more
appropriately punish those who rarely experience consequences
number 72 in case you wanted a specific example of some rich people come up and
we got you covered in 2002 former Nokia director and Sivan chogi was fined one
hundred sixteen thousand euros after being caught zipping about on his
motorbike at 75 km/h in a 50 zone or some good old SH Garden Floyd er
here’s the thing though do you think speeding fines should be based on income
or do you think it’s not very fair let us know in our snazzy youtube poll
number 73 Finland is home to more heavy metal bands per capita than anywhere
else in the world and the best part is it’s not even close Finland boasts a
shredder if ik 53.5 metal bands per 100,000 people followed by Sweden and
Norway tied at twenty-seven point two and then Iceland at twenty two point
seven apparently living in cold countries with robust welfare systems
just makes you want to worship Satan and play face-melting guitar solos number 74
in Finland when someone earns their PhD they’re rewarded with a special top hat
and for some strange reason an actual sword the Hat is said to symbolize
liberty while the sword represents the fight for the students have found to be
good right and true sounds like y’all just want an excuse to get your hands on
a sword and honestly I can’t fault you for that number 75 as you probably
already know the creator of the insanely popular mobile game Angry Birds is a
Finnish company called Ravi Oh pretty standard millennial knowledge
there but what you may not know is that in 2012
Angry Birds land opened in Ciccone Yemi Adventure Park in Finland where diehard
fans of the game can frolic ngah Vaught around a family-friendly world full of
Angry Birds themed ride attraction shops and food number 76
it may surprise you to learn that Finland has absolutely no payphones like
at all by early 2007 telecommunications companies in Finland who discontinued
their public telephones leaving the people of Finland entirely dependent on
mobile phones however did they manage number 77 the wild can tanked Finland
for a wide variety of commonly used an essential inventions including the heart
rate monitor Linux the rescue toboggan and of course the sauna which
incidentally also happens to be the most used Finnish word outside of the mother
country just a little bonus fact for you guys there I know I know I spoiled you
rotten number 78 don’t be fooled by the placid temperament of Finnish people as
they can be athletic build soin toes when they want to be
Finland has one more summer olympic medals per capita than any other nation
in the world and is second only to Norway in the number of Winter Olympics
medals per capita number 79 in fact having first participated in the Olympic
Games way back in 1908 Finland has earned at least one level of every
single summer and Winter Olympics since a distinction it shares with only one
other country its Nordic neighbor Sweden number 80 when the sluice at Reader’s
Digest wanted to figure out which world city had the most honest inhabitants
they conducted an experiment by dropping wallets in a total of 16 major cities
around the world including New York London Rio de Janeiro Berlin and Mumbai
when the results came in it transpired that the Finnish capital Helsinki came
out on top with a total of 11 after 12 wallets
having been returned the least trustworthy city is Lisbon as only one
wallet was returned there and hilariously it was returned by Dutch
couple who were on holiday there number 81 since way back in the 1930s Finnish
mothers have received a starter kit of clothes sheets outdoor gear nappies
bedding and toys contained in a large box that can be used as a bed some
suggest that this tradition designed to give all children in Finland an equal
start in life no matter their background has helped Finland achieve one of the
lowest infant mortality rates in the world
number 82 by investing heavily in public transport Finnish authorities are
claiming to make the communal transportation systems so efficient and
comfortable that citizens no longer require their own vehicles with this in
mind Transport Chiefs in Helsinki how to make car ownership obsolete by as early
as 2025 number 83 in addition more than 3200 kilometers of cycle lanes spread
across the country have also helped Finland maintain the fifth best urban
air of any country on earth number 84 funnily enough the name of the popular
flamin projectile no minister Molotov cocktail was actually coined by the
Finns despite the fact the weapon itself originated in the Spanish Civil War the
Finns later use them when facing off for the Soviet Union during the Second World
War and created the term as an insulting reference to the Soviet foreign minister
Vyacheslav Molotov who once lied that the bombing raids carried out in Finland
were actually humanitarian food drops the Finns sarcastically dubbed their
bottle petrol bombs as Molotov cocktails as a drink to go with the food number 85
in 1951 finished sports brand car who sold Aires
drives trademarked then little known German sportswear manufacturer added us
for the equivalent of 1600 euros and two bottles of whiskey alle das has since
gone on to become one of the world’s largest clothing companies while car who
is well not doing as well as added asses number 86 there’s a tiny island in the
Gulf of Bothnia called Marquette which is divided by the Finnish Swedish border
after the Finns inadvertently built a lighthouse on the wrong side of the
border in 1885 the violation was finally resolved in 1981 when the Swedes agreed
to trade it for an equal and area on the other side causing a bizarre zigzag in
the border between the two countries probably didn’t seem like a big deal
when they did it but now they have internet celebrities like me talking
about it what an honor for Finland and Sweden Cheers number 87 there’s also a
golf course located on the border between Finland and Sweden where half
the holes were in one country and the other half were on the other called the
Green Zone course the unique golfing facility located near Tornillo in
Finland and haparanda in Sweden allows players to experience international
travel four times across 18 holes number 88 for centuries there has been an
enduring belief by various gruta people that the Finnish somehow possess the
ability to control the weather now this new position was so strongly held the
Vikings apparently refused to sail with the Finns and remnants of this bizarre
and I must point out incorrect belief survived when to the 20th century
number 89 Finland is in many ways a nation obsessed with the future
evidenced by the fact it was the first country in the world to offer a master’s
degree in future studies Finland also has a special parliamentary committee
for the future and it’s government is required by law to boost an official
review of the future every four years number 90 in the interest of road safety
reindeer herders in Finland often paint the antlers on their animals with
reflective paint to make them more visible at night so if you’re driving
through Finland and spot a hoofed animal with glowing horns sadly you’ve not
discovered a brand new pokemon it’s just a safety conscious reindeer number 91
terrifying most collisions are one possible reason why motorists in Finland
are legally required to drive with their headlights on at all times like
literally all the time whether in summer or winter in sunlight or darkness even
under the Midnight Sun the Finns have to drive with their lights on number 92
Tampere Finland second largest city is well known as the birthplace of the
Soviet Union because two of the main architects of
the Bolshevik Revolution Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin met at Tampa rez
workers hall in 1905 while on the run from the Czarist authorities number 93
the Sami people of northern Finland have a unit of measurement called the Lauren
Cosima which specifically refer to the distance a reindeer will walk before
needing to urinate which google tells me is roughly seven point five kilometres
Congrats viewer that’s now something you know number one G for sOooo sure Carney
is a Finnish word that roughly means shield drunk and has two related but
distinct meanings in Finland but term either refers to getting drunk the night
before a big party so when you go to said big party you don’t get drunk as
quickly or to lose to the devilish yet crafty practice of specifically getting
wasted in order to avoid one’s responsibility as a designated driver
though you’re a pretty bad friend if you do that number 95 another delightful
finish drinking term is Cal Sarah Kearney which literally translates to
pants drunk visit the practice of getting drunk at home in your underwear
with zero intention of going out I feel scene number 96
do you love engaging in minders text-based chatter with your friends if
you’re cool you wanted yes in which case you have Finland to thank for your
ability to converse with your charms without the load some inconvenience of
having to actually hang out with them specifically you need to thank Matty
Makonnen who developed the idea of text messaging in the 1990s for which he
received an Innovation Award from The Economist in 2008 number 97 Finland is
also land of great designers with numerous well-known design classics
coming from the aesthetically minded Finns
the ubiquitous ball chair was created by aro our neo the Marimekko flower design
is super Finnish and Alva altos Alto VARs also known as the Savoy bars is a
world-famous piece of glassware created by a thin number 98 you know that
massive arch in st. Louis a super Finnish dude would Eero Saarinen
designed that you’re welcome missouri number 99 roughly nine out of ten
plastic bottles in finland are returned for recycling and almost 100 percent of
glass bottles are also recycled by the way if I could just have a minute just a
minute of your time to talk about our Lord essence a fresh Jennifer Lawrence I
mean I know it’s recycled but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with her just
passionate no I won’t tone it down ask her you know next fact it was ridiculous
place to put her in anyway no I’m on a hundred
Finland is the only country in the developed world in which fathers of
primary school-aged children generally spend more time with their children the
mothers do Marble Honda to one Finland boasts the northernmost vineyard in the
world which is rather surprisingly located at the old Kalu toe nuclear
power plant in western finland the residual heat in the cooling water used
at the facility is further utilized for small-scale agriculture in the form of a
zero point one hectare vineyard which produces 850 kilograms of Zilker grapes
annually radioactive wine so that was one hundred one factor but is it just me
that’s to move there now or do you already live there and in which case
have we missed any out let me know in the comments down below also thank you
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  2. 11:02 Our secret is that the depressed people keep killing themselves. XD jk honestly I'm fairly sure it's about the whole culture. We have a good education system that allows for a bit more freedom than its US counterpart for example, we talk to the kids and treat them like they understand from really early on, which breeds into an image of equality between ages. We really just strive for equality and try to keep everyone on board. If you're a quick learner you can progress a bit faster and get more challenging subjects put your way, if you're slower, we have support classes and after school teaching available, and you'll be well tested for ADD, ADHD and the different levels of dyslexia. Even after school Kela funds therapy, including psychotherapy, when it's needed to function in work or school. A lot of the healthcare is payed from tax money and that makes it feel like you're paying less for it than elsewhere and that makes people happy. And at least in Northern Savonia, we have a dark sense of humor. Jokes are a valid coping mechanism. Rather jokes than making some of the things we joke about come true.

  3. 26:24 Valtteri Bottas, Kimi Räikkönen, Renny Harlin, Darude, Teemu Selänne, Patrick Laine, Tarja Turunen, Linus Torvalds, Markku Alen, Mika Häkkinen, Lauri Markkanen… I haven't even started, believe me this list could be 100 times longer. If you don't know any of those, you are most likely RETARTED

  4. Lactose intolerance is not a problem since almost all dairy products produced in Finland are lactose free. Because that process is so cheap that it does not really affect the price. So if in your country they sell you lactose free products at premium you are getting ripped off.

  5. No we dont get 1mbps internet free… Nothings free here, everything is like super fuckin expensive… Where do people get this stuff that finland is somekind of a safe haven with tons of free money and goods 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  6. Right off the bat you get facts wrong! The Sami people didnt arrive here 9,000 years ago. The people that came here 9k years ago were western hunter-gatherers, not Sami. We finns and sami are both a finno-ugric people that share the same origin and ancestors. 4,000 years ago finns and sami were one people. Sami came about 2,500 years ago, and 2,000 years ago the we finns left estonia and conquered what is now finland.

    Please do some research before you babble this ignorant BS.

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