1014: Volcanic activity increasing due to Planet X: Ubinas Volcano Peru

1014: Volcanic activity increasing due to Planet X: Ubinas Volcano Peru

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. claudia elvers planet-x research and professional physicist and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled volcanic activity increasing due to Planet X you've been as volcanoes now volcanoes Foreman erupt due to the gravitational connections which Planet X stellar cores the energy depleted course of the destroyed planet explanatory core this connection to draw Earth's satellite cores closer to the surface this causes magma creating course to approach the surface and Osijek plasma much closer to the surface and before so that the volcanic gases created by the course as well as magma eventually reaches the surface and you may look at article 1012 and titled Planet X causes spherical object to emerge from the ground the smaller planet X telecourse create water and give rise to the weather and you may look at article 695 and thought of Planet X creates water it started at the flood and the number in size of these objects seems to be increasing which then needs to increasingly severe weather and flooding the larger planet x telecourse also seem to be increasing in number in size which then leads to increased numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as increased severity in these events and you can see the you venus volcano in peru which this volcano had an explosive eruption on friday july 19th 2019 which was rated as a 4 out of 5 type of eruption by volcano discovery it sent volcanic clouds up to an altitude of 40,000 feet or 12.2 km/h was an extremely explosive eruption and these clouds all the same as it's the clouds which enveloped planet x– telecourse they are made of water vapor and some other material which the course make in this case it's most likely soil and rock particles all course seem to create some water and convert water to other materials and you may look at article 9 87 entitled Trayvon's rocks that grow cometa water and human consciousness now another volcano this is the carom ski volcano in in Russia that's its location there this is a photograph of the volcano as you can see it looks like a very circular lake there it's most likely a sinkhole and sinkholes and volcanoes often form alongside and they are created through the same gravitational connections the same process gives rise to both then and this is another volcano which erupted on July the 18th so this one actually wrapped in on July the 16th and went on erupting on July 17th and then this one the epical erupted on July 18th this one is in the Kuril Islands it's just a little south of this one so this one was up there up here somewhere and this one down here so very close to each other most likely the same Planet X stellar core connected at this point led to that volcanic eruption then moved down to this one this is what this one looks like it's not a current image it's just it's an it is an older image now today July 21st 2019 there are three volcanoes in explosive erupted mode there's the you penis in Peru the seven Kyah also in peru it's very very close to each other and the same gang that should be an a there in Indonesia so this is where you've been volcano is the same Venkaiah is about 70 kilometers northwest so you beena see 70 kilometers east a little bit south of east but about seven the kilometers from the city here arequipa and the other one is about 70 kilometers northwest so about here somewhere so basically they're about 150 kilometers from each other and the objects that seem to give rise to these eruptions seem to have a radius of about 1,000 kilometers so they could be smaller but the ones that were over san francisco seem to be about this size they produce these flat surfaces in the atmosphere which suggest that they are about this size and so the the two objects must most likely or under the two cores that are causing these eruptions from these two volcanoes which magma creating course under the surface of the earth does they are or at least the point from which they erupt things about 150 kilometers apart but that's too close for it to be due to two different Planet X telecourse it's most likely the same one so this would then suggest that they in a circular connection region which often gives rise to a sinkhole is at least 150 kilometers in diameter and this is the Ssangyong volcano it's in Indonesia it's a small island in Indonesia and you can see there and this is Australia so it's north of Australia and this is an image of the same yang volcano but this is from May 30th 2014 so this was doing an eruption in 2014 but I just found it very interesting that it had this ring shaped cloud around it which I have never seen with volcanoes so this is not normal it's not the same color as the other cloud either they eat some white cloud there but this cloud here erupting from the poke as you can see it's an earthy grey and this one looks white and it's in the ring-shaped and volcanoes are not known to produce such symmetric clouds but they seem to erupt due to a gravitational connection between a planet egg stellar core near central core and the cloud has the same symmetry as the cylindrical gravitational connections that these Planet X telecourse make with the Earth's core so it's possible that the cloud was not produced by the volcano but by a Planet X telic when the sky above the volcano even if it was produced by the volcano it's still in the same shape as the connections that give rise to these volcanic eruptions they give rise to sinkholes and they give rise to volcanic eruptions if the field in that region is upwards then these satellite course tend to move upwards and give rise to volcanoes and often there are more than one ring within the connection region and you can see the field here is upwards so if if there were a central course in that region no central core satellite course this is the central core at the center of the earth if there were some satellite course that were magma creating in there they would tend to move closer to the surface and eventually lead to the formation of a volcano there so it's likely that this cloud formation is 4 well we can see it's following the same pattern and this gives rise to rings and different connections will be a different size and may have different rings basically it's a gravitational interference region and usually it has a central minimum or a hollow but it is of course still possible to for them to have a bulge in the center but usually the Bulge is within a sinkhole and it's lower than the sinkhole and these are males of volcanoes you can see they look like sinkholes because either they start off as sink holls the center of one of those gravitational connections or they may form in one of the rings but because the gravitational interaction always seems to produce a connection where you have a hollow in the center it gives rise to volcano openings that look like this so in conclusion the number of explosive volcanic eruptions occurring at the same time on earth suggest that several huge planet x telecourse are interacting with the earth central core at one time or connecting to the earth central core at one time and the frequency and severity of these eruptions seems to be increasing suggesting that more and more planet x objects which induce these effects or coming to the earth and these are the references this is dr. claudia elder's planet x physicist thank you for watching

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28 thoughts on “1014: Volcanic activity increasing due to Planet X: Ubinas Volcano Peru

  1. Claudia tomorrow is my day of Reckoning,court.please say a prayer that's all I ask.he listening.thanks.and lll never ask again sincerely Mike

  2. Regarding Article 1012: The evidence for essentially "living rocks" is substantial and supports my belief that consciousness is a primar,y,; its basically a Divinity-created, and driven, animistic view of reality. if your hypothesis is correct would the terrestrial core object separate and merge with a Nibiru object or do they just stay distant and drain/ transform etheric life energy? Can they merge according to the hypothesis, if you know? it also seems that the "problem" hinges on statistically it being an inevitability that a large powerful X core and a similar powerful Earth core will sooner or later line up and cause planetary cataclysm? Am I reading that correctly?

  3. Interesting two different clouds in an eruption. You've visually proven a great point that two objects are working together. Outstanding.

  4. Could a large sc moving towards Earth cause a sudden gust of wind due to temporary increase in air pressure?

  5. Tem alguma coisa errada , primeiro que o planeta X nao passa de uma suposiçao matematica apenas, outra que nao existem planeta algum estranho e massivo dentro do sistema solar…..e fora do sistema solar existem sim milhoes de planetas, mas nao interferem em nada com o nosso planeta….O sistema solar tem proteçoes colossais, cinturao de kuipper, e a grande nuvem de Oort….Nada massivo entra ou sai…Fato!!…O centro nervoso da Galaxia (horizonte de eventos) Poe tudo a girar…O sistema solar todo gira….esta a 800.000km/h …Isso torna o sistema solar sobrenaturalmente estavel…nada se choca e o sol mantem todos na distancia certa….Nao há encontros caóticos na Via Lactea….a terra tem 4 bilhoes de anos e nada tao grave aconteceu com ela…só quando foi preciso e entao estamos aqui Doutora…firmes , forte e quase eternos….

  6. Thank you for a great article, this situation will only continue and get worse, how much longer do they think they can hide the truth.

  7. "There she blows" a common expression for people searching for whales, studying Volcanoes, or listening to these videos! I've read that volcanoes strongly errupt when water is present in them?

  8. Just got a look at homegrown USA in youtube as he discloses a new fact.His no food no water show leaks a huge geological area under China Lake that is very dangerous.

  9. Ms Albers, all I ask is REAL proof this planet isn't just a figment of imagination. Give us the co-ordinates so the many skeptics can believe? That isn't too hard now, is it???

  10. Really enjoyed this article Dr Claudia.

    Had not connected sinkholes to volcanoes. Good discernment.

    I agree that figure 6 shows a small core attracted to the location.All cores i have seen are small, maybe a kilometre in diameter, and have dispersed cloud matter around them.

  11. Dr. Albers: I don't know if you have done a video about all of the explosions. Explosions in China, United States, and elsewhere. Houses and plants blowing up. They are blaming them on gas leaks. Could it be methane from volcanos?

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