1026:  NASA’S deception mission: hide Planet X and the true universe

1026: NASA’S deception mission: hide Planet X and the true universe

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. Claudia Albers Playtex research and professional physicist and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled NASA's deception mission hi planet X and the true universe now in article 1025 entitled NASA lies the ISS cannot possibly be in orbit I showed that the International Space Station cannot possibly be in orbit because they are you to Planet X telecourse the course of the destroy Planet X planet and stars in the Earth's atmosphere which would have been a collision hazard to the ISS but there is a lot more evidence which also clearly shows that what NASA is showing and telling the public about space and its missions is a lie and we start with this one this is a screenshot from a video supposedly taken of the earth from the ISS yes a European Space Administration so the Sun that's supposedly the sun shining on the earth and except that it's a beam so the Sun appears to be a beam of light here obviously a laser beam so the Sun is simulated with a laser beam and notice that it is in a form of a white beam of light now obviously this cannot be the real Sun if this was the real Sun he's a hundred times larger than the earth so a view like this would mean the Sun would be shining above the earth so this whole thing would be the sun shining on everything around here and the Sun would obviously shining this gap here as well so this is clearly not the Sun so this is so obviously fake and so obviously done in the studio there it has to be a type of disclosure actually it's a bit more than that but you may look at article 350 and title why is video of Earth from the ISS produced in the studio now all footage supposedly shot from the ISS is so obviously simulated in a studio that the Sun can even be seen to be simulated with a laser beam in this screenshot and one thing's for sure NASA is not even trying to make it look real as real movie studios would do a better job this is so clearly fake it's meant to show the public that they are faking it and it is as if they are marking all of humanity that believes in their lives the ISS obviously does not exist except in a studio and as a soap opera with actors instead of astronauts pretending that they are in space and here's another one in this screenshot we get to see what the source of the laser beam seen in figure 1 above looks like there it is and as you can see there are several beams emanating from it this is in fact the ISS son simulator and it's obviously a special type of studio light and the earth appears to be a projection on a convex surface with a mock-up of the ISS hanging in front of the camera and you can see the edge of the earth here it's made out of two two different colored lines very pale blue and in a darker blue and the same width through most of this image except here the light and makes it less obvious but here definitely same width all along here so the edge of the earth which supposedly which is supposedly the earth surface is clearly fake and made with two uniforms thick lines one is very payable and the other is a darker shade of blue and here in this video footage from the 1960 from a camera on for the x-15 plane we can clearly see that your sadness he has different thicknesses as we move along you can see it's thicker here than there and it's we can see its many different shades of blue it's not just two shades you can see a white very pale blue it's sort of a darker blue and not a blue in a very very dark blue so it fades through different shades until it becomes completely black so this appears to be true footage this is fake and that in studio and this is a photograph of astronauts on the ISS taken with an open window clearly you can see that's an open window there and see all the other windows are smeared no smears on them to be expected or reflections not this one this is clearly an open window there are no smears and no reflections there and notice the shirts have been pulled up all the shirts you see this shirt seems to have been pulled up and this one slightly as well they all seem to be or appear to be hanging on to something as if they would float away and these shirts or be pulled up so they're actually pretending that they are in space clearly they're not in space because if they were in space they would not just be standing around like that with an open window in the background so obviously this is not the I assess at least not the ISS in outer space and these are not astronauts training on and i SS simulated either because as they are clearly doing everything possible to act as if they are in space and the right sure suggests that they may be held up with fishing wire you can just imagine a little fishing why are there propping up this shirt and that one this one may just have been moved just before the shot and this one as well but these ones seem to be propped up fishing wire or maybe some cotton wool inside the shirt not sure but it's something not natural now this is the ISS set in a studio on earth because would the real ISS have a door you can see the door there which is supposed to protect people from possible accidental depressurization of its hinges and lying on the floor on its side would you find out doing a submarine out at sea lying on the floor on its side like this no you would not you would only find such a thing on a television series set a series which is produced by NASA in order to deceive the whole world and there's the evidence they actually took a door a pressurization door that's supposed to keep the astronauts safe in a pressurized cabin of its hinges would you expect that out of a space station in operation in space now you wouldn't because it's not in space but in addition these images are purposely released in order to mark those whom they are deceiving why would they even allow an image like this if they wanted to properly deceive the whole world but they are purposely releasing these images they are purposely making these images in order to mock those who are being deceived and this is screenshots from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory control room where technicians or mission specialists as they are called attempt to land a rover on Mars and as you can see this man here expresses himself for his elation at the rover somehow being safe with his whole body as you'd expect actors to react because that's now not how a technical person would behave this is how an actor behaves in the absence of being able to show any real evidence that the rover is actually landed on Mars it's not even acting like you'd expect a mission specialist to act with a technical person technical people would be concentrating on the very important job of landing a priceless piece of machinery on a distant planet he's acting like an actor clearly these actors have been told not to even act like real technicians or mission specialists and you may look at article four six three entire NASA Mars missions real and this is from that same mission Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mission Control for the latest rover landing on Mars misses falls from November 26 2008 eeen you can see all the smiling faces they all interacting with each other look at that look at these two they so concentrated on each other rather than their screams look at that now so what is the focus of the mission is it the actors or the mission of landing something on Mars it looks like it's them they are the stars of the show because that's where the money went into this production of course it's buying the actors so the mission control specialists appear to not be paying much attention to their screens appearing to be more interested in smiling and talking to each other and for the camera why because they have been paid to act like actors which is what they are and then once the touchdown is declared the mission control specialists seem to make some practice jubilations movements and they all been abandoned these stations to celebrate but if you have just landed a priceless piece of machinery on a distant planet do you not make sure that everything's working is normal is this a time to abandon your post in order to make childish gestures well apparently so because there is no priceless piece of machinery at all these images show that not only is the ISS a lie all NASA missions seem to be lies and they are not even pretending that what they are doing is real well if you could fake any mission starting with the moon missions why would you go to all the effort of actually having real missions it seems that NASA can do anything they put their minds to they just do it in a studio so what does this as true mission seem to be hi Planet X and its effects from the public and if that becomes impossible because some people start discerning that there is something strange happening to the earth give them some truth mixed in with lies give them some data which is close to the truth but it's still the product of a simulation but how is it possible that the ISS can supposedly be seen in the sky above Earth this is the question that some people will ask who are still not completely convinced because they have been deceived for so long however the morning it's most definitely a holographic projection so why shouldn't the ISS in the sky also be a projection or simulation and you may look at article 504 entitled the moon hologram and holographic projection technology disclosure it seems that when it comes to deceiving the public about the fact that the Sun is still emitting visible light and the moon is still being seen no amount of effort and technological advancement is spared but when it comes to missions that all supposedly telling us what space is like he's all done in the studio in the cheapest possible way and these are screenshot from a video by the YouTube channel cliff 481 and it shows an airplane flying in front of the moon hologram you can clearly see this is not the real moon you know you can see that it's clearly far from spherical you can see this here it's very far from spherical that the moon is Yugi will look a lot more like a sphere than this object as you can see several spots here where they are little protrusions on it much larger than you would expect on a real on the real moon you can see the little bumps here definitely not real moon but also as the airplane flies in front of the projector the light that makes up the holographic projection in the sky seems to be draped from the airplane because the beam was interrupted by the airplane so that displaces some of the light that's supposed to be here to here and then it looks like the moon is somehow made out of some almost liquid plastic some kind of fluid it clearly this this airplane is interrupting and it causes glitches that go all along here and others this cannot be due to the air too the airplane engines because the airplane is flying horizontally and so the airplane the way from the the engines would be horizontal you would be along this line this line is below it and this draping thing here is below the line along which the airplanes flying so clearly not due to the engines you can see that this whole part of this moon projection has been displaced and tampered with or it's glitches because of the beam being interrupted obviously the project is here somewhere and it's projecting this way and that way and that's why this light ends up angled downwards like that and the glitches or all along here and the bottom of the moon so as you can see the moon is clearly a hologram in the sky so if they can do this with the moon obviously they can do this with the ISS so in conclusion the ISS cannot in any way be in orbit and NASA's missions or all this information missions with only two purposes lie to the Earth's population about the existence of Planet X and about the nature of the universe and mocked them with the truth regarding the degree to which they have been deceived and these are the references this is dr. Claudia Albers Planet X physicist thank you for watching

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48 thoughts on “1026: NASA’S deception mission: hide Planet X and the true universe

  1. Yes using tax dollars for building underground and other black budget projects,an extension of Nazi's that they started out as

  2. NASA the news media and Trump can't even get their story straight now I'm 45 I was born in 1974 my school teacher was Miss O'Connor I was in second grade we had a half a day of school no school work and had pizza and treats to watch the moon landing now recently I saw a video of trump saying 1972 and media said 50 years ago and Apollo is the Sun God by the way NASA worships Sun God and what Trump said 1972 it surely doesn't match up with 50 years ago and neither one of them 50 years ago 1972 does not match up because like I said I'm 45 I was born in 1974 and I watched the moon landing and second grade they can't even get the time right because it was 11 a.m. the news media said it was in the p.m. I believe 6 p.m. this blows my mind they can't even get their dates and times to even match wow wow wow yes SpaceX and space force and NASA is Fallen Angel technology and of course it's common sense to figure out its Fallen Angel Army against Jesus they think they're going to stop Jesus from rolling up the sky and throwing the Earth in the Lake of Fire that's being formed as we breathe I cannot believe all the deception going on I do pray on my hands and knees twice a day for all the lost people in the deceived people and also the abused animals and children and even the animals slaughtered for food I pray for the Lord to take them out of their bodies now my grandpa is deceased he was Illuminati Freemason which is satanic of course now mind you I had to break off Family curses and that can go back hundreds of years sickness divorce drug or alcohol abuse anything or seeking witchcraft our power comes from pyramids when I was a child that used to be at every fancy big rest stop on the expressway the had a McDonald's They were black and they were the size of a large shed for a basic backyard right out in the open now they have them hidden power Prince of the air get and I know people who make fun of Amish people I totally respect them I go to a Amish butcher and of course they don't use GMOs are carbon monoxide are red dye and their meats I try not to even eat me because I love animals but when I do I go to the Amish butcher do you know a real Amish community they don't have electricity Plumbing TVs or radios they don't want to be socially programmed and now I know why I put it together they totally live off the grid they do not depend on Satan system and one of my close friends was making fun of Amish and I stood up for my said you know what they are going to be the ones that are going to survive the longest and the real end times the Amish knew back then that the electricity came from the pyramids and a total Amish community some have an office in town that does have a radio on a cell phone for emergency use but they live totally Off the Grid they don't want Satan system in their community if you trying to move in an Amish community real one and you try to bring a TV or the internet in there you just may get shot and you know what I totally respect them cuz I would love to live off the grid the Devil Himself can't even pierced through the firmament

  3. God bless u. Please be vigilant as u know whistleblowers develop dubious instant cancer or meet tragic ends

  4. Does Elon Musk know? He must be an actor also. To take people to mars when we can't leave our atmosphere?

  5. Dr. Albers, i wish you would please visit the Ytube channel called 'Live Meteors '. There is an open chatroom 24/7. It would be more fun if you are also there at times! (The effects that show up on that screen are astonishing sometimes.)

  6. Absolutely, but few can see it.

    One content provider shows footage inside iss showing a man in guerilla suit chasing'astronaut'.

    Provider slowed motion down which clearly showed some kind of demonic entity riding on guerilla's head.

    They love to laugh at us.

    I've seen so much tomfoolery on that channel I can no longer get a good laugh.

    They're badly in need of new content.

    Once saw man (standing on) ISS Fighting a claymation T-Rex.

  7. As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang …."Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement". Maybe the ISS is in a low earth orbit as how would it deal with The South Atlantic Anomaly and Van Allen Radiation Belts?

  8. isnt that when the work starts ? when they get there ?i have been so pissed for a very long time . and people just keep looking down.

  9. As in the 1992 movie 'A Few Good Men', Jack Nickelson's famous ad lib line 'You (in this case humanity in general) Can Not Handle the Truth'. Dr. Albers thank you for all you do to disclose the Truth!

  10. Dr albers I can't stop laughing it's so fake and obvious they must think we're all stupid thank you for bringing the truth Claudia I'm definitely going to have have a large cup herbal tea with lemon to calm me down

  11. Yes according to NASA an aluminum can is sufficient for space travel,they give such trite information and public believes

  12. And speaking of the Mars mission who's been cleaning off the damn Rover. I'm bloody well hacked here I grew up watching the lunar Landings leaving in this so excited about it had my walls plastered in it. Two now finding out and looking back and discovering that it's just a bunch of blatant bullshit in our face. Hey NASA Feisigh leat, cúltóna

  13. Claudia I've got to admit I've been skeptical of a lot of stuff and then a lot of the stuff that you've put up I've been skeptical of but I started going back overtime of watching all that's going on haven't been part of slick 6 out at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California watching that mothballed, I didn't see in these different videos that are supposedly taken from space what are sun's been doing and everything else that's going on, I now have to side with you. They're bullshittery is coming out all over the place. We can't go back to the Moon because we lost the trajectory!!!! That is complete and utter bullshit out of NASA not to mention the radiation that we have been bombarded with over the past month which you can feel the effects of it on Earth and what it does to your body and they're going to survive in space getting hit with this stuff… I don't think so

  14. It's basically like the hunger games. The elites are capable of projecting objects below the holographic globe. Or projecting images In the sky . Just like the movie a.i artificial intelligence. Yeah , I'm a movie nerd . But it does seem like a break into humanity to except this . Just like NASA is mocking it !

  15. Claudia the other day giveaway look at their sunglasses you're going to vary a little bit but that's ridiculous

  16. "No smears there. This is clearly an open window". Are you serious? Couldn't watch the rest due to an acute urge to self mutilation. The amount of nonsense in these video's is astronomical.

  17. Excellent article Dr Claudia.

    I am an actor and camera operator for NF, movies and more.

    I’ve been “sitting on my hands” for months not to:make comments about what I as a professional person in production knows, because my job could be at stake.

    No, I don’t work on any of the pictures in this article, but the false composition of the image in figure 1 is beyond ridiculously false. The lighting and artifacts in that image are so far below any professional attempt at a decent attempt to “look real, I’m astounded.Figure 1 made me have to break silence and comment.

    On sets, we employ “continuity directors” and documrnting photographers to constantly check for stray objects and missing or clutter details. For example,a couple of times in “Gsne of Thrrones” there wa a Starbucks paper cup on the table if medieval set gatherings, they digitally video edit out the objects when discovered later, which is very essential.

    But the clutter and impossible lighting setups in the images in this article are the worst problems I’ve ever seen. Obviously, there is hush hush about these productions to minimize the leak of Truth, and they have minimum personnel.

    Also, I will star that actors who really need money will participate in practically anything. I have run camera on some of the kookiest and most ridiculous scripts you can imagine. I’m paid to keep my mouth shut snd not disclose,. People would be surprised at some of the very well known people I’ve seen doing “projects of insanity”

  18. 🙏Merci DR Claudia Albers ❤️❤️❤️ They can try hide the truth but GOD watch over his children 🙏🙏 GOD bless you Claudia ❤️🌹

  19. Thank you for tonight's article and lesson dr. Albers as always greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful night

  20. Has anyone else noticed the similarity between chemtrails and what some are referring to as the "Dave Dobbs Objects", apparent non-plane objects with funky lights trailing long streams of likely condensation? Hmm. Interesting iMO. Mrmbb333 and WSO have images and footage of these phenomena if anyone is interested.

  21. Ahh man, I just had to hit REPLAY. 👍🏽👍🏽😂😂 Hey y’all, lets all get some lasers, and beam ON. We might confuse them. 👍🏽😊. Thank you Dr. Albers. 👍🏽👍🏽😂😂❤️

  22. Our father who art in heaven, wtf is going on up there? On earth as it is in heaven. Everyone this confused up there?

  23. Dr Albers, How big is the lie told by nasa? What about the challenger and Columbia disasters, also a lie?
    Did they hit a stellar core in flight? Was there ever any manned space flights?

  24. Dr Albers im lmao….. You are right.. They sure as hell wouldn't just be standing there with a window open in space…

  25. If the smallest stars in the universe are bigger than the likes of Jupiter, Revelation 6:13 doesn't seem practical; which means either the Christian Bible is lying or once again NASA (never a straight answer) hasn’t been forthcoming about the correct sizes AND distances of everything celestial, sun included..

  26. You'd think that they would feel ridiculous faking all these images! I would! I wouldn't want to be caught in this kind of deception. God help them!

  27. A scam from the START. ( Is it any wonder Neil Armstrong refused 95% of all interviews and lived out the reminder of his life a recluse? )

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