119 | Água no DIESEL no PARAÍSO – Explicação Sobre a Bandeira de um Barco – Sailing Around the World

119 | Água no DIESEL no PARAÍSO – Explicação Sobre a Bandeira de um Barco – Sailing Around the World

Let’s start our tour in Sardinia full of adventures, setbacks and beautiful places! We arrived in Sardinia, entered right through the front door, Cala de Volpi where the rich and famous megaiates stays. They don’t stay here by chance, the beaches of the northeast of the island are
wonderful with emerald water which gives the name to this coast. It has structure of restaurants and hotels besides Olbia, a city with the airport and ferry. Well, we just arrived, we just landed for Google to pee and I was impressed !! First beach we see garbage with separation, first beach we see “cigarette garbage” and then several plates like: not plastic! The super clean sand. I was impressed by the cleanliness and the blue water looking from here ?! it’s even more impressing! It gives you a look to see how
clear that’s it here It’s really emerald! But before continuing let you like
on video and share the link to your friends, so you help the channel grow! Now Paula and I will eat…. a “burrata” to gain energy To jump in this ocean and enjoy a lot cheers!! Dona Paula and I got in the water,
already enjoyed the day! I mean, there’s a lot of day ahead yet but it’s been windy a lot, since so long we caught some winds like that We came to drink a
wine on the beach coca cola from mr. Roberto doggy in the background
feeling the vibe, Beto analyzing the wind, just us on this wonderful beach. I’m enjoying Sardinia and you Paula? Also, very good here huh ?! And the hosting is good too? It’s wonderful! you need to open wine .. At least there’s wine right ?! haha Go, go withFaith! We left the anchorage we were in, it blew a lot, Beto didn’t sleep well. But it’s windy everywhere we went out to know one more place and possibly we’ll sail now, put a little of Genoa, because how much is the wind ?! 20 knots of wind and we are sailing at 7 knots !!! Just with genoa, just a little bit of genoa Beautiful ! Paula and I came to the beach to sunbathe but it’s too windy! We thought about staying in the boat, but you couldn’t even get in the water It’s that thing: you get in the water and you’re … Throwing jets in your face. And there our Shogunzinho …. I can’t even see it, but it’s right there in front of the beach. And this beach is very shallow, I don’t know, maybe 100 meters of shallow it’s a odd place, we were able to enjoy the day. The city is very pretty a whole waterfront
arranged to receive tourists It is beautiful here !! who drinks coffee and have
ice cream? Really ? The Italians ! When we went to charter in Buzios
with our friend from SV Labadee we met an italian couple that coincidentally they are here in Sardinia and they invited us to
have dinner today! And then the sea is very bad it’s the same yesterday, today is a little better, it’s hitting over 20 knots and then we say: let’s go out !
The sea gets worse! And as I’m dressed with dress this is my look so I didn’t have two raincoats so this is Paula’s look for dinner. My look is in here! Well, otherwise we will get soaked. And then we’ll arrive dry and beautiful in the restaurant, then I show how we look Betinho is also carburizing to make the boat fuller, Google got a roots collar too because his fell into the sea but what I think is really cool is this friendship we make in
sea ​​right ?! because we met them by chance, we went to help Marcos of SV Labadee to be a translator, right? And we kept in touch with them, we went out to dinner with them in Buzios and now we will meet again, this is so cool. Now yes! Alright, it’s windy as hell right ?! But look .. Lookinho Look Paula … Look of the day !!Beto is wearing pink to match, Beto is a little bag look! Paula is going to taste cheff’s breakfast today looks good Pancakes ! Paula with Philadelphia !! We will put this here … this is based on sugar, plus trans fat, plus carbs but it’s wonderful Well we changed anchorage, we were in Gulf Aranci and we came to a place, which is two miles away, an island! A not so city place, super quiet! It’s windy a little, But what I wanted to say is: when we were leaving, Beto moved our defensive balloon that is right here in the corner and then he saw that the diesel lid was open and then we started thinking about
hypotheses: if anyone could have opened, if we actually forgot that open
since the day we supplied Because we supplied on Thursday and today Sunday. Because we already lowered the engine already put the engine, already changed the defense of place, so we said: we can’t have seen that! and then we started to see in the videos that we didn’t actually see and the diesel lid was open all these days So we falter, leave it open and the sailing to here, to Sardinia when we were coming, the sea was very bad! it was crashing and a lot of water came so now the problem is this water
in the fuel and salt and everything. So now Beto is doing an inspection inside to not have a bigger problem. so what are you going to do here? The first thing: I’ll look here in the racor which is a water separator, its function is exactly that, because as water separates from diesel and water is below it has a system here that you can get this water and see if there really is water in the tank and as it is never easy, Beto was put
the screw back and the screw dropped and he couldn’t make it because the
space is very tiny because of this wood we have with the battery so we ended up taking this …. this filter and I will show it now! This was a diesel that was inside the filter Beto even found it a little dark. so what are you gonna do now? I’ll put in this transparent container here the diesel, so we can see if there is water or not! We put the diesel here let’s let it rest but apparently … there’s no water! Now Beto will assemble the filter, all back and put it in place. Changing places again we didn’t even go in land because we couldn’t screw the screw into the fitting then we took a washer and managed to screw but wanting or not is a “gambiarra” because the washer is missing, and then we are afraid to get air so it’s screwed “mor or lesse”,
we pass hellerman tape, is stuck there but Beto chose to go now
straight to the big city, which is Olbia! And then we will sleep there because tomorrow he can solve it, because keep the bad screw …. Must not be good the thread of the fitting, something is not good and we are already sailing, we are at six and a half speed A very good wind so we are enjoying We stopped here at a public pier in Olbia which is one of the biggest cities here in Sardinia and there are several boats, look here
crowded by boat, here too crowded by boat and here all this part is public,
This parking lot is also public! Now Paula and I are going for a walk, it’s almost eight o’clock at night we will give just one roll for
get to know the city a little bit. We came to order a pizza … Neapolitan Paula will have to eat a pizza right ?! I said: you won’t leave without eating pizza! You can’t! And the local beer,
what’s your name? Ichnusa, I don’t know if that’s how you say it! Good, right? It’s not that strong! No, the best of all …. two women … it’s froid right ?! We had a half liter of draft beer … Two right ?! one each. one for each Then we went to pay the bill, Paula said: the draft beer is missing. Then he said: No, this from the house I was honest cover the draft beer that was not in the account .. They never did that to me and Beto yo knew it?! They never gave me a beer when I was with him! Hey love what did you think of your wife
who gets a free beer? You should get coke for me at the very least! Let’s see the pizza face now right? Please open it to find out if only the draft beer is good! Paula’s choice: bufalina .. Only those who live on the boat know a wonderful gift to receive Daniel, Paula’s husband sent … Brazilian flags !! Ours is already awful we will trade there now! Paula will do the honors to change our flag Wow! Look at this, only the dust! Well now we changed, already put the brand new, beautiful it has to be from Brazil that the
crew is brazilian over there is the flag of
courtesy, which is from the country you are and aft is the flag of the country that the boat is registered, in the case here of Shogun is in Delaware in the United States That’s why the Brazilian flag is only here, because it’s the crew’s flag, the crew’s nationality! Now yes !! ♫ ANTHEM ♫ Won’t you sing ?? Frederica brought Paula to the airport Ah it was very good, very good !! Don’t cry Don’t cry … It was great to have you here !!! I came with Frederica here at the supermarket at Lidl, we made a purchase … and now we will help Mr. Roberto who needs help to changing a piece After doing the necessary maintenance, supermarket and washing. We leave Olbia bound for Tavolara where we inadvertently found
Brazilians boats and a wonderful place. But this you will see in the next episode. If you liked it, share the video with your friends. If you have not registered yet
subscribe to the channel. Until next week, bye and fair winds!

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93 thoughts on “119 | Água no DIESEL no PARAÍSO – Explicação Sobre a Bandeira de um Barco – Sailing Around the World

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