2 Large Asteroids Barely Miss The Earth, Let's Take a Closer Look at their Orbits

2 Large Asteroids Barely Miss The Earth, Let's Take a Closer Look at their Orbits

hello everybody welcome back to Planet X news it is July 29 2019 and folks the last couple of days we've had two very large asteroids that have flown by the earth within a lunar distance which is equivalent to approximately two hundred and thirty-eight thousand miles the distance between the Earth and the moon now these two large asteroids named 2019 o kay and 2019 od came very very close to the earth in their path now both of these asteroids were quite large we're going to go over the information on the 2019 ok asteroid which flew by the earth on July 25th 2019 that object belonged to the Apollo group of asteroids it was first discovered at an observatory in Brazil on the 24th of july 2019 so once again early detection of these large asteroids is failing because this asteroid had an estimated diameter of between 187 and 426 feet they label asteroids such as this 2019 okay as City killers meaning if it impacted anywhere near a city it would wipe it out completely now both of these asteroids came in at approximately forty three thousand miles to 45 thousand per hour which is very very fast if any of you know anything about kinetic energy well a space rock that is between 200 and 400 feet in diameter that impacts the earth at approximately 40,000 miles per hour well that kinetic energy would be absolutely devastating at the time of the actual sighting or the detection they make several observations during this time period they have a numerical system of labeling these asteroids from zero to nine nine being critical both of these asteroids had an uncertainty estimate that's the number I'm speaking of that uncertainty estimate was nine meaning they were very uncertain if that asteroid 2019 okay would impact the earth the same applied for the asteroid the day before on July 24th 2019 asteroid labeled 2019 od now you can clearly see with the diagrams in front of you showing you the orbit and the close call of both of these asteroids let's just face it folks either one of these asteroids if they would have impacted the earth would have been catastrophic if they were in any civilized areas meaning cities or states or countries it would have been absolutely devastating this is something that we have seen escalate since 2016 and you can see by the charts scrolling across your screen we've had some pretty active months over the past two years so folks let's think about what would actually happen if one of these large asteroids impacted our planet most of you would remember the asteroid meteor impact in Shelia blintz Russia in 2013 that was a small rock and it landed in a semi uninhabited area however you've all seen the videos it did some devastation it injured a lot of people it damaged over 1,500 buildings people were injured from spraying glass and debris from the from the impact now let's say for instance hypothetically this impact of a rock the size of one of these two asteroids impacted a city or in the middle of a country well let's think about this not only would we suffer the massive impact of that asteroid it would spew additional debris high very very high into the sky into the atmosphere that would be pieces of rock pieces of the asteroid and pieces of earth therefore they would continue to spray down upon the earth afterwards just think about the heat the amount of heat that kinetic energy and that explosion would generate and we also must think about what it would do to our upper atmosphere literally blocking out the Sun for who knows how long so monitoring these near-earth objects is something they we must continue to do and not take lightly in any way this is Scott from planet x news thank you for watching stay safe folks you

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20 thoughts on “2 Large Asteroids Barely Miss The Earth, Let's Take a Closer Look at their Orbits

  1. Do you have to put up with morons like ''Black Venom'' constantly? Why do they bother? Just go away and watch a toddlers program!

  2. They don't see these things as they are coming from the Planet X system. And the sun blinds the telescopes as they are coming from that direction.

  3. Nice computer graphic presentation and info. I wonder if my local weather person was aware of this ……..hmmmm….=D

  4. Last night I had a dream a huge asteroid hit the earth…. there was this huge painting of the sun and the earth… and a hand with the arm extended from the sum to the earth:.. right before the asteroid hit the earth the hand and arm disappeared… and someone screamed “The hand of god is gone” … and everyone looks and screams lol then the asteroid destroys everything… what a dream!!!

  5. The LORD, Has Just Said threw one of his true prophets..
    That soon, Asteroids, and Meteors, and falling Satellites,
    Would crash upon the earth..It's time..
    Prophecies are unfolding daily..
    Judgments are here, NOW!!

  6. this is what the NWO wants…they systematically wiped out any pockets of resistance after the last mudflood in 1812…real history .everything else is fabricated.

  7. If either one of those would have hit us anywhere even the ocean we would have gotten fuced up pretty good anywhere

  8. You (or your producer) have excellent technical skills. A shame you don't use them on something better than fear-porn. Usubbing.

  9. What part of the Earth was exposed to the asteroid at the time it would have impacted??? Just wondering???

  10. Scott, can you please look into the asteroid called Barcelona? I had a dream where i saw multiple huge asteroids falling from the sky and as i was coming awake i heard inside me the word Barcelona. At first i thought hmmm is God trying to tell me that Barcelona Spain will suffer devastation from an asteroid impact? But then i decided to google Barcelona asteroid and was SHOCKED to see it the actual name of an asteroid discovered in 1921! Ty Scott if u can look into this ! Love all your hard work much thanks and gratitude!

  11. A hit in the water would be far worst than on the ground.Humanity have to build a n omnidirectional radar array with stations at every Lagrange point.

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