2020 Nonrecurring Request: Facility Renovation for Water Research – $2M

2020 Nonrecurring Request: Facility Renovation for Water Research – $2M

[soft piano music, opening graphic of Clemson paw on orange background] [footage of John Long standing in field]
It would be very helpful for Clemson and Clemson
Extension and the researchers to help us understand more about our water use and water availability. We make a lot of decisions here that are five
and ten years down the road and if we can understand more about something as critical
as water, it would really help us a lot with those decisions. [Graphic appears on screen with b-roll of irrigating equipment behind it. It reads: Facility Renovation for Water Research $4M. Clemson PSA is requesting funding to complete renovation of a near-campus building where scientists will conduct water-related research in order to help farmers grow more food more efficiently and conserve the state’s water resources for generations to come. Invest in Clemson. Top Quality Education. Prepared Work Force. A Strong Economy. For a strong South Carolina.]

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