3 Tips To Respect Wildlife

3 Tips To Respect Wildlife

Do you know these 3 tips to Respect
Wildlife? 1. Observe Wildlife From a Distance Quick movements and loud noises
are stressful to wild animals and can cause them to change their behavior.
Avoid critical and sensitive habitats especially when animals are nesting and
rearing their young. You are too close if your presence or actions cause wildlife
to alter their normal habits. 2. Never Feed Wildlife Animals are skilled opportunists and when the offer of human food arises either intentionally or
inadvertently, they can overcome their natural wariness of humans. This can lead to food habituation and conditioning and human food is not nutritious for
wildlife, and can cause a variety of negative health impacts. 3. Store Food and Trash Securely Store food, trash and smellables, including toiletries in a secure place away from an animals. Animals will be attracted to anything smelly and
will eat waste such as plastic bags and food wrappers, which can become trapped and clog their digestive system. Together, we all can Respect Wildlife and Leave NoTrace!

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