30 gameplay details you’ll love | Planet Zoo

30 gameplay details you’ll love | Planet Zoo

what's up everybody its Caroline I'm Chris and today we're running you through 30 awesome gameplay details contained your planet zoo angriff it is nice to see that you dressed up for the occasion wait what dress up like for the video should you dress up for planet day apology what now the animals and the shelters and conservation No alright roll the thing my ears on number one every animal is unique in planet zoo even within the same species look closely enough and you'll see subtle differences in their appearance and personality number two planets Zoo has a campaign mode you play as a junior zookeeper working your way up to the top so if you're worried about your zoo management skills frontier has you covered just try and keep those animals safe okay number three don't like the structured approach sandbox mode gives you unlimited resources and complete creative freedom to build your dream zoo I'm gonna make mine on top of a giant staircase number four keep your beasties happy animals respond to the environment around them so it's important to recreate their natural habitat feed them the necessary nutrients give them things to play with and make sure they're in a safe social group animals need friends too you know five wondering how to keep tabs on your furry friends each animal has its own information menu detailing its age welfare nutrition social habitat and enrichment levels so you can see in real time just how well they're doing number six there are some things you can pick up from just observing the animals themselves if they're sick or injured they'll light down more whereas if they're stressed they'll try and hide away from the guests know how you feel number seven you can give your animals toys to increase their enrichment levels make a line happy by giving it a scratching Pole or maybe a bowl for the elephants to play around with number eight to really rake in those dollars visitors need to be looked after too this means ensuring they can navigate the zoo with ease refreshments are available they can't see zookeeper hearts and most importantly they have a good view of all the exciting animals number nine gas beats learn about the animals in your zoo for an enjoyable experience placing signs speakers and other educational devices near enclosures keep them informed and maybe you'll pick up a thing or two as well number 10 so where do you get your animal info well frontier has you covered as zoo staff will research your animals over time the information is then added to a zoo pedia just imagine your own personal wiki for animals number eleven each animal has its own bespoke set of animations meaning no two animals move or act in the same way with different ear flicks tail swishes and eye movement every experience is a new one cue the ear Flopsy flops number twelve hours upon hours of research went into studying each animal so they feel and move like real creatures for example the Indian pea fowl was animated down to the feather to capture its likeness I mean have you seen how many feathers its thing house full of feathers Jesus Christ thirty it wouldn't be a zoo with our whole load of animals and frontier has given us just that my personal favorites include the giant galapagos tortoise the african elephant and the ring-tailed lemur number fourteen planet zoo has greenhouses which means perfect temperatures for exotic creatures spiders and iguanas are the only ones confirmed so far but with a hole location specifically created for these tropical quick grits it looks more than likely we'll get more in the future fifteen you can build your zoo in various biomes around the planet each location has its own climate which impacts the animals in it so don't put an elephant in the Arctic without giving it a heat pad or at least a blanket number 16 speaking of weather sounds a tailor to reflect the environment for example if the location is hot you'll hear crickets if it's snowing the sounds will be muffled and if it rains the raindrops will sound different on every surface they hit number 17 in Planet Zoo the animals health will be affected by its gene pool much like in the real world traits such as appearance and life we'll be determined by the animals that are bred together so choose carefully number 18 animals will die in planet Zoo but it's okay as the new ones will be born as the older ones perish and thus the circle of life continues number 19 animals can live together if they have complementary behaviors for example zebras and black wildebeests alert one another when predators are near put them in the same enclosure and watch their enrichment levels grow just don't preserve resume with any lions we all know how that story ends number twenty trying to recreate an animal's natural habitat is hard but luckily your beasties will let you know if they're lacking anything they need as shown here by this percentage in the display tab number 21 since you can raise and lower terrain just like in planet coaster frontier gives animals a procedural animation system so they can move convincingly over most land formations you put in their way I've always wanted to see a rhino off a cliff 20 to our animal friends need time to rest make sure to place their bedding under cover so it doesn't get where no one wants a soggy bed 23 you can go inside buildings in Planet zoo access and interior annual see zookeepers preparing food for the animals and whatever else they do in their little huts number 24 each animal has its own dietary requirements the research that we mentioned earlier is key to discovering what works specifically for your animals and what doesn't all of this cost money so remember that when trying to turn a profit 25 you can use staff pass to keep your zookeeper separate from your guests allow for staff only areas and walkways between enclosures to maximize your zookeepers efficiency and keep the private areas hidden 26 transport rides can be used to shuttle guests around the zoo like in planet coaster you can decide where to put them the color and the look of vehicles and how much it costs to ride 27 sadly depending on the type of person you are IFS cute animals can't kill guests visitors will however become and happy and leave probably to do with their lives being threatened by man-eating cats or something number 28 animals can't fight each other in Planet Zoo for example West African lions will battle other males for dominance and mating rights with the females other animals may just not like each other and hash out their differences 29 if an animal is injured you'll see fully model wounds over time those wounds will develop into scars so it can let all the other animals know that they're not to be messed with number 30 there are two editions of Planet Zoo the standard edition comes with just the game while the deluxe edition comes with beta access wallpapers the soundtrack and three additional animals these are a pygmy hippopotamus a Thomson's gazelle an a komodo dragon so those are 30 gameplay details about satyrs ooh yeah if you liked the video remember to as ever if you die there's a thirty gameplay details about Planet this as ever if you enjoyed this video remember to subscribe to PC games n zebra that we call a zebra terrifying thank you so much for watching everybody I will see you next time really a zebra you

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10 thoughts on “30 gameplay details you’ll love | Planet Zoo

  1. 1. In the thumbnail of this video you have "Planet Zoo 30 new details", this is false advertising in the form of a misleading thumbnail thus it will be reported as such. Although new is a relative term the video from which you've extracted your information is about a month old; not new.
    2. What is a Betaraxces (7:07)?

  2. It looks like a 9 out of 10 game. And we all know where that last 1 went.
    Why wouldn't you have rampaging animals be allowed to kill the guests? Someone please give me a genuine, non-snowflake generation answer. Used to love that back in the day in Zoo Tycoon.

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