4th Of July Garden Tour p1 - Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 891

4th Of July Garden Tour p1 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 891

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20 thoughts on “4th Of July Garden Tour p1 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 891

  1. I saw a honey bee yesterday but it was on the patio struggling, but I haven’t seen any healthy ones ☹️my elephant ears are struggling this year. Mine have leafed out but have brown spots. Love the bee decor! 🐝 🐝

  2. I tried, planted my elephant ear then the dog dug it up when I wasn't around and ripped the bulb apart. haha Oh yes I know that website I wanted to buy my mom from trees for her front year. The kind that turn fire red in the fall. I planted a weeping willow years ago which was the only tree in here yard, ever. It didn't get protected for winter the first years so the trunk died and each year after it grew as a midget willow bush type LOL It finally died after about 15 years. The website is where I first saw the endless summer hydrangea variety. Found some at a local store and they didn't make it in my mom front yard north side facing next to the house.

  3. Thanks again for your tour ! The weather here sounds like ours here in MS. I've been working outside yesterday for most of the day and will be again today and the weekend. It's in the high 90's and muggy. I care for my daughter's animals, like ducks, chickens, quail, turkeys, rabbits, cats, and the garden. Flies , mosquitoes, squash bugs to deal with! Not fun! Trying to get out sooner today.

    Love you two!

  4. Lynn you would make a pretty coneflower! Milkweed is the bane of my existence! It grows thick out in my pasture and while I love the butterflys, I have an old horse, 27, who has developed a taste for them. And of course they are highly toxic. He makes himself pretty sick. I have a friend visiting from New York, she would like some of my iris's. Will they be alright if I dig them up now? They have just finished flowering.

  5. Having trouble with my peppers also. Not producing well.. but mine are up by my wall on my patio so they cant get wet unless I over water them.

  6. Here the Forsythia will flower on 2nd year’s growth, so if one cut it back you dont get the nice flowers.

  7. I have always let the common milkweed plants grow wherever Mother Nature planted them until this year, they're over abundant! You can't dig them out because the roots go quite deep and they will come up again in the same spot the following year. I've been selectively cutting off the tops (so they don't go to seed) however, guess what …they bush out and grow multiple tops, now that's one determined plant! I haven't seen any of the Monarch eggs or caterpillars yet but I'm hopeful they'll be here soon. You're gardens are very lush and lovely and those peppers will start growing as soon as the weather gets hot. I think Richard needs a platform type Fort on that tree stump after you cut it down, with his army of dwarf fruit trees all around! How fun would that be! Happy 4th of July to you both.

  8. re Dill, Im pleased to see you let the dill grow flower heads, for hoverflies and predatory wasps … though just a warning in general – Im about to make a video on the subject … some “umbrella flower” (Ombellifer) like Wild Parsnip, Fennel among others do have phototoxic compounds that could burn your skin like Giant Hogweed. Here a class from the school went on a field trip to the woods, and played all day having a good time … just one problem … the Wild Parsnips on the playground … children came home with blisters on their hands. I know how this hurt. Even the persley in our garden could cause problem if you are sensitive, just saying.
    So great you care for the bufferflies and kids around. Native and local plants should find new homes in our gardens. I call it my own Rewild project here. Thanks for the hospitality 👍🌻🌻

  9. Happy 4th🇺🇸 The ruckus has finally died down. Spangle is so cute! I LOVE your Liberty Garden! I am doing that with my circle garden. I found my Butterfly weed seeds and I planted many. I even planted about (6) types de tomatoes: (2) grape tomatoes-Jellybean and Pandorino, Sungold, Super Sweet, Sweet 100. I am going to transplant them all behind a fence near our back deck. I moved Gertrude Jekyll rose out and she is sitting in my foot bath bucket. She deserves more sun and deeper soil. Her roots bent at 90 degrees bc de how shallow our back/southern garden area is. If you are familiar with these tomatoes please comment and advise. There is always so much anxiety around fireworks display decisions. Sea Holly is a plant that I've been meaning to get. I'm happy to know that it is open pollinated. This would be a good color to add to my overly white, Buckwheat with newly added Yellow Mighty Mustard circle garden. Peppers lke a lot de sun. Lamb's Ear is one of my best honeybee pollinators. Borage is the other. Medic was but it has dried. 10:48 looks like Queen Anne's Lace which i have growing in my back around Swamp Milkweed and covering my English rose Tranquility. I found wild Senna in my front garden growing near Mullein and Swamp Milkweed. I also like the the unique leaves. I didn't know the name de this plant until you mentioned it. must've come up when I dug deep removing some alfalfa roots. Monarda does well in our acid soils. I love to watch it sway in the wind. Monarda/Bee Balm is a mint. I advise ppl plant it in a "Geopot". must've transplanted it in a Geopot bc it is a I found this beautiful round mass. I also grow Lemon Balm in Geopots for the same reason. The purple is probably Purple Loosestrife. My Alexander Loosestrife has similar flowers in yellow. Purple Loosestrife is beautiful. It is ridiculous that many areas ban it, smh. I gave away a Common Milkweed that grew over into my nbr's yard. The gardener was happy to get it and she ordered the garden markers. She will be happy to get those too. They are and investment and they honor each plant. BabyCake is a nice contained Blackberry and Raspberry. Get some Borage and you will see and have a honeybee factory. They also love Buckwheat so I see them ALL day EVERYDAY. Oh! Is that what that's called "Deadly Nightshade"! It leaves an awful smell on the fingers. I despise the vine and feel sorry bc it makes a berry that my birds will miss. Oh! Belladonna is used in several GI suppositories. I do like when it germinates in with my seedlings bc I can pull it up out of Johnny's cheap (72) cell flats. It makes a nice pull up handle so does Crabgrass:-) I always told mom when the Hosta blossoms summer is over:-) Our Hosta has its purple blossoms. Oh! We'd love to meet your son. The Bugbane looks like Gooseneck Loosestrife. that plant gave my fellow gardener a fit. Thank you for sharing your fruit tree contact! Your sign is a must. Too bad I didn't touch my Bitter Dock when I pulled it out. I have dock growing ALL over my yard. It is an indication de swamp area. I wonder if it was an indication for old timers for where the well was located? The lil bees are cute. I'm sleepy so I'll say Cheerio as Vivi in England says:-) YouTube de Hollyhocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8aOjdtchuU I have germinated many and they love my acid soil!

  10. Another great tour as always! How long have you had the Wild Senna? Seems like it's the first time I'm seeing it. I planted 2 plants of it about a month ago. Mine are nowhere near as large as yours, (only about a foot tall). I'm exited about it though because it's supposed to be a great pollinator plant. Actually my variety turned out to be a Senna Marilandica which has slight differences to Wild Senna. The native plant nursery had both varieties and I didn't even notice they had the two varieties till latter on. The basic leaf structure of both plants seem to be the same.

  11. Happy 4th of July guys, hope you had a great day. 🇺🇸. Love your shirt Lynn! Think I am going to love my Root Assassin shovel! 👍👍

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