5 Best Vegetables for Your Edible Container Garden

5 Best Vegetables for Your Edible Container Garden

welcome to California gardening in
today's episode we look at five vegetables that you can easily grow in
containers in your home garden let's begin with tomatoes one of the most
grown vegetables by the home gardener tomatoes are extremely easy to grow in
containers it is recommended that you choose determinate tomato varieties when
you're growing tomatoes in containers or even like this super dwarf tomato
variety and while tomatoes grown in raised beds or in the ground can give
you more Tomatoes there are some varieties of tomatoes that are
absolutely great to grow in containers and will give you enough Tomatoes even
though you're growing them in a small space and you can also grow some
heirloom tomato varieties easily in containers to get delicious Tomatoes
right in your home garden when growing in containers make sure that you add
enough fertilizer for your tomato plants to grow and thrive garlic the next
vegetable that you can easily grow in containers we have grown around 20 to 25
garlic bulbs in this whisky barrel container as you can see here and you
can go with smaller containers as well you can grow varieties like the elephant
garlic in containers these are huge garlic bulbs that will give you a lot of
garlic once you grow garlic in containers you can harvest them and dry
them and they are absolutely easy to grow in containers and as you can see
here in whiskey barrel containers like these you can grow a lot of garlic and
garlic can also be planted close to each other to get a good harvest carrots can
also be very easily grown in containers we have grown carrots and extremely
small containers try to use containers that are deeper rather than wider for
growing carrots and you can get great quality carrots as you can see here even
with smaller size containers you can grow some interesting varieties like
this purple carrot or even other carrot varieties and if you get smaller carrots
from your harvest don't worry because these are still organically grown
carrots and they're fresh delicious and free of pesticides and chemicals so keep
growing carrots and containers and moving on to radish radish can
easily be grown in extremely small containers choose early maturing radish
varieties like the scarlet globe which you can grow in very small containers it
will give you a great harvest even if you don't have a lot of space and the
harvest look great if you sow your radish seeds close to each other you
will get radish that's not so large however if you use separate containers
or larger containers or sow your radish seeds farther you will get bigger radish
roots as you can see here and you can also start radish seedlings in seed
starting cells as you can see here and then transplant them into containers and
they grow great you can even use whiskey barrel sized containers to grow larger
radish varieties like the daikon radish or the minowase radish and the
really large roots if the container is large and as you can see here the
harvest looks great they are quite large roots so whether you're growing early
maturing radish varieties like the scarlet globe or the longer maturing ones
like this icon or the minowase you will get a great harvest when growing
radish in containers the fifth easiest vegetable to grow in containers are
peppers and you can grow multiple pepper varieties in the same container we have
been growing varieties like the green bell pepper the large ones as well like
the Big Bertha the yellow peppers as you can see here very easy to grow them in
containers as well as some interesting varieties like the purple pepper or the
chocolate pepper you can transplant your pepper plants as you can see here into
larger containers or you can even plant two pepper plants these are the poblano
peppers into a larger whiskey barrel sized container growing hot peppers is
also extremely easy peppers like cayenne pepper or one of our favorites the Thai
chili pepper which is a very hot pepper variety can easily be grown in 12 inch
or 16 inch containers and you can get great harvests from just
a small container peppers grow very well in small containers as you can see here
and you can grow a lot of pepper varieties and harvest really large
peppers even when growing in smaller containers so do give it a shot try to
grow peppers in containers and you won't be disappointed so there we have it
folks do let us know what vegetables you love to grow in containers put in a
comment below and if you like this video do give it a thumbs up we'll see you
again soon happy gardening

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33 thoughts on “5 Best Vegetables for Your Edible Container Garden

  1. I enjoy planting in raised beds, but I also like planting in individual containers as well. I never plant daikon radish in container. I probably should try it this winter. Thanks for the video.

  2. I love your garden,i wish i walk everyday inside your garden and grab some fresh veggies and fruits.🤣

  3. Do one on California Mangoes and get a billion views. They grow all over the bay area,inland in the valley if protected and of course all over southern cal now.

  4. Thanks for the video!!
    Quick question, My early girl tomatos are like muchy inside, I dont know if I'm doing something wrong, please help!!!!!

  5. I was just watching older videos from you the other day. I was wondering if you had any updates on your pineapple. I harvested two last month and two this month. I could have had more but somebody stole some of my plants, could you believe that? The whole plants! I put the rest somewhere people can't see them from the street now, so as not to tempt sticky fingers.

  6. Hello sir , My drumstick tree flowers are falling down not getting drumsticks don’t know why? It’s 5 years old . Watering and fertilizing really good. Can you please advise? Thank you

  7. Hello. I watch your channel regularly and it’s great inspiration to do gardening. Thanks. Also I am looking for pennywort or gotu kola plant. It will be great , if you can share video of it. How to get the plant and grow it. Thanks again.

  8. I want to grow long green chilli pepper to make pakora( the one we buy from indian store)but i am having hard time finding that specific plant i don't know the name or variety of pepper. can you plz help Me?

  9. Still learning radishes! Glad to see I can transplant! First year growing daikon radish and they came out small

  10. I am growing an Early Girl tomato, cilantro, dwarf nasturtiums, a couple of bell pepper plants, onions, and cucumbers in my fabric pot containers. This is the first time I am using the fabric pots; but, not the first time I have grown veggies in containers. So far, the plants seem to be doing okay. They have been in the containers since early June. I have seen some insect damage on the leaves; but, haven't been able to see the insects that are causing the damage.

  11. I love my chilli pepper thats growing in a pot….thank you for your video it was so helpful…now to go plant some tomatoes lol

  12. i saw a ghost red pepper plant that i bought at walmart! have you ever grown a ghost red pepper plant? https://bonnieplants.com/product/red-bhut-jolokia-ghost-pepper/ here it is!

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