6 Ways to Change a Toxic or Hostile Work Environment

6 Ways to Change a Toxic or Hostile Work Environment

it is well known the toxic work environments cause high turnover but what's not well-known is that the people leaving your organization are seldom the toxic ones allow a toxic work environment and you can say goodbye to your top performers because these employees have the greatest number of viable alternatives and they are the ones that feel life is way too short to work with jerks if you found yourself in a toxic and work environment whether you're an employee a manager or even an executive there are a few things you can do to turn around the work environment first deal with the real problem the toxic individuals boss needs to tell the toxic carrier that if they do not change they won't be able to continue working for your organization if the person is terminated because they did not change the entire organization will be more motivated to follow a leader to have the guts to do the right thing second hire an executive coach when someone has been allowed to negatively impact an entire work group or culture it's difficult for them to change their communication and their leadership style most often they're going to need help in developing strategies and actions to successfully make this turnaround third set a specific timeframe for the change when you are clear and you stick to that timeframe the change most likely it's going to be successful sometimes the toxic individual quickly changes and exhibits new behaviors sometimes they actually leave claiming that they can't work in this new environment and sometimes they end up getting fired fourth tell the truth very seldom have I seen a toxic person quit on their own the toxic contributor needs to hear the truth and know that changing their demeanor and approach is now condition of their employment fifth conduct an employee opinion survey if you are unsure about the top two contributors locations an employee opinion survey that breaks the data down by leader by department or by branch we'll give you a strong indicator of employee satisfaction at different levels and areas of your organization and finally utilize a leadership 360 development assessment many times toxic environments are exposed after an organization is conducted and employee engagement survey although employee surveys provide feedback by leader department or branch they're usually not a big enough motivator to get a toxic leader to change their ways a leadership development assessment has a much stronger chance and success in providing specific feedback that's going to motivate this leader to create an action plan and change even if you don't create the toxic work environment you still can be a part of the antidote if you found this video to be valuable subscribe to our Channel and sign up for our newsletters

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14 thoughts on “6 Ways to Change a Toxic or Hostile Work Environment

  1. I'm a gay guy. I don't flaunt it at work but I'm in my 50s and never been married so everyone figures it out. A few guys are constantly making very crude remarks. Such as …
    How many dicks did you suck this weekend?
    Suck a dick.
    And other extremely humiliating things.
    I've tried all the things this guy said but it doesn't stop. They occasionally say it in front if other people.
    My work environment is extremely toxic.

  2. #1 is ok if the manager will actually sit the guy down and talk to them. I'm a supervisor in my warehouse & I've talked with the problem guy, written the him up & talked with my ops manager about him but no action is taken. Bad attitude guy is getting worse, hostile insubordination at least 3 times a week and he's allowed to continue. What good is writing someone up if my manager won't follow through & send it on to HR? I'm gonna look for another job. It's not worth the stress.

  3. Do an anonymous survey that just asks who respectful and mentally healthy they believe the work environment is. Don't ask for names. Then work make general rules about behavior and general announcements without getting into individuals. Later if necessary start removing those who can't adhere to ethical and professional standards. If your senior is responsible for the toxicity then it isn't your responsibility to change the place and you should move on. This advice is for seniors or owners who wish to save their team, organization or business.

  4. The director is the disrupter, making me into a monster because of favoritism . A corporate psychopath that I’m trapped with.

  5. This assumes there's only one toxic person and not many including at the very top.

    One toxic person isn't a toxic work environment per se. It's a single bully. A toxic work environment is more complex than that. It's where things are culturally bad across the board.

  6. None of this works if 1. you don't have the power to make any of this happen or 2. the boss is the toxic person.

  7. DAVITA in Salinas, CA needs to watch this working there is a living hell, especially when your not part of their click.

  8. What if you became toxic and you didn't realise you were. You were really positive when you started and became toxic due to conflict that created low self esteem and depression. I ended going crazy and moving sure it wasn't the best course of action should have dealt with the conflict. Great information.

  9. What if the toxic person is the boss? I always hear that if the boss is horrible you should leave. However, that does not fix anything. The toxic boss is still there.

  10. What if a said contract worker is dealing with a permanent toxic employee? Then the result of discussing the concern with your project manager gets you fired with other concerned contracted employees. What does this action say about the employer?

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