7 Things YOU Missed Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

7 Things YOU Missed Lil Dicky – Earth (Official Music Video)

earth breakdown cause some more about that the mastermind behind it please say hello to little deke everybody do you want to win any of these items on your screen if so be sure to watch the whole video leave a like and comment they hit a message and with that being said let's get right into the video well deke just released a new song with appearances from numerous celebrities advocating for our planet this video is full of hidden meanings of things that are easy to miss so be sure to like the video and subscribe the king trending number seven I'm a human it's so nice to meet you I can't believe this is how you meet people yeah this is the first time we've ever met right here rappers are known for starting out songs and rather unique ways and little dickie starts off the main track for earth in a rather interesting way because instead of heading straight into the lyrics you decide to go off in a different direction what's up world it's your boy it's one of the guys down here well I could be more specific I'm a human and I just wanted to you know for the sake of all of us Earthlings out there just want to say and he goes on to talk about how much he loves the earth which I'll get to in a bit but let us focus on what he had to say in the intro shall we what gets lost in our everyday lives at times is that we are human and just one of the eight billion give or take and Lowell dick he stated it pretty well when he said just one of the guys down here but why is that so important well it's because our world is both incredibly big and incredibly small but that I mean that we live in a literal massive world but when it comes to our lives we choose oftentimes to live within a small bubble of that world true some of it is required like when you're young and you don't have the power to go outside of where your family keeps you but when you're older you either choose to go out there and expand your horizons or you don't what's more sometimes we're so focused on ourselves that we don't realize who and what we are in comparison to everyone else on the planet again we are one of billions which means that there are some people out there right now who are going through the same things that you're going through and if you were to meet them and get to know them your world expands greatly sure not everyone will be able to expand their worlds in significant ways but there are little ways to do that and that's why little Dicky noted that he's just one guy because he knows that despite the fame and fortune he has it takes more than just one person to make a difference in the world more often than not one first thing can make a change but it takes multiple people to start a revolution which is kind of what he's asking for here which you'll not only notice in the lyrics of earth but in the music before the song starts number six the earth is in danger 30 times over yeah there's an environmental crisis going on right now so allow me to make a complete blunt statement to you all right now are you ready our earth sucks a lot of the time I open and give you any whiplash with that statement but you know it's true and so does little Dicky because instead of just going into the lyrics of the song like most people do in music videos he decides to paint a very real picture what earth is like at times the hot mess full of danger both inside and out he started with the environmental dangers that a world is in sight in the California wildfires that have already done tons of damage to the state and its lands which is only bolstered by the drought that the state has been on off for years California is supposed to be a place where he can relax and enjoy paradise according to the commercials but little dickie knows better and as do most Californians moving on what's worse than environmental dangers easy the people little dickie hasn't seen an active where people are incredibly rude to one another for little reason and then a group of kids who can't be older than ten decide to be incredibly disrespectful to not only each other but two little dickie when he shows up in the video now you might think that this scene with the kids is just a portrayal of what might happen in the real world but that's not the case trust me when I say the young generation has lots of groups like these kids they don't care about the rules they don't care about respect and decency they all assault someone multiple times their age just because they want to and that's just the kids think about all the adults that have caused all sorts of pain in our world such as the world leader is the CEO companies the people who take people's money by fraud who drink and drive and take lives and it goes on and on there's a plethora of examples of just how messed up our world is which is why little Dicky starts off the music video this way he wants you to see the darkness before you can embrace what we need to do in order to make things right because number five we love the world the more the song is streamed and interacted with the more money we raise for charity so let's save the earth despite this being a rap song with some very on-the-nose rap style lyrics earth is very much about well earth it's meant to be an awareness song for what is happening in a world and how we need to change it and the reason we need to change it is because we love the earth it's our planet we love the earth it's our home we love the earth it's our planet we love the earth it's our home it may sound cliche to say that love is the reason that we need to fix our planet but can you think of a better reason to try and fix it because the human race has known for while that the earth is slowly dying because of trash climate change and overpopulation and yet only a few select people are actually doing anything about it via the need to save it so maybe it's indeed love that will push us to be the saviors that it needs because for however dark and damaged the world and its people are there's also no doubt in anyone's mind that the world is still a beautiful place and that its people can sometimes be incredibly kind and compassionate a great example this is Game of Thrones which is in its last season right now on HBO the cast the crew laminated departing this show because they're going to miss everyone but also they're going to miss all the sights and sounds and places that they've visited like Iceland and Spain and Belfast Ireland and more they traveled the world for the show and they've seen so many beautiful things that they may want to go visit them because of Game of Thrones as you can see there are many reasons to truly love the earth the only question here is are you going to be able to channel that love to try make the world a better place because that's what little dickie wants you to do number four the cameos Justin Bieber's easily one of the most unique things on earth is the celebrity and sneer cameos that pop in and out during the track by their count there's about thirty different celebrities and singers who make an appearance and this is where the rap style of the track comes in because many of the cameos are tailored in regards to their lyrics and appearances in the music video as being similar to their personalities and songs some examples include ariana grande hey I'm a zebra no one knows what I do but I look pretty cool am i white or black hazely I'm a lion cub and I'm always getting licked yeah here are some appointment ones as for how they relate to one another I'll break it down for Grande she's clearly having fun here as she plays as a zebra which is a reference to house she doesn't see color in people at times because of her style of music some consider her black even though she's white as for Haley she's playing around for noting how cats lick themselves some other highlights for the cameos in the video include Katy Perry and I'm a pony just a freaking horse hee hee but uh come on Gahan yeah giddy up let's ride ed sheeran I'm a koala and I sleep all the time so one it's cute Joel and Ben we love you Africa analyst goes on and on for a while you want to give yourself a challenge watch the music video or listen to the song without seeing the full her exceed and you'll be able to pick out all the voices then look at the lyrics and see if you got them all right trust me there's some surprises in there now for a historical thing the song is very much like another plan awareness song and that happened back in 1985 when Michael Jackson and Leon Ricci and a plethora of other celebrities made we are the world which was meant to show that we are one planet unified by many things and that is that unity should be able to help make sure we protect our world 34 years later and another take on it has been done and it's appreciated number three is this the real life we have 12 years to completely change the way we do so many things on earth where the damage is irreversible after the massive set of cameos little dickie comes back and brings the focus onto where we need to think about our planet and how to make it better and he fully admits that despite him being on earth for a while he's 31 years old and he still doesn't know what's going on in most of our world most of the time I've trudged the earth for so damn long it's still don't know what's going on I hope it's not a simulation huh give each other names like I'm Adam Petro and yeah we like to wear clothes girls still look beautiful but these days it's like we don't know how to act all these shootings pollutions we under attack on ourselves so what we got this land for what we got a stand for love and we love the earth the earth if you're curious about the simulation line that's a call up to how there's a theory in the world that we actually live inside of a computer program or for you movie nerds we're actually in the matrix and believe it or not there's a large group of people who truly think that we're based on certain things that the earth has done over the years and as well as its people so he's hoping that this isn't the case because he wants to know that he used his own person then he calls out all the tragedies and destruction that we humans have wrecked upon ourselves in the world all the school attacks the massive pollution that fills our lands and waters and the destruction that habit has to destroy many animal lives and so much more it's all too easy to get consumed with your own life and not understand the consequences of their actions which is why little Dicky is asking us to come together and the bond of love and try to make our world a better place one day at a time which is also why he sings out hey Russia we're cool hey Asia all of you come on every one of you from the plains to the Sahara let's come together and lift little Dickies American and at present the United States has a tense relationship with Russia and China but he's calling them out because he knows in the grand scheme of things that it really doesn't matter doesn't matter of political affiliations or how much money the country owes to the other it doesn't matter if you live in a major metropolis or you're trying to survive in a desert we're all bound by one universal fact we live on this earth and it's our job our duty our purpose to live on a serf and leave it a better place for those who come after us even if they don't appreciate it at first number two the Disney effect a quick note on the music video you might be wondering why the very animated lock something that might come from Disney / pixar's or DreamWorks or what not well it's all about the effects that these kind of movies and shows have on us sure would have been cheaper just to do a thing with all the singers coming together like we are the world did a long time back but this it's special and unique and they get to have a little fun and make their cameos more than just cameos it don't speak to both adults and kids though obviously there's some explicit language in the song because of the very visual nature so if you want to appeal to people you need to do it on the level that they'll all understand and this does that number one the final cameo there are many cameos on earth but at the end of the extended version of the song we get a cameo from the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio who stalks his little dickie about the preservation of the world and so little dickie decides the outro it – guys everybody look into whatever the Leonardo DiCaprio is always pushing cuz I feel that guy knows more about the earth and how we're fucking up than anybody if the aliens do come we should definitely send Leo as a guy I will rap in fact the profits that come along with the streams and the sales of the song are going right into the yard let's raise some money for charity any Wars Leo this might be my favorite song ever it's awesome if you're curious as to why Leonardo DiCaprio is the focus of the final cameo that would be because he spent much of his adult life trying to save the earth he's done movies that I prove that the earth is changing for the worse and he's even made foundations and charities that try and save the planet so who's better than and earth than him himself and it says a lot that lil dick he's dedicating the money from the streams and such back into the earth because he's going to get a ton of money and attention for this video and this generosity proves that it's just more than just a song to him it's a promise that he wants to do more so what did you guys think of this breakdown of Earth by little Dicky and his plethora of friends do you agree that this was one of the more unique rap songs out there in the world right now also who was your favorite cameo on the track and what was your favorite set of lyrics let me know what you think in the comments down below be sure to subscribe and I'll see you next time on King trending a simple reminder on how to enter our brand new giveaway we will be giving away either an iPhone smacks the new iPad Mini or a MacBook Pro it's really your choice so be sure to leave a like come at the keyword subscribe and turn on notifications to enter the giveaway it's really that simple go forth

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