9 Parks In 1 Day Theme Park Challenge!! | Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens & More!!

9 Parks In 1 Day Theme Park Challenge!! | Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens & More!!

good morning everybody from Busch Gardens Florida we're here bright and early really rose dropping as soon as the park opens we're gonna run in and ride one ride because we have something very special for you guys today there are nine major theme parks in the Central Florida area we're gonna try to go to all nine today 9 Park challenge yeah I think we can so we got just one rule and that is to go into the park and ride one ride it can be any ride it doesn't have to be a major attraction just has to be a ride and that's what we're gonna try to do got the GoPro for the places that we can film and I'll try to figure out something else for the ones that we can't film on but Busch Gardens Legoland SeaWorld Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Animal Kingdom Disney's Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and then we're gonna end it up yeah because Epcot closes the latest hopefully we make it let's see what we can do keep your fingers crossed for us wish us luck but I think we can do it yeah let's do it we're gonna go ride I think cheetah hunting first I think that's gonna be our very first ride and it's very cold it is freezing let's do it let's ride Cheetah Hunt hopefully this will be the longest wait of the day 20 minutes for them to open we are officially inside of Busch Gardens and we found out why there's so many people here I guess the lead singer from Herman's Hermits is singing today so Herman's Hermits that's what I said no herman's hermits the lead singer of Herman's Hermits is here to playing today oh it says mermaid it's a giraffe spirit jersey how much are these they're 50 bucks you got giraffe flamingos mermaid oh no there's my shadow and then what's the last one elephants not just one elephant elephants just a few more minutes and then we can go past this area right here we're gonna say something paternal we're in we're headed towards cheetah top number one Cheetah Hunt first Friday how about a little calming music instead of the screaming number one oh there we are I know it says photo ki all over it but that's us now we're leaving this park and we're gonna head over to Legoland and I wanted to let you guys oh go ahead what's gonna say it's been about an hour yeah you guys maybe have time and why we're only doing one ride also I wanted to let you guys know I know that some of you guys prefer to have no music over top of the roller coasters little girl behind us was screaming at the top of robot leg shrieking yeah co-leader Busch Gardens we're off Legoland here we come almost to Legoland I think that this is gonna be the hardest part of this whole challenge as all the driving that we have to do yeah like getting in and riding the rides is not hard unless there's a long wait but the actual driving to the various locations is gonna be difficult well and making it there on time and in enough time to complete the challenge right because we still have eight more works to go to so we didn't want to tell you guys that we are passing the time in this very long drive by we're listening to these slash films daily podcast so I just wanted to say shout out to Peter yeah thanks for entertaining us on this long drive appreciate you we've made it Legoland alright so we're driving in right now and we were just kind of looking and I know it's a little bit hard to see over there but I think we may be the only people here today there was a truck that's like going in right ahead of us but I think it's gonna be us in that truck what if they want to ride the same ride that we want to ride I just don't understand how I can get so many things wrong all the time because I literally looked on the website what are the hours for Wednesday and it was like they're open from 10:00 until 6:00 and now it's closed if you look at the website today the day of it says park is closed water park is closed but because we looked at the calendar part of the website maybe that was the problem no this is just like wasting some of my time well that's we're going up to the gate just all I can see that it's closed the gates are down okay so I guess we're gonna turn this into an eight Park challenge yeah you don't we might try to do depending on what time we get done with Epcot now that we're not going to Legoland maybe we can try to go to fun fun I don't think we could do that later I think fun spots open later the Muslims okay oh look look on the will look on the website you guys don't know how bummed I am right now like I'm so angry with myself really because apparently I looked up the wrong day or something because Wednesday's are closed for this whole month so all we had to do is wait one more day and we probably would have been able to complete this challenge we're gonna go to the rest of the parks today but like just angry with myself but it's okay we're still gonna we're starting to try for the eighth perk challenge and in all reality we made it here if we were able to be inside of the park we would have ridden the ride by now because right no one here so I think we would have completed it had they been open you know what I mean no but like it just think is like this is literally the second Park that we went to and we've already failed like I still think we should go for the eight Park challenge we can if we can throw in fun spot at the end perfect all right but the day is not solely like done yet you know what I mean like it's not it's not like wasted we're still gonna have a good day we're still gonna go to like six more parks yeah yeah should we doing it let's do it okay I figured out what went wrong what there wasn't a moose out front to tell me that it was closed how am I supposed to know that it was closed if there's not a moose out front to tell me stop number three SeaWorld Orlando here we are you know what because we're at SeaWorld I think we should ride a little bit further back ride normally we just ride the first ride within the park which is Manta all right Mako is it's makeup oh no I want to ride Mako huh okay good news about this park it's it's open oh yeah there are people inside of this one so we're doing it we're back on track we are officially inside of SeaWorld let's park number three sort of right really Park number two that we're actually inside a third one that we visited today well let's do it let's go right make up on the way over to Mako we stopped by the pretzel stand and look at this you can get like an assortment of a fruit inside of a holdout pineapple it's really interesting here we are at Mako let's get on it's gonna be fun that's what we're getting ready to go on we did it that was t world now we're gonna run and the next stop is Universal solo seats on that city walk real quick that'll be like on the way in and I think that was probably our last roller coaster a big roller coaster for the day there might be a few roller coasters at Disney but we're not going for thrill factor we're just going for a ride so I think like at Islands we're probably gonna ride Cat in the Hat what's your limit what's your like max roller coaster limit birthday let me know in the comments below All Right see you later SeaWorld or off to Universal here we are theme park number I think this is gonna be number four three three ports whichever from the ditch we're at Universal and islands of adventure moving one Lewis it is approaching that was our first ride we did it we rolled on the moving walkway Yeah right I don't know is that a rock we're gonna go ride Cat in the Hat and I haven't figured out what we're riding over and Universal but it's gonna be fun eg alrighty Pete alright let's do it there's notice you guys have troll beanies how much fun are those princess poppy and branch nice soon Mardi Gras will be here epic music been silenced princess poppy doing a meet-and-greet out here where she is we've got no time for meet and greets only time for et and eats that's because we're gonna eat later oh I'm Steven Spielberg my steez will be making her three million light your journey on these bikes but don't worry you don't have to peddle the only thing I was worried I'm supposed to mention the smell inside of this cue but it hasn't been the same since they refurbished it he's my favorite the Penguins of Madagascar are out meetin and greetin so now we need to head over that check this out again like a pompadour now let's head over to islands of adventure we got a ride that we can ride over islands of adventure in Hogwarts Express right yeah this is a 15 minute wait for hunger to Express you probably get over there faster if we walk but bonus right right for to make up for Legoland this had better be expressing we're in islands of adventure but he's got a right one right here and darkness we just try to ride one right here and then we can head over to Disney it will be on the home stretch no once we ride this ride we will be half way a little bit over halfway through this is Fanta here's our ride in this Park the Amazing Adventures of spider-man only a five-minute wait a sec know what spider-man nearby trouble can't be far away no fire we finished our ride at Islands Adventure now we're going to go get something to eat for real this time and then we just got Disney and maybe let's do it hey hey I know a girl from there officially out of Universal NCD walk now she's gonna grab a bite to eat then off to Disney I think I think exact same thing that I just had in the last clip but I was if we were inside of Islands now we're out in City walks it's different so no we were so hungry we just ate we didn't even show it you didn't even wait for me no we're at breadbox with sandwiches falling I think so I think the only thing that gives it a run for its money is right oven we are at Disney's Animal Kingdom we are on the final stretch we've only got four or five places to go depending on where we end up I think we are aiming for doing five more now so we are at the halfway almost halfway point it is now four o'clock 4:15 so we've been at this since 10:00 a.m. is when we walk 12 9:30 no we left the house and 7:00 a.m. gotta get to Busch Gardens yeah but I will say this even though we technically like failed within the first couple of hours but we're still gonna try to succeed by getting in that last because there's another idea that we have that might work yeah I would say try something like this if you have like if you're looking for something fun to do well if you have annual passes oh yeah because otherwise this would be ridiculously expensive no you're right yeah we have annual passes to every park but if that's something that you have I would try it even the four park Disney challenge like this I'm having fun yeah I think honestly this is a good time I am worn out too though but we've walked like so far I feel great oh I'm pretty fired let's go right over it we're inside Animal Kingdom oh no it's the Tree of Life and it moves us all is that raised all right everybody was wondering where I got Jen's rose-gold ears it was right here from the Riverside Depot in Animal Kingdom they're not here now but that's where I got them look look it's the same shape as the mountain here's alright Expedition Everest and we've got fast passes we're on Expedition Everest we're doing it here's the worst part that's so beautiful and now we relax oh look hey mr. Yeti no wait what are you doing oh dang it we used to be friends I guess I guess we're friends again I'm missing Yeti I touched his head I feel like we just high-fived each other totally when we came into the light there was just a Yeti here like in our place I wish I was really good at like I'm terrible a computer graphic but it was good it is definitely way busier here than it was at Universal or C World War Busch Gardens or heck even Legoland nobody was there was closed on the way out of Animal Kingdom thumper is out here doing meet-and-greets this is amazing I wish we had more time to see thumper but I don't Brer Rabbit is out look at that that's amazing we are out of animal kingdom now we are headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios got a fast pass for Star Tours let's do it is your friend if you're trying to complete this challenge also if you know how to do it too because a lot of people like wait how did you get a fast pass at Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios if you had to get it use it at Animal Kingdom and then as soon as you use it you can make another fast pass for any other part yeah you only booked one yeah so that's what we did we both Expedition Everest then used it and is while we're in line I'm like get the fast pass for Star Tours so once we get over to Hollywood Studios and we get in line for Star Tours I'll make a fast pass for somewhere else but also I do think we're getting kind of lucky with this trip too yeah I really do I think we picked a really good day for crowds any except for not a good day for Legoland okay we have it we have a thing we're going to do to make up for that oh yeah here we are at Disney's Hollywood Studios walking in run back to Star Tours back out to the car off to magic ink it's a fun eventful day that's what it's like I feel like we're doing really good I don't jinx us but I also think we're doing very good it's almost 5:30 so we've got until 8 o'clock for Magic Kingdom and then nine o'clock for Epcot and then one more special and more special to try to do that I think we can do Darth Vader and kylo Ren are both out attacking children were waiting to get into Star Tours I don't know what's going on somebody didn't make a pass pass and they're just trying to get in it's so nice of Darth Vader to like wait to attack the child well know what's going on here we're like way back here my galaxies edge coming to a theme park near you we just finished Star Tours we are now outside of Disney's Hollywood Studios made a fast pass for Pirates of the Caribbean which is like unheard of yeah I mean it's like 5:30 right now what time is it actually 5:35 almost 6:00 5:50 right now and we were able to get a fast pass for migrants you know what in like 20 minutes you know what I did also see when I was making poses what Peter Pan so it's like too late how do you work in with our plans because we still got to get out to transportation and tickets enter Magic Kingdom were almost done well it's the ferryboat ride I mean maybe I guess it's a mode of transport yeah feel like that would be our ride to the Magic Kingdom then we just turn around well no we got fast passes for Pirates of the Caribbean oh that's true you guys were saying in the video where we had our most of our most favorite tie in the Magic Kingdom and I'll link that video in the corner up here but somebody was saying why didn't you guys write pirates and we actually did ride pirates but I had to cut all of that footage out I did about who's messing with the camera settings and I shouldn't have been but it wasn't even just that it was there was so much fog and smoke on the side of the ride it was bizarre you couldn't see anything like you know the one scene where there's that big ship and they're like doing the cannons and everything you could not see it through the fog yeah it was pretty nice first ride of the day well first write of this park I guess like 8th right of the day ferryboat or in the Magic Kingdom listening to Woody's roundup headed to pirates and we are running late for now we might miss our friend we're doing it though we're making it right now it's 6:40 and our Fast Pass ends at 6:45 Jim whaling on the piano so after the DVC party we found out that possibly this construction here is for a club 33 or the club 33 a chapter that will be here at Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean I think we made it I made it five minutes past our Fast Pass end point we should be okay let's see let's see if it works big money no whammies yeah we did it we were on Pirates of the Caribbean because I got soaked last time we rode this I get scared of every cannonball blast huh what if this whole time when they were asking to the red head they were asking about this yeah inside the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop I never noticed that you could see into the thing where they turn the kids into pirates so if you like you know how they have bibbidi-bobbidi-boo to turn the princesses they have this like pirate thing the saddest ruse that ever sailed away from the Magic Kingdom not to worry though is we are still on our way to a cod welcome to Epcot ball but we're here we've got one Fast Pass for spaceship earth and we're gonna make it I like how you go about three a lot of people nobody actually mentioned this but I thought it was so funny and I thought for sure people were gonna make fun of you for it I was like yeah I was I was so here for it and nobody said anything in the Polynesian video I walked into the DVC pool as the Oasis pool and there were three a solid three private cabanas and I go there's a about three there are about three private cabanas around this pool what count to three by good I was very confused that you were you are confused by three things so now we're from now on we're just gonna say there it is spaceship earth the last Disney ride we have to do today the space caveman we're coming to see you this is like a really good feeling coming into the last Disney ride of the night it is rolling on around eight o'clock we didn't make it past the load platform so we got on Spaceship Earth and it's stopped and we found out that that's because somebody jumped out of their car yeah we're doing it we're actually getting to ride the ride somewhere in here is a Hidden Mickey and the hieroglyphics I don't know where he's at though boys FTR when the IBM this is where the best lighting and also I figured I could finally get a picture of me and earn together and wait to see how our faces look den was very angry and I was very tired sometimes if you make a face they won't actually if they think it's like a benzo they won't put your face in there don't give you like a stalker person what is this thing that's like floating above my head I think I have a demon now you swim you look really happy to be there this is the first time they never asked us whether we were from what are they gonna send us to oh they sent us to North Carolina we're heading out of FCAT going to one more place cuz it's the final count oh we are doing this this will be the 9th place that we're going nice right hope you guys decide to do this challenge be aware that sometimes an you arey but in the comments down below if you thought we were gonna succeed or fail oh I thought I really thought that it was gonna be a lot closer than it was right now right now it is 8:30 this park closes at 9:00 hopefully we can ride a roller coaster this one's not running right now hopefully mind-blower is running but we're at Funspot if not I guess we're riding this thing which I don't want to ride I want to ride the roller coaster there it is our last ride of the day mind-blower here at the fun spot I feel like this is a better ride to ride than what we would have ridden at Legoland anyways there's this things that intense roller coasters [Applause] we didn't there is nine theme parks nine theme park rides in one day all across Central Florida technically they don't like a win we didn't rise rise but we drove all the way out there so I think that if we do this again we can do ten maybe even shoot for 11 because there is another fun spot into the thing with this roller coaster do you really quick assembly you do have to pay for a ride so there's no like you get an annual pass nobody live that was exciting yeah you guys this is our very first flight a hardcore challenge I mean this is like an all-day ordeal what six Stefan a.m. o'clock no nine o'clock Dean Parkin did you guys I feel still pumped yeah we are the champions we should go back to the same ride every ride now alright now go home and go to sleep now let us know if you guys liked this challenge if you did well even the Sun is up leave a comment down below and let us know other stuff we should try but yeah so with that being said we're off and we will see you guys tomorrow

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32 thoughts on “9 Parks In 1 Day Theme Park Challenge!! | Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens & More!!

  1. I recently discovered your channel and your vlogs make me so happy, I love living vicariously through them, especially at the theme parks. I love the parks so much but only get there (from NY) once or twice a decade so THANK YOU for sharing all that you do. I’m especially loving all the fun challenges and different things you highlight! 😊

  2. So far my coaster limit was a 30 hour marathon back in 2003, not sure if I could do it now, total of 367 laps on the Scream Machine at Six Flags over Georgia, yeah, I know I couldn't do it now..lol

  3. Enjoyed that. Something my wife and I would do, especially after we just did three WDW parks in one day.

  4. a few months ago i went and did expedition everest 12 times in a row

    let’s just say i had a headache for days

  5. Have you ever thought about going to “Six Flags Great America” it’s in my state and I want to meet you guys someday

  6. Okay I know this is an older video but does anyone know the name of the song used in the time lapse scenes?

  7. I would LOVE that flamingo hoodie and my teacher would love the mermaid one lol
    I didn’t see that shop when I went though…

  8. When I went on expedition everest the ride broke down when we were on the edge of the cliff 😂😂 we were waiting for about ten mins and I had front row seats 😂😂

  9. I rode Goliath at six flags great america 10 times in an hour, and if a park is open 12 hours a day, that would mean my limit is 120 in a day. And yes, I could do that

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