956: Roll clouds have Planet X core matter in them

956: Roll clouds have Planet X core matter in them

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. Claudia Albers planet-x research and professional physicist and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled row clouds have Planet X cool matter in them now figure one below shows what has become known as a roll cloud the cylindrical shaped cloud that extends for many miles at the same altitude it is simply impossible for a cloud to maintain such a regular and symmetric shape for such a huge distance and this is solid matter excited in other words there has to be solid Planet X matter inside the cloud and you can see it it's a very long cylindrical shaped cloud you can see there it seems to have a make a bit of a corner there and again there so this is this is the other side so this is the left side here you can see the same building here so if we if the camera moves that way we'd see that part a and then this is the right side of this cloud as the camera moves in that direction see there's a pin there and this is the the right side here again the side here so this is a very very long piece of cloud and such a strangely shaped cloud cannot possibly maintain itself in one piece unless there is solid matter inside it now here we can see a planet egg Stella coins are the Earth's atmosphere and it's enveloped in cloud these objects are always enveloped in cloud because they create the method that then becomes the cloud you can see there's a break here in what I call it cloud evelope because they always enveloped in cloud and you may look at article 7 8 5 entitle Planet X is here but what is it exactly for more details on these objects dustcloud which we observe in the sky in the shape of a very long row is actually the cloud envelope of Planet X cometa the course of spherical and disc shaped is one spherical in shape but course I checked parts of themselves and thus create smaller course and what we therefore have here in the skies the result of this quote ejection process a core in one of the planet explainers of stars was in the process of ejecting part of its core when the energy depletion event that led to its breaking apart occurred this caused the ejected method to remain in the shape of a long cylindrical piece of cool metal surrounded by cloud notice how the cloud envelope is almost like a piece of insulation around the cool matter so in conclusion a very long row cloud in the sky has to have planet egg schematic in it and is most likely due to a coup ejection process inside one of the planet explainers of stars being in the process of occurring when the energy depletion event had destroyed all the planet x planets and stars took place and these are the references this is dr. Claudia Albers Planet X physicist thank you for watching

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21 thoughts on “956: Roll clouds have Planet X core matter in them

  1. I do not understand how thousands can see these clouds around the World and, find nothing alarming about them. God said a great delusion will be allowed to those who do not see; will not see. God Bless you

  2. Do these phenomena advance or materialize and dissipate? Is there any indication of gravitational anomalies associated with them? These objects also seem to have various means of interaction with planetary energy and intentional masking abilities?

  3. Dear Dr doctor I think you're right the clouds are being cegar rolled just like rolling a bit off plastacein I could be wrong best regards Simon

  4. The roll clouds seem equidistant from the earth surface. The first time I saw a rapidly occurring roll cloud, I felt anxiety. I decided that this may be a phoenomen caused by dry ice shooting through the lower atmosphere.

  5. These roll clouds are a very recent phenomenon, they could also be connected to horizontal lightning due to matter creation. Could the stellar Cores start to absorb energy from other re-energised Stellar Cores in the atmosphere?

  6. The clouds are very different today. I have many photos of the skies above my head. How can anyone think these are normal ?

  7. Has anyone informed this idiot that planet x is fake like her imaginary PHD . Her and that jailbird thug midget c'one trying to insult you're intelligence and steal you're money …the shamed albers was kicked out because she had mental health issues ..ie she is a nutcase.

  8. Cloud shape anomalies may also be caused by the interaction at a meeting point between Earth's electromagnetic, temperature and air pressure forces and other forces, possibly EM and electrogravimetric, emanating from the stellar core, thus giving a cloud its distinct "soul" shape which may be very different from conventional forms. So the SC may still lie quite outside Earth's atmosphere while still affecting the air above earth by its invisible forces at a low meeting point with Earth.

  9. I seen a v shaped object in the clouds for my first time today unable to catch it on video due to our mountains , it looked like a object underwater until it was almost over head I could not tell what it was , at first I thought it was just a cloud moving fast but as soon as it came into view it was large and a triangle looking object? Wonder what that could have been.

  10. When did you send probes to planet x to collect data?

    When did you send and collect sensor data that finds that what is inside roll clouds to be similar?

  11. Thank you for tonight's article and lesson dr. Albers as always very much appreciated yesterday I saw clouds rolling in and one of them looked very odd it had a perfectly round dark circle in the middle of it I've never seen anything quite like this before I'm wondering if there was a stellar core in there or piece of a stellar core debris thank you again have a wonderful night

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