969:  High altitude sky simulated; Planet X creates wind and clouds

969: High altitude sky simulated; Planet X creates wind and clouds

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. Claudia Elgar's and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled high altitude skies simulated Planet X creates wind and clouds now figure one below shows some screenshots from a web camera and it shows a panoramic view over a city and disappeared in a TNS video on June 29 2009 teen and a cloud at lower altitude and you can see these here we're moving in a drastically different direction from the higher altitude clouds which we see it there so these are altitude clouds you can see all getting closer to the camera if you compare these two this is the earlier one this is the lighter one the cloud wood looks larger and it had moved towards the right in the screenshot whilst these ones you can see it is more you can see more of it in this lighter screenshot so these are moving towards the left and they're actually moving somewhat in that direction almost opposite to these lower altitude clouds and this diagram illustrates what these directions were so if we are looking from the top the low altitude clouds were moving in this direction with the camera over here so closer to the camera and towards the right whilst the high altitudes were moving in this direction so towards the left and getting a little further away from the camera so almost in opposite directions now according to meteorology theory wind moves clockwise around the high-pressure and counterclockwise around a low-pressure so in order to explain the movement of these clouds we would have to have a low-pressure region at one altitude and a high pressure region at the other altitude which is impossible since these altitudes would be adjacent to each other so this is illustrated by this diagram so in order for the MS to move in drastically different directions as we saw here we would have to have one moving clockwise and the other one counterclockwise so we would have to have a low-pressure in one and a high-pressure in the other now pressure does gradually drop with altitude but a drastically different wind directions will have to be due to one layer being at a drastically different pressure to that of the layer adjacent to it so this would actually require an interface where pressure is much higher on one side than on the other so pressure would in this case I put low pressure above and high pressure below it could actually be reversed but we'd have to have quite a change a drastic change at the interface so high pressure on the side low pressure on that side in order for the wind direction to be so drastically different now that this is impossible can be quickly verified in any laboratory when 2ms is at different air pressures all allowed to come into contact because they would be in contact at the interface it always flows from the high pressure to the low pressure so in this case air would flow upwards in order to equalize the pressure and so it that flow would happen until pressure is equalized across the interface and this can also be verified by breaking a window in a pressurized airplane at high altitude the air inside the airplane quickly moves out of the airplane until the pressure is equalized with the outside so clouds cannot move in different directions at different altitudes in addition meteorology theory is illogical in us incorrect because wind which the movement of it cannot move in a circle and this there is a force attracting the air to the center of the circle so this means and this is illustrated here so what we have is wind moving circle but if there wasn't a force pulling it towards the center of the circle the wind would continue to move in a straight line everything moves at a constant speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a force this is basic physics so there has to be a source for the force that keeps the wind moving in a circle and that forces gravity and the planet X telecourse all the source of that gravity so when is actually created by Planet X Teleco inside the Earth's atmosphere and stellar cores all sources of gravity and make gravitational connections you can see one here with the Earth's core system which is inside the body of the earth there are core systems inside every celestial object because there are the sources of gravity and the sources of method gravity is a creative force it leads to the creation of matter and thus they create this force and cause air in the surrounding region to move in response to that gravitational force so it moves in a circle it rotates around the center where gravity strongest and thus creates the wind even when the true source of wind is acknowledged when still cannot move in one direction at a certain altitude and in a different direction at a higher altitude because first of all we didn't see any stellar core between the two adjacent regions so they had to be under all the air that we saw had to be under the influence of one single stellar core and so the stellar core cannot one single stellar core cannot cause wind to circulate in two different directions so stellar cores can only approach the Earth's surface by a certain distance which is usually cloud altitude between five and fifteen kilometers or three and nine miles with the large Estela cores being repelled at great distances and thus remaining at high altitudes thus the high altitude cloud motion seen in Figure one had to be artificial in other words the higher altitude cloud was a simulation the product of the sky simulation system apparent shadows in the sky or also evidence of the sky being a simulation and you may look at article 9 6 6 for details on that the lower clouds were real clouds and unless produced through a man-made explosion or volcanic eruption in which case they have been created by one of Earth's course they would have been created by Planet X Teleco a co which was once in one of the planet x planet or star z' which broke up thousands of years ago and which are now coming inside the Earth's atmosphere course create gaseous matter so natural clouds in the sky or indicated that a Planet X Teleco created and released clouds inside the Earth's atmosphere although these clouds may still be responding to their parent course gravitational influence in which case the object would be in the sky above the clouds the object that created the clouds but just the fact that the clouds are moving is evidence that there is a Planet X Teleco in the sky which is giving rise to the wind driving the motion of these clouds so in conclusion a web camera view provides further evidence that there is a sky simulation system in operation on earth natural clouds in the sky all created by course with most having been created by Planet X telecourse within the Earth's atmosphere when these also evidence of the presence of these objects inside the Earth's atmosphere and these are the references this is dr. Claudia Alvers Planet X physicist thank you for watching

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16 thoughts on “969: High altitude sky simulated; Planet X creates wind and clouds

  1. I saw this yesterday!!! I Saw This Yesterday!!! Here in Phoenix AZ. I have to go outside every so often to shrink my nasal passages, as the cold air conditioning climate swells them shut! So as I was outside I always look for the end of the World by looking at the sky's, as the bible commands us to be aware!!! And I saw this very deception, and I know just enough physics and meterology to know this is not LOGICAL!!! THE HIGH CIRRUS CLOUDS WERE MOVING IN THE CROSS DIRECTION OF THE CUMULUS OR FLUFFY LOWER CLOUDS!!! I'VE ALWAY BEEN SKEPTICAL OF DR ALBER'S FAKE SKY SCENARIO,
    BUT DAAHHAAM!!! Sorry for my language but I knew that cloud pattern was not right!!! Thank you Dr. Albers:)

  2. Of all things, I spent several hours at a lakeside beach today watching the movement of clouds. Strongly agree with you that the altitude layers move at inconsistent velocities.

    In 2019, three times I have been in this circular wind from a stellar core, and could see the core. You are correct.

    Pressure differential does not form boundary layers, it come to equilibrium.

    It’s like people seem convinced that physics laws apply differently to the atmosphere and sky above. They do not.

  3. Yea you get those effects for over 3 months already, that's been the first time in the last two years this occured – plus the huge planetary shadows moving in. Record them nearly every day, also capture a lot on webcams around the world, but the best view is still from my window – also recorded it in infrared, which reveals what the sun sim really looks like. Great explanation again, Dr. Albers, comes in handy when folks have questions on how that can be.

  4. Thank you for tonight's article and lesson dr. Albers as always very much appreciated have a wonderful night


  6. I having been seeing clouds hang low in the sky while the blue sky was far up. I even showed people. Nothing showed me they were interested. As a child I always wondered where wind came from and never got a plausible answer, just that I asked too many questions. When you explained tornadoes to us. I finally found out why they were so selective on their destruction. Thank you Dr. Claudia!

  7. Dear Dr yes all our derecsions have have changed in space because of the position off earth in space ie space has changed and going too get worce all over the world because planet x and his our hers stellar CORES ie the time off space change is Jew ie 3500 years or so I could be wrong best regards Simon

  8. Good doctor Albers,

    Can we stop for a minute and consider the jet stream. It routinely moves in a different directions than the prevailing storm systems. Isn't that a clear example of how high and low pressure doesn't affect cloud movement? I was always taught that the afternoon heating of the Earth's surface by the Sun creates winds. The reason it's calm at dusk. Anyway this whole stellar core thing makes sense and doesn't at the same time. Why wouldn't planes pick them up on radar? You're indicating that a stellar core is 9 miles high in our atmosphere, 47520 feet, wouldn't be detected by a commercial airline? Help me with these conclusions.
    Thank you

  9. What I don't understand is how is it clouds always remain at a certain height sometimes higher then higher but a lot ways remain at a certain height from ground what stops clouds coming lower lower lower till we're immersed in them I would like know this please.x

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