977:   Earthquake in California: precursor to something stronger due to Planet X

977: Earthquake in California: precursor to something stronger due to Planet X

hello ladies and gentlemen I am dr. Claudia Albers planet-x research and professional physicist and today I'd like to bring to you another one of my articles this one's entitled earthquake in California precursor to something stronger due to Planet X now in July for 2019 there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in California in the rich crest region north of Los Angeles and after the earthquake there were many more but weaker earthquakes these were at many different depths and some extremely close to the surface which suggests that a volcano is likely to form in this region earthquakes are due to Planet X telecourse the course of the destroyed planet explainers which are coming into the solar system to absorb energy these objects may gravitational connections with the Earth's core system causing meta creational plasma Egyptians by the different course making up the Earth's core system and inside the body of the earth if there is a clear way to the surface magma erupts from the ground when these ejections occur if not the result is an earthquake and you may look at article 9 7 1 entitled cataclysmic pole shift and volcanic eruptions for more details and here you can see that they have been a huge number of earthquakes which most of them occurred after the 6.4 magnitude and some were at very shallow depths 1.45 for this particular one here now the fact that the earthquake epicenters or all at different depths indicates that this is a large planet x telecall connecting to the earth central core so that would make it most likely a central core as well then the fluctuating field is causing different course in the connection region to eject plasma the reason why the ejections are confined to one small region and close to the surface is that's most likely because the stellar core is too weak and it is producing a weak connection leading to a small fluctuation in the earth central course field it is possible that as this planet X Teleco gains energy that it will cause a stronger fluctuation and as much strong ejections and a force stronger earthquakes and you can see how many these earthquakes and we can see from this table here the different depths that this was the six point four ten point seven kilometers – before in the same region one at eleven point six one at ten point three that was very close that may have been the same core ejecting and there were many others in the same region afterwards at much shallower depths there was one that was deeper they a twelve point two kilometers suggest that this event was produced through the same mechanism that explains a pole shift type event but the resulting fluctuation in the central course field was too weak to result in core ejection and surface Reformation this may change in the next few days though thus this event should suggest that cataclysmic pole shifts can now happen at any time as precursors are already occurring and this diagram illustrates what would occur during a pole shift event where we have a very large planet egg central stellar Co connecting to the earth central core this one's much larger then the Earth's central core and that will cause huge fluctuation in its field as it makes its gravitational connection and as it field changes and energy flows from it outwards towards the stellar core then the satellite course reactors well and eject as well so we have this type of event but at a much less scale than what we see here this would be likely to lead to core each action where's the satellite course would he check part of themselves and split into smaller pieces and that's what then leads to the gravitational field configuration for these cores which determines the shape of the surface to change so the surface reforms into a different shape so but the California event was too weak to lead to surface Reformation beyond most likely the appearance of some fissures ejections by the deeper course including the central core will most likely too weak to be felt at the surface and you may look at article 9 for 8 for more details on cataclysmic pole shifts due to Planet X so this diagram illustrates what we have occurring now in California most likely a much smaller planet eccentric or smaller than the earth central core making a gravitational connection still very energy depleted the energy fluctuation or the gravitational field fluctuation too small and the course making very small ejections probably not strong enough to be felt at the surface and the surface one strong enough to be felt but not as strong did not cause a core ejection and so it ended up just being earthquakes and the magma was not able to reach the surface either so the object was most likely smaller than the earth central core and still too energy depleted to make a stronger connection the gravitational field fluctuation was weak but still seems to have been produced through the same mechanism which can lead to a much more severe and even cataclysmic event which is described as a pole shift the fact that the earthquakes happen at different times indicates that not all course eject at the same time and that therefore the connection between Planet X and the earth central core as well as The Associated world is in flux so this is not a connection that does not change obviously changes as time goes on and it causes different course different satellites core to eject at different times so some of the Egyptians may be coming from the same core which is repeatedly ejecting in response to the field fluctuations these objects tend to remain connected with the same court day so it is possible that within the next few days there are many more quakes in this region and possibly stronger earthquakes and here we can see some more of the earthquakes that occurred after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake and you can see the depths here in this column two point six to eight point five one point eight minus point four so that would mean this epicenter he is four hundred meters above sea level but the surface elevation in this region is higher than that it's 700 meters so that would mean an epicenter depth of 400 meters above sea level which means 300 meters from the surface of the ground that's about a thousand feet below the surface this is still extremely shallow and indicates the possibility that a volcano will form in this region if the magma finds a way to reach the surface so in conclusion a six point four magnitude earthquake followed by a huge number of earthquakes in close proximity to each other but at many different depths suggests that an influence similar to what will occur during a cataclysmic pole shift is in progress and in fact be a warning to a much strong event which can follow within the next few days to a few weeks and these are the references this is dr. Claudia Albert's planet-x physicist thank you for watching

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40 thoughts on “977: Earthquake in California: precursor to something stronger due to Planet X

  1. Again between the 5th and 6th month of 2020 the world as a whole will be changed forever. People need to quit watching tv, games, YouTube, ECT and get prepared NOW AND FAST with the very little time that we all have left to do so. Why do you think te hat the gov is working so hard to keep not just America but the whole world distracted. If preachers of the word were following the word they would quit using the offerings made in the fathers name for pleasure and start preparing for the crisis to come. We are all going to have to go through this. Not one person, race, color, creed, religon is exempt from the trials ahead. PERIOD

  2. Thank you Dr. Albers..it is a most stressful and frightening time for us here in Southern California!

  3. Dr Claudia, those who I have communicated with in a large surrounding area to where this occurred are confirming a type of event which definitely supports your writing on earthcores broken into smaller pieces. The observations are spread over far too much area for this to be just an epicentre in Ridgecrest.

  4. We have had storms tornadoes hail and quakes since before I was alive… How long have these been here and why didn't they do so much damage before??? Plus with the thousands of crap the never a straight answer agency puts up in our sky. Why can't they see these cores? Why can't the planes see them. GOD says angels bring all these calamities not stellar cores. These are powers, principalities, and wickedness in high places!!! Everyone has a theory. Seems funny to me these cores have an intelligence to know exactly when to do more damage…….. GOD creates all things!!!!

  5. There is a stongly developing Schumann Resonance at 0900 UTC Friday indicating the possibility of strong earthquakes and deleterious weather phenomena within the next hours or days.A former strong effect a couple of days ago caused very strong mag. 5 to +6 tremors world over including California.

  6. All hand on deck.. Full Armor Of God.. Seek the LORD with all your HEART.. IT'S TIME.. WAKE-UP, WAKE-UP, REPENT, REPENT..GOD BLESS..

  7. Dr Claudia, I agree with you that there may be additional events in this region during the next 7 to 10 days.

  8. VERY Interesting and I will pray for all to know when a core will be ejected…sounds extremely dangerous to humans. My son would love to ride it,..yes he is gifted. .and possibly cooky.. Loi

  9. We're in South Orange County along the coast, which is about 60 miles south of L.A. We felt it! It was a rolling motion that moved pretty good and maybe lasted 15 seconds. Immediately a friend of mine in L.A. texted me he felt it good. I monitor earthquakes all the time and there has been a number of swarms lately, one near Bakersfield just north of L.A. But even more concerning is what's going on up north. There has been a couple of swarms of earthquakes along the Cascadia fault line off the coast of Oregon. Many ranging in 3 and 4. Then around the same time lower on the same fault but in Northern California was a 5.6. Then a couple of days ago there was a 6.2 in Canada all on the same fault! And to be even more creepier, the recent swam and the 6.2 were ALL exactly 10.0 kilometers deep! The 5.6 was 9.4 kilometers deep. Those are all very shallow quakes. Like today's quake was only 8 kilometers down or about 5 miles. That's even more shallow!! Anyway, I stocked up on water today and prayers that nothing larger is coming our way anytime soon.

  10. Thank you DR, Albers! you are a true HERO in my eye's .. thank you so much for your constant effort to wake people up and help us understand what is truly going on !!

  11. the updates are greatly appreciated PROFESSOR DR. CLAUDIA ALBERS. have a great day always. holy spirit protect and guide you always. peace be upon you always. selah

  12. So, we know that there was an earthquake in Ridgecrest, California that was felt for miles around. The weather was sunny with a few clouds. Your theory is that the earthquake was caused by Planet X. If that is the case, why has no one published a photo of said object in which you claim was the cause?

  13. Listen to this channel and sometimes even kind of believe, is consider for me my extreme sport practice..

  14. Hello Dr. Claudia Albers 😁🌹, actually the earthquake was 6.6 but the USGS downgraded it to a 6.4. This was felt in Las Vegas,Nevada where I have friends who called me to inform me of what they were hearing on the news. Thank you for all that you do.

  15. The major loss by the very unwise university in South Africa has been an indescribable gain for us in the United States…and I do ask God to give Scott a special blessing for opening the doors, as he did, to help you to safely arrive here in the U.S.
    No one is doing what you are, as you are, doing for us. The peace that comes from knowing the truth, regardless of the anticipated pain of unfolding events, is a real gift. We have you to give so much of the thanks to, as it is you who has given us all these informed, educated, truthful, advanced information, and warnings of what is coming.
    When the internet goes/is taken down, as surely it will be, our pets, if we are truly tuned to their hearts and physical expressions, will be the ones to give us the final warnings.
    It is so true, we know not what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  16. I had a dream last night and I was climbing to the top of an active volcano, when we reached the top the magma began rising and we were evacuated to a safer location and we watched it erupt on the tv. It was absolutely surreal and then today this happened, I think I saw the future of Yellow Stone or possibly the Volcano forming in Cali.

  17. They are increasing in incidence and the swarms are getting much more widespread. Something is going to give way. There is no getting around that. Thank you for explaining the pole shift. That was very interesting. Bless you and yours on this day!

  18. Thank you Dr. Albers.
    Despite all the things happening on Earth because of Planet X,
    I wish you and Scott a happy and healthy 4th of July❤️👍

  19. I felt it in Newport Beach today. I was getting my hair done and literally texted my mom 13 minutes earlier and told her I know she thinks I’m crazy but I feel like an earthquake is coming and if something happens, to get to my house. I had my two youngest kids sleep with me last night. Now they’re at their dad’s and everyone is just “business as usual”… party party party… not me! I got extra gas today and finally bought a generator. I hope it doesn’t come to that but I’m ready. Actually, I’ve got Jesus so I’m better than ready. But this can be lonely when the only humans I can talk to are strangers via messages on YouTube. 😏 Stay safe everyone!

  20. Gostaria muito de fazer uma Live contigo em meu canal,sou um pesquisador de Nibiru e seu sistema e te previsão dele cruzar pela terra em 2021

  21. Ain't no black folks on stage, while it rain on Trump's parade. Like Nero, Juliet Caesar, Charlemagne, Mussolini, and Hitler, the Golden Age parade means America is great, No offense. I'm just mentioning/saying

  22. Another massive earthquake could destroy the Hoover Dam, this would cause a tsunami. It as been predicted in the illuminati card games and many movies…..

  23. Just got a phone call for a friend in California. She was scared from the event. She does not understand or know about Planet X. It is very difficult to bring up this subject to people who have no knowledge of Planet X. Does anyone have any suggestions to spread this news to non believers of Planet X? Most people think you are crazy when you bring up the subject.

  24. The west coast and Yellowstone might occur simultaneously imo. Either one will lead the other, or they could occur , ogether, in one motion… says my gut instinct. I'm still sticking with my instinctive numbers of 9.6 – 10.3 magnitude for the west coast. They keep coming up and I dont know why.

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