hi friends and welcome back to my channel welcome back to the vlog so it's been a minute it hasn't been too long the last vlog I uploaded was from LA but I was realizing I was like what the hell I mean I got to start vlogging again just at my house I don't know why I keep forgetting to do that so I decided to just kind of fill my day today so far I woke up late if I'm being honest with you and I'm very disappointed in myself I used to completely not care about sleeping in late but now I do I woke up in like 11:30 which is just too late for me nowadays I normally try to aim between 9:30 and 10:00 wake-up call that kind of arena you know it's still later in the morning but not like too late to get things done you know but I woke up I showered I did some dishes and I just had my breakfast and now it's like 1:17 p.m. so it's been a minute yep but today we are planning on getting some yard work done specifically some garden work I have been well both of us have been putting off doing some weeding for a while in our like bigger plot of the garden and yeah honestly right now my feelings about the garden are pretty pretty indifferent I'm not feeling very excited about it I'm not feeling too sad about it but it's just not doing it for me in the realm of how we imagined it to so I mean that just goes to show you don't have any expectations when it comes to starting something new like we just multiplied our land by so much when it came to like our garden Betts's here basically what I'm trying to say is things are not growing as well for us as they did last year so we have like some snap peas some onions some kale coming in and like my tomatoes are starting to produce too which is good but all of our pepper plants for the most part are like dead and we have like one squash plant that's doing good all of our potatoes are doing well too but it's just like I don't know we have some sorting out to do I could talk about this for a while as you can already tell so I'm just gonna kind of cut myself up here on the potato talk in the tomato talk and I'm gonna go read a little bit I'm reading a book right now on mastery by George Leonard and I'm enjoying it a lot our friend Shay was just staying with us for about a month and a half or so before she moved out and she gave it to us for well let us borrow it I should say so I'm reading it right now and it's basically just about like taking the path of mastery in your life and not expecting things like this with gardening right so I know that every year I'm gonna get better and right now I'm just kind of on the plateau of just like figuring stuff out like nothing's thriving I'm not like a next level of gardener I'm just like here you know some things are happening but a lot of people when they get on that path of the plateau right they just fall off they're like well obviously I can't garden so I'm just gonna stop doing it all together but I don't want to do that I know that will get better year by year and the path of mastery is the path of practice my dudes so I'm in like a motivational speech now for you guys but I like the book basically is what I'm trying to city I'm gonna go read it now also look at my cute fit I haven't worn this top and so long doesn't have any water stains on it I just like splashed myself with so much dishwater but I believe in the top is from Urban Outfitters or something like that and then my pants are just drifted from a long long time ago okay I'm voiceover in this so I don't get copyright hell me believe in anything cuz I won't be someone who believes mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales now okay this is what our garden looks like right now these are all the potatoes that are now flowering and doing really well and all of this pretty much is just weeds Michelangelo which I lined on the sides is doing really well and definitely gonna start flowering soon some of them which is exciting I planted like a shit-ton also this last row back here is doing really well I think that's going to be some broccoli my carrots are doing well too where are they they're like hidden amongst all of these which look like carrot tops but they're not carrot tops but they are they're in that row anyways we got some serious weeding to do today our hold on right now is covered in daisies and dandelions and it's so freakin pretty my dudes I don't want to cut the lawn because it's just so pretty to walk through Larry you're just having a little grass snack today you're just doing a quick sunbathe alright my dudes so got Finley out here working on that side I'm working on this side but we have seriously uncovered so many plants that have just kind of popped up randomly in here that we didn't plant like it's a random tomato there there's a random squash right here there's lots of we just assume that like birds have picked up the seeds either from our compost or somewhere else and just dropped them because like we didn't plant a squash next drawer mustard greens right here but it is prevailing there's just so much more yeah more Tomatoes back there but seriously our mustard greens are doing so good and I'm pretty sure that the tops of these we saw a shit-ton of this crop in India it was like their main crop that we saw I think that they used the flowers for making like curry powder and curry pastes and stuff like that so I'm probably gonna look into doing that but the bitter greens like all of these leaves and whatnot you can put into salads and they're really good for gut health and whatnot so I'm excited we have so much of this weed that looks like a carrot top though like they're not carrots but they're just infesting the beds understand we finally finished my dudes it was strenuous work but not as bad as either of us thought it would be I don't think um and it looks so much better now we can actually identify what everything is and how it's growing and everything and it just doesn't look like an overgrown field of weeds so that's awesome we actually it kind of made me feel better about the garden like all of our carrots and all of our potatoes like I said we're doing good but also our kale is doing really good right here and I don't exactly know what this is there's a lot of random seeds that are just like popping up but this looks like some kind of kale that's just like doing great work and randomly appeared there we have a bunch of snap peas that are staked up right there that are doing good too and yeah I'm just really happy with you know all of it the calendula is blooming really well on the sides over here we have lots of tomatoes coming up and I'm gonna go look at Finley side over here we have just a bunch of bolting cauliflower so that's not doing great it's either cauliflower or broccoli we're not really sure I think that they're just gonna keep rooting and trying to cut out more plants but yeah a whole bunch of Tomatoes over here so yeah this made me feel a lot better about the garden in general and all of these gardens are doing pretty mediocre I mean not terrible but we're getting some Tomatoes coming in some kales coming in and our artichoke plant is still thriving as well as the snap peas so yeah man that's the garden update she's been weeded and we are happy okay guys I came back inside to my desk and I'm just doing a little editing on my house tour which is going to go up on Friday I'm putting up something else on Tuesday tomorrow so this is gonna go up on Friday but yeah I've started using my desk as an actual workspace and it's been incredible I used to just work out at our like communal bigger dining table out there then when I was filming the house tour I just moved all my stuff into here and then I was like wait why don't I just stay in here I mean it's like the guest room right now so if somebody was staying in here long-term with us and I obviously wouldn't want to be in their space and I would like move outside but anyways I'm so hyped for you guys to see this like the house tour has been so long awaited my friends so I'll try to put this up like this vlog so you guys see this and hear this spoiler alert I'll try to put up them pretty close together so you won't have to wait too long to see it okay whoop oh this is what I'm doing what are you doing today I just told you baby I'm going to go figure out my trading portfolio for the King 2019 all rush baby yes you heard it probably not here well you probably heard it here first yeah all my followers for the most part I don't think anybody on here trades either it's ripped a currency or a Bitcoin or any of the sorts out looking to make some sweet cash in theory easy money or to lose a bunch it's a good place to go that was a singer look what you done did now I'm Cindy Antoinette whatever your hair looks funny I tell who you looks like for me enjoy the heads okay no my head's not in the frame but at least my food is right I just made a monstrous bowl of leftovers I will show it to you it looks totally like it's not vegan but it is in here I have some grain meat grind from the field roast book which is like the base of a lot of field roast sausages and stuff like that and then I just chopped up some fresh tomato and put it on top and also there's like vegetarian baked beans in here as well as oyster mushrooms which we grew and then sauteed and cut up with barbecue sauce so it's pretty much like a barbecue bowl of meat substitutes and beans but I just need like a lot of food right now because I'm feeling hungry one and two I'm on this I'm not gonna say diet but I'll call it like a challenge for the next 30 days for health reasons the health reason being that I have a yeast infection I'm trying to eat little sugar in little starch and I realized after I started to you know cut them out how much of my day-to-day foods that I eat are just like so many baked goods and so much like potatoes and bread and just all that stuff not to say that that stuff is bad for you but just like I would pretty much all I eat so I'm trying to just get other foods in there as well and I already I'm on day three today I already have seen results I feel less itchy I'm feeling better and less lethargic and I did on day one so um I'm excited whoo-hoo okay I'm gonna keep editing and eating so I finally just finished editing my house tour it's like 40 minutes long which is crazy a button that's okay had a lot to say ladies you just want to say hi how are you today miss ducky how are you today miss page she's gotten more delicate about her nudging but she still does it yeah you the crazy one I know got about you ducky you have to leave that there they're so big now I think they're ginormous I feel like I said this in a video at some point but we had an at-home vet visit for the hogs and he said that they're each a hundred and eighty pounds so they're big mamas no they're so big I love to look back on old vlogs from when they were an old like angstrom stories and just all the memories in general of when they were really tight cuz they're like smaller than their huge heads and now they've just grown to like full size they're about almost a year and a half old and they're just killing it they're very happy hah goes I know that for sure you know I was saying earlier today that a lot of our pepper plants were dying but this one is coming in these are our cayenne peppers and at least we're getting some Cayennes in there but for the most part the rest of them are not really producing okay no I lied we're getting one jalapeno in and an Anaheim chili in but these ones are pretty eaten back in dying but that's okay we have two tomato plants in here we have a lettuce plant that is doing okay this little romaine but the other Romain's that are in here are doing a little bit better I just come here and I'll chop off a couple of leaves every time I'm making a salad or something but yeah I mean this bed here is really just like a clusterfuck of non-growth I mean we do have some snap peas should probably harvest this one and our artichoke is still producing and my celery started flowering which is pretty cool but I don't really know what to do with it because I mean the actual celery is like all down here and then I've actually seen them selling celery root in stores so I figured that I can probably eat that celery root too yeah it's just getting so freakin humongous I just don't even know what to do with all of this celery so I'll probably look up what to do with celery flowers all of our onions are flowering too and you can eat the little onion flowers so I have been harvesting those also this is exciting we have a broccoli coming in that's actually not bolting like the rest of some of our broccoli and cauliflower so that's really good our dill is doing really good we have some sweet potatoes down here that are doing decent but they're not dying so that's good they are a little yellow though and then I have this purple kale that's just like started to be really weird and it just started bolting and flowering to which like lord knows why but whatever this bed I didn't plant anything in other than the dill and the sweet potatoes this year and the rest of everything that's growing in here is just like leftover from last season like random onions and garlic and stuff like that oh yo yes my garlic scapes are coming up if you guys have never had garlic scapes before often times they're sold as garlic Spears at grocery stores but you can cut these off and saute them and oh my god the Greens of the garlic are so good dude and yeah we have some little Tomatoes coming in on these so I'm being a little hard on the garden this year I will admit like I've just been thinking bad thoughts about it but I should just be thinking good thoughts about it because we actually do have a lot that's coming in I would like to right now just add some coffee grounds on to this strawberry plant because I don't really know why but it started like producing a bunch of berries at the beginning of when we had it just plant it out here and then we harvested them off and it just started dying and like it never really grew again after that which is just a little weird but berries really like acidic soil so I'm gonna add some coffee grounds on to this and then I'm gonna add some to the blueberry plant that's in my herb garden at the front of the house too but this zucchini is doing really good I'm just kind of waiting for it to start to produce because it's just put out all these flowers and is getting really big which is nice and yeah we'll see what happens with this big over here what we can harvest first and whatnot at least we have greens beans potatoes tomatoes we also have a bunch of these honeysuckles that are coming in on the sides of our house and it smells so good when you walk by it's ridiculous I love this side of the house so much we also have all these hydrangeas that are blooming right now and I think this is like two different plants like we have these really blue ones and then these really dark purple leaves that flower even differently and it's just like it's so cool to look at from out here cuz you're like wow they really just grew into each other at least I think that they're two different plants it's all just confusing but our rosebush finally died off I'm probably going to come out here tomorrow and collect a bunch of these rose petals just to jar and use in herbal products and stuff like that we have some more starts under here in an egg carton that we're trying to grow and then I have a little sunflower that's in this Little Miss sunflower pot and I love her yeah the herb garden is doing really good as you can see the mint has taken over even after my efforts to dig it up have a lot of calendula coming in and then this plant can anybody identify what this is because it's so stunning and so fragrant I love it so much and it's just like completely blossoming right now I'm loving it my garden Pink's are coming in down there and then my blueberry plant which is on the very very far side over here just needs some more acid in its soil so I'm going to add in the coffee grounds now you already know what the it is I have a yeah I'm doing all that yesterday I started playing The Sims 4 on Xbox we've had this for so long but I just like to have it and put it in and played it and I put some time in yesterday and I made Finley and I on the Sims and now I'm gonna keep playing our lives because it's been pretty freaky kid to make sure you guys are in the loop yesterday I made Maurice and Finnegan Hanks in literally like three days they moved in together got engaged got married and are now pregnant and then they both got jobs so I kind of left off in the game of them like you know both entering the job market Maurice is a writer in Finley as a tech engineer or something Finnegan I mean not Finley I changed her name slightly and I was telling Finn that like when I was growing up I was probably about ten when I was obsessed with the computer game of the Sims and I made this family called the Hanks but it was H E and X and they seriously they took over Pleasantville like they had like 17 children with all separate families and I would always do the mother lode and the elixir of life cheat codes so that the parents were like so old but still look so young they were thriving and then the CD got stuck in my stupid desktop computer and my dad just threw the whole the whole unit away and so the Hanks they died so I recreated the family from the roots up but with me and him instead so maybe sometime I'll play this for you but I don't really know I feel like one time on my one of my collab channels just like that I played The Sims but it was like on my computer you know but I don't really know how I would like successfully film my TV screen and get it for you guys anyways I'm gonna play the sims no goodbye okay guys I wanted to show you what I've been doing for the past like I don't know three hours or something absurd I just redid my entire house it's very like kind of old-school Victorian King but I figured out how to do the motherlode cheat codes so I got like a hundred grand and then I just decided to redo the whole house with like a beautiful kitchen and a dining room and like this beautiful sitting room where you could have a spot of tea and I made the baby's nursery here and I'm in the middle of making a study slash kind of fun room right now but Finley and I are gonna watch something else because I've been doing this for an absurd amount of time Oh The Sims is so fun I've been losing it we're about to watch season 3 episode 3 of stranger things is anybody else out there watching stranger things because I assume everybody is or at least has gone through it for the most part because it came out like on the 4th and people just breezed through these shows I mean just they've been to watch them very quickly and I can't keep up but we are on episode 3 we've been loving it so far but it's very spooky I mean we keep getting the scares and we keep just jumping it's been a lot I don't remember it being this scary hello party people so it's now about 12:30 ish and we were just watching Letterkenny and stranger things for a portion of the night and now we're gonna head the frick to bed if you enjoyed this vlog please give it a big thumbs up for me subscribe to my channel if you're not already bring the notifications bell if you would like to be notified when I upload and until the next time put stay smiling hi guys

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  1. Hydrangea's produce different coloured flowers depending on the pH of the soil, or smth like that? That's what my grandad said (who's been an avid gardener all his life and I hope to one day have a snazzy garden like his) in other news I love how passionate you are towards gardening💞

  2. Your vlogs always bring me so much joy! You and Finn are both such beautiful, sunbeams!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

    Hey! Is there ANY chance you would ever bring back your bright yellow hoodies??? I am kind of dying for one!!!

  3. Hi Meg, farmer here. I have a few comments that may (or may not) help your farming/garden plot.

    I am not sure if you pay attention to DTM (days to maturity) but it could really help when you plant/what you choose to put in that lovely caterpillar tunnel of yours (I would recommend tomatoes, eggplant, basil, peppers, artichoke, and other hot-weather veggies).

    It seems like you're in need of starting your own plants. When you buy starts, the can become rootbound and can stunt your plant after you put them in the ground. Just need to buy a potting soil, seed (Check out high mowing, strictly medicinal seeds, and Johnny's for organic seeds), a few flats (safe seed amount of cells per flats for most veggies is 72's, 50's for cucumbers/squash (summer and winter)) and somewhere to start the seed.

    Once a veggie bolts, it is done. Bolting indicates that the flower head will be forming and seed will drop. For annuals, this usually means that another plant wont show up until next year (as shown by your new tomato plants that you never planted!). Seed can most definitely be dropped by animals as it seems you already know (so fascinating that the girls probably dropped some!) Just make sure that what your feeding them are heirloom varieties as hybrid variety plants (usually most conveniently unavoidable) will produce frankenstein produce.

    Celery and celery root are not the same. Celery is a stalk vegetable and Celery root, also known as celeriac, is actually a slightly different vegetable although of the same family. Personally, celeriac is a personal favorite veg of mine and since I am a vegan, constitutes many cream of (whatevers) for my fall and winter months (celeriac is also a storage vegetable when you get that deep!).

    Idk if any of this is helpful, but I've just been following your gardening journey since you started. I am a farmer on the east coast, though, and I am not sure how different it is in the PNW. Hopefully, it can lead you to some interesting research (maybe?) that can at least help you to narrow down some/if any issues you and Finn are having..

    Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful rest of your season and that it is bountiful 🙂 Lmk if you need any book recommendations, I have many 🙂

  4. the squash blossoms look good. You should try them, they look like they are getting big enough. they are soooo good. I’ll usually make a cheese/ squash blossom quesadilla with them grilled or sautéed 😀👩🏼‍🍳

  5. i dont know if this will help you as we live in different climates but we start our cauliflowers, lettuces, broccolis and kales in a greenhouse then when they have got to a certain stage and depending on the weather we move them outside and they grow really well out there.

  6. The soft blue tank you are wearing in the clip with fin is the guest room is amazing on you!! The color goes so beautiful with your hair

  7. A tip on treating a YI, the thing that always works for me is Apple Cider Vinegar! I haven’t had one since I tried this! Drink a cap full of ACV mixed with a little water (plug your nose it’s so bad) but drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for like 3-5 days and that shit will be GONE!

  8. My garden is full of the imposter carrots too! Also, you might have June Bearing 🍓 plants! Which produce all the fruit it's going to give you all at once (usually in June) and then that's it for the season. Which I learned this year, because I bought a whole friggin' flat of them not knowing there was a difference. 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol

  9. Garden queen!!!! Also just wanted to let you know that once fill flowers a lot of times the flavor totally goes away, so continue to cut back the flower to keep that good good dill!!

  10. I just found out that Oregano tea is really great at getting rid of yeast infections(dandruff, acne, cold sores, etc.), it's amazingly cleansing in an obviously natural way👍

  11. Hey Meg! I identify plants for my job and just as a hobby but for plants that you're unsure of I typically use this app called iNaturalist! All you have to do is take a photo of the leaf or flower and it will give you an estimation of what the plant is 🙂 Sometimes it's wrong but it helps occasionally! Love ya <3

  12. Omg… right when you said “selling” all I could think about is “chocolates… what are they selling??”

  13. That butterfly bush is called a buddliea 😊 at least that's what its known here in the UK. Also, have you tried growing your tomatoes in the plastic tunnel/green house? They just love the warmth.

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