A Day in the Life: Environmental Services

A Day in the Life: Environmental Services

our environmental services staff cares for the hospital's environment from a colonists perspective on a daily basis some would also refer to us as housekeeping as a better description to what we do every day also EVs for short our staff really is fluid throughout the entire Hospital they have an impact on every single part of the hospital on a daily basis although sometimes not visual it's almost like with a backbone I'm supporting everywhere from nursing to physicians to other services our team is made up of majority of our staff is known as Environmental Services aides we also have project texts that do a lot of the hard work on our floors to make sure they're shining carpets are clean we also have award aides who assist with the turnover cases as well as terminally cleaning the rooms every night the same sector bein por que una non Kesava la mejor Jeon familiar me papa me mama or you can say I guess that'd be a mess in fact that a lot of our staff really take pride in and they have a lot of passion for the the hospital they're not just employees here they're they're part of the community part of the mission family they they take extreme pride in their work they love to show it off you know there's moments where our project guys are extremely passionate about how their floors look they don't write their name on it they don't sign it but they know at the end of the day that they've made a difference in someone's first impression when they come in and see those floors everything I do I do really good and it's justice here in this worker personally I might think that I do sometimes I do things that I've never done before but I do the best I can you know but then I feel proud and some people they says oh you looked at professional doing this and I said yes I am I I do this professional because I put all my passion to do those things a part of us being sort of in the background a lot of the testament is our work with infection prevention because at the end of the day we're not just providing a clean environment because visually it's clean but we need to work with them and make sure that we're using the right processes and procedures chemicals whatever technologies are out there that are newer so that we can really provide a sanitary environment for our patients because healing really starts with that is being able to be in an environment where you're not worried about continuing to be sick in a hospital you're just worrying about getting healed so that you can get home and be with your family well it used to be that before the EBS or housekeeping staff members they used to go in the room and clean the room sanitize it which was really good but now we're actually empowering every single one of them to go in the room we want them to have a voice we want them to interact with the patient and this comes a long way because in the eyes of the patient they can see that not only nurses or adults are communicating with them but also the housekeeper's so if they need anything they feel comfortable asking for it and therefore the quality becomes better when I go in the room and looked at PSA are you how are you doing and or you know and they start talking I say okay I'm here you know I say you know and I try to start it in about you know that I have they have to have tests you know and they have to trust God that God is the only one who can help with them and then you know there's when they open and start talking to me it makes me feel good you know me feel like I'm doing my job right and I remember one of the patients data you you they paid you to pray for me I said no they don't pay me for pray for you they pay me to come and check you from they pay me for be sure that I you you're you have a clean room you know if I say that I'm gonna pray for you is because I feel on my heart I try to be loving with the patients and know what they're feeling you know and in the pain there it what's also special about our staff is they don't just have our department is sort of their family or their home unit a lot of them really take pride in the area that they're assigned to they become one with that unit they make and bonds with the nurses the PCTs the radiology techs the physicians on those units and it's great to hear these stories from the management and the charge nurses of some of the the bonds that they make and and their commitment to assisting each other to provide great environments for our patients I enjoy it to be around people and interacting with people especially when they are thanking me for helping them in any way that I can you know what really is really special about our department is the people people come here to find a career but they end up finding a home in our EVS hand and from the interactions with other people to the passion to ensure our hospitals clean healthy and an environment for our patients to really have a meaningful healing experience our environmental services team is committed to making Mission Hospital shine and standout in Orange County Emami trabajo por qué me communica con la cañada más personas me gusta tener su su la calidad de él empieza en su cuarto para que yo se Sinton confortable sabes our tech estan aqui por que estan infernos yos deseo de un poco are a saint to say being interested en el Hospital we also want to be part of that culture we want to be part of that family we want to make them feel that we're part of the family and they're part of our family so it is as taking care of them and and it makes a big difference if I can talk to my patients when they come in I'll tell them that we'll take care of them as if they were part of our family it comes from the heart and everything inside me just saying with everything I got it's inside me I love it when I see it patient comes in and then on the way out I can see that they're feeling better and they go out smiling I feel that we make a huge difference in the community and I would love to continue to do this for the rest of my life just for the simple fact that I love what I do and I love in acting with people and making sure that they heal you

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9 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Environmental Services

  1. i'm so nervous i'm starting my training day as environmental tech in the hospital 🏥 this june 10

  2. I’m extremely proud to have been working in EVS for the past seven months. This job I have is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done, I love all of the people that I work for and genuinely wish that all of them get better and go home… I just want to leave a positive impact. In Jesus’ Name, amen!

  3. I work in Environmental Services, in a Behavioral Hospital, a bit different, but still similar, good luck to you all.

  4. I am now an environmental service technician. I start my first day of training April 11th. I take pride, compassion, and dignity Into cleaning! thank you Jesus for blessing me with this new job! 2018 is Only going to Get Greater!

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