A Day in the Rainforest – Randers Regnskov | Getting to know Denmark & what it costs

A Day in the Rainforest – Randers Regnskov | Getting to know Denmark & what it costs

We are ready!
Let’s go! Hello guys! It’s kind of a dark and gloomy Saturday in Denmark it’s Scandinavia, and we don’t
really have a lot of hours with daylight that’s at least what it feels like so we
thought we were in need for some good weather and in Randers, half an hour
from here they built these glass dome and they put a tropical zoo in there so
I thought that was a good place to get some good weather so we’re gonna take
you today and show you around and I’ve never been, have you ever been?
Nope! So it’s the first time for all three of us and my dad is going to join us because it’s
almost like in the middle from where we live and where he lives so that’s perfect Are you excited to go to the zoo?
Are you excited? Yeah We have grandpa here he’s gone with us
before and we’re going to check out South America area because that’s
kid-friendly yeah We just walked in and they’re feeding
the manatees and there was a big manatee just swimming by me with a big cabbage
in its “hands”, that was so cute! And Max really likes the fish!
You like it right? Do you like it Morten?
Yeah! He gets mad because he wants the carrot!
No! It’s for the fish. There’s a big fish right here It’s a monkey in the tree! It’s the monkey sound. One thing to be prepared for here is
that the humidity is really high because they have kind of recreated the rain
forest so it’s kind of damp in here he He has a lot of curls! We’ve had a lot of fun checking out
Randers Regnskov today the rainforest and we’re heading home for nap time now
and we actually bought a year pass so we can go back because Morten loves
animals and Max really liked it too so if you’re in the Randers or Aarhus area I’d
recommend going to the rainforest they have different areas so they have the
Asian part the african part the South American part and the Danish part
outside which is pretty cold I guess it costs a hundred and eighty kroner to get
in I’ll put the Euros on the screen we really enjoyed checking it out and I
hope you did too have a great weekend guys, bye! You found me!

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17 thoughts on “A Day in the Rainforest – Randers Regnskov | Getting to know Denmark & what it costs

  1. Goodness, Max has gotten so big! He is just adorable. And how wonderful that he got to spend some special time with his Grandpa. 🙂

  2. Charming vlog – Max is delightful. Certainly a goodlooking and healthy guy. You nearly had your finger nipped off giving that carrot to that huge fish. Looks a great place to visit. When I do a trip to Aarhus will definitely go there. Not far with public transport either and a short walk according to google maps. Your dad is fun too. Enjoy the years pass. Also two videos in one day. Richard's micro home and now this. Thanks.

  3. Please keep these up! My husband and I are talking about a move to Denmark in the near future (we have a munchkin as well) and this gives us a great insight!
    Love your content, girl!

  4. I love this place. It is the perfect distraction from a cold and gloomy winter's day. It must be huge to have all those different regions recreated.

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