A German Store in America!?

A German Store in America!?

and I am stoked I’m really… hey guys!
what’s up? it’s Kelly again and welcome back to my channel! for today’s video I
am so excited to take you guys with me to a German market just outside of DC in
a city called Falls Church. so I’m parked outside and if this is the
first time you’ve ever watched my videos and you’re not really familiar with Who
I am I’ll just tell you that I’m an American who lived in Germany for about
a year and a half and I just moved to DC about two months ago for school and I
still am finding so much German influence in my life even though I’m not
in the country anymore and I’m sure that this will be no exception so let’s go
check it out! German gourmet first opened up in a
completely different location back in 1962 and it was owned and operated by a
guy named mr. Wilhelm Wenzel and now it’s owned by two brothers Clifford and
Michael and they have a lot of different products that you would see in German
grocery stores. that includes a pretty impressive selection of beer. a lot of
these beers that I’ve never even seen sold in the US. oh wow they have pinkus
beer! Pinkus is a brewery that’s in Muenster and I was actually really lucky
to be able to go there whenever I was in Muenster for a work trip and I can’t
believe they have it. I didn’t think I’d ever see this again. the store also has a
ton of merchandise like German souvenirs and gifts. so where I lived in Germany was right
along the Rhine River which was more famously known for being a wine region
than for beer like most people think of when they think of Germany and how cool
is it that they have a lot of wine from that region. like this wine is from Nierstein and I actually rode my bicycle through the vineyards that grow the
grapes that this would have been made from. so I’m starting to feel like this
market it’s just gonna be one giant walk through memory lane I happen to see this
board game which has 150 games to include to Kniffel which is kind of like
Yahtzee and I spent a lot of time playing Kniffel with my two friends
Nick and his wife Silvana and it’s just really cool to see that
again. here’s some authentic lederhosen. this is pretty funny. it’s like a German
crossword puzzle but it’s specific to America. of course there is a huge gummy aisle just like you would see in Germany. it’s not like we don’t have gummies or
gummies in the States but this is truly a German market when you see such a huge selection like this. they don’t have any peanut butter here but I’m not surprised
because it’s just not a big thing in Germany but what they do have is Nutella
in other like chocolate hazelnut spreads. German Gourmet also has a lot of these
like chocolate and hazelnut wafer treats. these are way more popular in Germany
than I feel like they are in the US.. I saw them everywhere over there! my boyfriend always had his condiments
in these tubes and I just thought it was so funny because it looks like
toothpaste to me. ours are normally in like jars or squeeze bottles… I’ve never
really seen any mayonnaise or anything in this type of squeeze tube. they
have the exact type of pickle that’s in Germany. for whatever reason of American pickles the in German pickles are so different from each other. I just
remember the German pickles being like really salty where ours are more like
vinegary. I hate to say it but I like the American way more but I do love the
tiny little baby gherkins so that’s pretty cool that they’re here and I
think I’m gonna get a jar. oh and they have all these spice like combinations
for you to use when you’re making schnitzel or pork or whatever. and they
have these shredded carrots which are exactly what I remember eating on some
of my favorite salads in Germany. oh my god I can’t imagine how spicy this
probably is. German mustard is really spicy and I’m guessing the medium
here means that it’s a bit more mild and then the fact that this says extra makes
me think it is extra scharf or extra yup there it is…extra-hot mustard. in Germany I never saw soy sauce for
sale in the grocery stores. I would see soy sauce if I went out for some sort of
Asian cuisine but instead of soy sauce in the grocery stores I was always
saying this wurze sauce. I hope I’m saying that right.. but it’s very similar to soy
sauce it’s just I would say a little less salty. not to talk too much about
salad but honestly guys, Germany has got it going on when it comes to their salad
game and my boyfriend makes really really good salad and they have the
seasoning that he would always put in the salads that he would make for me in
Germany that we haven’t been able to find here. my boyfriend’s been looking
for like vegetable broth like bouillon cubes or powdered.. everywhere we go
grocery shopping they’ve got it here which is actually the exact brand he
would have had in Germany. not exactly sure why that’s the photo… they have a lot of the packaged breads
here. I would see these usually at like hotel breakfast buffets and they’re
usually marketed as being like a healthy bread for active people. ha they even have some drinks that were
really popular in Germany like the almdudler which is a drink that comes out
of Austria and then they’ve got apfelschorle which is basically apple juice
mixed with like carbonated water. it’s so good! it’s not a normal thing we do in
the States. you normally just get straight apple juice. they even have I
use cream they have ice cream made for them especially by a place in Falls
Church not far from here and all the flavors are really good looking.
oh yeah they’ve got good homemade German bread here! this makes my day! probably
the coolest thing about this store is that they have a full deli counter with
all of the German meats you can think of. they even have Leberkase. their wurst
section is vast and you can buy bratwurst in our normal grocery stores
but nothing even comes close to this selection here. and they have good cheese
too though thankfully not the Mainzer cheese which was local to where I lived
in Germany and let’s just say it had a specific taste with a wretched smell. and
oh my god the desserts here. so my favorite thing to do on like a chill
day in Germany was to go out to a cafe and especially if I could sit outside
and just have some coffee and kuchen or cake or some sort of pastry and German Gourmet has all of my favorites! you can also get premade foods to take
home with you or eat in the little dining section that they have set up on
the side of the store. these are all like the normal fixings you see in Germany to
include fleisch salat which I never really acquired the taste for it’s
basically like cold cut meats in coleslaw but it’s a really popular dish
over there. and these are all the menu options
available through their kitchen. like I said they have a little dining area for
you to be able to eat at or you can take it home. and I’m back with a massive
haul of stuff that I got from German Gourmet! I got some paprika chips which
are really big in Germany they taste I feel like they taste like our barbecue
chips but I saw these things everywhere so of course I had to get them. I got
this German coffee which again I saw being sold in all the stores it’s from
Munich Germany and I got my boyfriend some harribo. he loves gummies especially the ones with the white bellies so I’m excited to show him these and last but
not least though I have a ton more stuff here but if you watch any of my videos
and hear me talking about how much I love German bread and how much I miss
German bread you’ll be happy for me to see that I finally got some German bread
guys I’m really excited to see what this tastes like
and compare it to what I had in Germany I also met some really cool customers who
were shopping there. a few overheard me talking to cliff about my YouTube
channel and so they asked me about it and a woman shared with me this story
about what it was like for her as a young girl in Germany to travel from
West Germany by train through East German territory into Berlin because her
two aunts were behind the Iron Curtain whenever all of that happened and what
it was like for her and how she felt with like the East German police on the
train with her and just it was incredible to hear that sort of story.
then I also met a guy who is visiting DC from Florida. his sister lives in DC and
his sister brought him to the store because they have German heritage and
just seeing how excited he was to be able to walk around and see all of these
products coming straight from Germany. and it reminds me of just like how
excited I get to talk to people about the US and the fact that were a melting
pot which I’m sure you are all well aware of so we all come from somewhere
and a lot of Americans are really really excited about their heritage. like I am
Irish and Croatian and I’m German and I’m really really lucky to have gotten
the opportunity to go to Ireland to go and see Croatia and to live in Germany.
like that is really really unique for an American to be able to do that and so
there are a lot of Americans that just don’t have the capacity for one reason
or another to be able to go to the country that their heritage is rooted in
and so something like German Gourmet where a guy who knows that his family is
from Germany and he’s able to go to this market and see real German food and like
a real German deli and German desserts.. I just can’t imagine how excited he was I
mean I saw it on its face but honestly it’s just like so cool to see people
happy like that. it was really nice to be able to meet so many different people
and it was interesting to hear their stories and German Gourmet is like
obviously just bringing all of these people from across the world together
through the spirit of German cuisine and like what more could you ask for as like
a German market business. that is so cool to me and if you’re ever in the DC area
whether you live here or maybe you’re tourists or maybe you’re in the
surrounding area guys, I highly recommend going to German Gourmet because truly
and honestly not being German myself but having lived in Germany for a while, I
will tell you that it is an authentic experience and it’s definitely worth
having. alright guys! that’s all I’ve got for you today!
hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up that helps me
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100 thoughts on “A German Store in America!?

  1. So they've simply moved and not closed up forever? You, Ms Kelly, have just made my day. We used to go there so often, my mother and I, when it was still in the old location. Obviously, a road trip is now called for. Thank you! And good luck @ GWU. Good school.

  2. It's just amazing to just watch some videos and to find a video about a German store in Falls Church Virginia, which I have been visiting all the time, when I lived in the US.
    But one thing I have to add is that you can get a handfull of german stuff there, but its very shocking to know what the exact same things cost back in Germany, especially beer. One bottle in Germany is about 0,60€ compared to the same product in this store, where you have to pay about 5.00$. And I totally get the shipping fee etc.

  3. Es gibt auch eine Pflanze die wird " Maggikraut " genannt. Sie schmeckt getrocknet und gemahlen wie Maggi. Im deutschen Supermarkt findest du dieses Gewürz unter " Liebstöckel ". Anstatt Maggi kannst du es auf Blumenkohl oder Rosenköhler tun. Aber auch Nudeln mit Butter und nur Liebstöckel schmecken wunderbar. (Schnelles Studenten Essen, wenn die Kasse knapp wird). https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liebstöckel

  4. 'Frikadellen – The European Hamburger' – that's funny. But don't tell that people from Berlin or Munich. They don't have Frikadellen, they have Bulletten and Fleischpflanzerl instead.

  5. Oh… so I whould be able to move to DC and still eat like here in Germany? Thats nice to know.. because my big goal is to visite the USA at least one time in my life.. because I want to go to an shooting range and try out some guns I like… and just to see the country I only know from so many beloved series on TV 🙂 Food was one of the big questions because.. I am critical about what I eat.. and you just solved my problem.^^ (Now the other big problem is just to become better with english^^) Also… 1000. comment! 🙂

  6. They really have Germanys most well known brands. I recognized so many brands in the background. I'm really suprised.

  7. Germany’s stores sell kikkoman soy sauce I think just like in America because kikkoman is life

    Also if you have never seen the iconic kikkoman ad here on YouTube you go see that right nao

  8. In germany you can find soy sauce in the spice department.
    You know you've been "poluted" when you're happy to find more than burger-, hot dog buns and toast.

  9. This store is great – I wish we had it even here! ❤️ The ice cream makes me really curious 😋
    I would survive in DC, good to know

  10. Coffee is NOT german. It nowhere grows in Germany. It is probably from South America, as in the U.S. 🙂
    But the rest of the shop really appears authentic. I did not expect that.

  11. There are several kinds of cucumber in glasses:
    – the vinegar stuff
    – "Salzgurken", which are produced by lactic acid fermentation
    – Senfgurken which are pickled too but with a lot of Mustard and usually more sugar and then boiled down

    So there's great variaty and I prefer "Spreewaldgurken" called "Spreelinge" ^^

  12. lol I just lost it when I read "NO PRESERVATIVES" on that Pumpernickel-Bread. As a 'Präservativ' is basically a condom in germany.
    I guess that picture of the couple was VERY misleading 🙂

  13. Haha 😀
    You know how many different types of pickles exist in germany…. i for sure don't XD
    There are a lot

    I'm from bavaria and most of the people here, at least in this bavarian region, enjoy them pickled in vinegar
    (Can't speak for other places over here)

    Btw Maggi is not soysauce…. we've got the genuine one too 😉

  14. 7:53 Fleischsalat is more like mortadella stripes and pickles in mayonaise
    have not seen any version with coleslaw

  15. 81 average Germans disliked this vid, me included… I hate beer and Lederhosen, Bavaria should not be counted to Germany… Greetings from a blonde bearded north German.

  16. Urg, I am German and I do not eat anything from that (except those manner waffles and the bread, but even those are exceptions)
    By the way, in almost every discounter is soysauce. Maggi is crap

  17. Hmm… irgendwie ist in Amerika doch alles "ausländisch". Alleine schon bedingt durch die doch sehr junge Geschichte!
    ABER: Wenn Du, Kelly, wirklich gutes Essen willst und vorzügliche Produkte, dann musst du Österreichisch kaufen 😉

    Somehow, everything is "foreign" in America. Due to the abviously joung history. BUT: Kelle, if you really want good food, try Austrian food. This country has relly excellent products 😉 And in my opinion, way better quality than in Germany!

  18. 1:08 the Moment, when Americans see a good beer for the first time in their life
    Greetings from Bavaria, Prost 🍻

  19. greetings from munich bavarian germany

    Aldi ist auch eine Deutsche Kette in den USA, haben aber nur wenige Produkte wie bei uns.

  20. Fun-thing i realized. American goes into a german store in america and comes home with lots of stories. If you where a german visiting an american store in germany you would come home with 0 stories to tell XD

  21. Its only an autenthic german store, if the customers starting a combat until death, when a second cash register opens.

  22. I understand what you say about bread, Kelly. I also love cruspy, fresh bread, and only buy the toast in plastic bags when the shops here where I live in Norway are sold out of the usual bread. If I'd lived in the US I'd have to find a german or norwegian store with "real bread". I'd go nuts if I had to eat the soft toast packed in plastic all the time.

    BTW, why isn't there a nation wide bakery in the US with german/european type of fresh bread? I think more americans than you would love that type of bread. They gal/guy who started such a bakery in the US would become a billionaire I think. 🙂

  23. They have Ettaler beer. Wow. Thats form a small monastery near me. Didn't know they even export to America

  24. ABER… sollte ich mal nach Amerika ziehen, und dort leben wollen, könnte ich mich wirklich heimisch fühlen allein wegen diesen läden

  25. I love Almdudler! It is a type of lemonade made out of differents herbs that grow in the Alps! They changed the formula a bit over the years. I can remember it tasted different about ten years ago or so. I liked the old taste more but it is still very good! Drink it if you can! 😉

    Auf Wiedersehen.

  26. Quite amazing that you’ve acquired a liking of so many German foods during an 18months stay in Germany!

  27. I see the "Waffeln" everywhere in Germany. But in my 39 years I never seen anyone who buyed this "shit". No one eats this!!!

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