A Germophobe and Nature Lover Help Clean The Los Angeles River

A Germophobe and Nature Lover Help Clean The Los Angeles River

the LA River is so important because it's such a landmark I just moved from New York to LA this is my first time to the LA River thanks for coming out you are 2 of the 10,000 volunteers that we're going to drought this year this is the soft bottom section of the river last year we pulled out a hundred and 40 tons of trash from the river otherwise would have ended up in the Pacific Ocean there are 2,000 storm drains that lead into this river and so if you drop a piece of trash a cigarette butt in the street it ends up here oh my god I'm looking forward to the Camino today because I am an LA native my parents came from Guatemala in search of a better life so it's very personal I'm really excited to get involved in the community and be able to give back to my new home I'm not afraid to get dirty I'm a little bit nervous about all the germs but I'm gonna try to power through it and not get caught up with my hang-up let's venture out what's the history of the river this is actually a natural river it hasn't always been encased in concrete centuries ago this is where the indigenous peoples decided to settle because there's a body of water here and eventually the city grew up around it and then there were catastrophic floods in the 30s which is when the Army Corps came and encased it hoping to just shunt all of that flood water out to the ocean as quickly as possible how long is the river it's 51 miles long so it's all the way from the valley to the ocean it's a huge body of water it's all like these little pieces in there so how do you feel about the dirt so far the smell is throwing me off a little yeah it's really not terrible no air in it yeah how many of the easy things are produced daily in the world what is this it's more plastic seems to be the recurring theme of the day I thought it was just maybe cute little pickups in there yeah those fronds but actually the probably goes deeper Oh geesh what I found yeah these freakin straws man I'm never gonna use a straw again until you're confronted with it you're like okay well how am i contributing yeah like how am I even a part of this yeah now it's like oh I see it I see why why they're so weird about plastic bags I'm picking all these things I'm like it all adds up and it kind of like hurts my heart to see trees intertwined with garbage because every person drops one bag or they use a straw or to-go cup it's like this is what's contributing so much of this plastic that it's everywhere similarly if we all became a little more conscientious of our habits yeah we could also make that difference and make an impact we picked up this much trash in an hour right that's just between you and I now what is the greater vision for the LA River we've been looking at ways of getting rid of some of the concrete and really restoring the habitat and actually the water in the river contrary to popular belief is much cleaner than people realize fishing hiking along it kayaking all of that is safe it's not the toxic body of water that sort of that the media has made it see these trees as habitat wasn't here a few decades ago this is because of advocates like fuller we're making progress and we hope to see more of this sort of environment along the river

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34 thoughts on “A Germophobe and Nature Lover Help Clean The Los Angeles River

  1. I want to do my writing topic about deforestation and to stop it. Bad news is i gotta use paper to write it while i judge people who cut trees😂

  2. Today in school my, my group and teacher picked garbage off the streets and we couldn't get through the whole thing before the trash boxes got full.

  3. We need more people like this to make a difference. Because all the mess we have made is just gonna be left for people in the future to clean up instead of the people that did it.

  4. Why don't celebrities do challenges that if you get more recycling than other of the fans you can spend a day with the celebrity???

  5. "It hasn't always been encased in concrete."

    Oh really? I thought it was one of the rivers with a natural concrete casing.

  6. Every single person thinks, "Oh, one won't make a difference" either in cleanup or in litter… but that's thousands, millions of people thinking that, ok? You can make a difference. I picked up 20 pounds of soda cans in one day in a one mile radius of my home once.

  7. Nature is the most beautiful thing I just wish people would think about that before they throw some kind of trash in the streets or on the sidewalk, or anywhere! Let's think before we do.

  8. Lol you think 51 miles is a "huge body of water" that's cute 😂 the Rio Grande is 1,896 miles long and it runs through 3 states. It also runs through Mexico as well.

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