75 thoughts on “A Leopard’s Carefully Planned Ambush is Ruined by a Hyena

  1. Hyenas are disgusting vile creatures that eat their prey alive starting with their intestines while the prey is kicking, breathing and crying. Even cannibalize their own species or young. At least leopards and lions suffocate their prey first.

  2. I had no idea how huge hyenas were till I saw it next to the leopard. The whole time leading up to that moment I was just thinking “why doesn’t it just eat the hyena instead” till i realized

  3. I we t from being in awe, to being horrified as the hyena ate the deer’s guts while it was still alive. What kind of God would create such circumstance? Haha

  4. That's my Girl! Sweet snag! I'm over here Sunshine if you get too hungry. Special Reserve privy to that walk. ;;D haha

  5. There are people who act like that: they make others work and reap the rewards…it's called a boss 😉 (yes, I know : I'll probably make enemies to myself – bosses, precisely🤣). But there are some exceptions…😉

  6. I gotta admit I saw the working class being fleeced by the ones who don't contribute but instead only take. We're no different no matter what we try to rationalize! HAHA

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