A New Class of Wildlife Detection Dogs

A New Class of Wildlife Detection Dogs

[nature sounds] Our wildlife inspectors introduce us to the
new furry recruits… My canine is Hanna, and she’s about 2 and
a half years old. That’s an estimated age because she was a stray found on Old Cornelia
Highway. These pups are rescued from shelters and enrolled
at the National Detector Dog Training Center. Dutton came from Cherokee County Anmial Shelter.
He’s kind of a goober, but when we get ready to work, and I give him the command “find
it,” he gets down to business and usually we can locate the stuff pretty quickly. This is an extensive training, it’s, I was
surprised because I thought the training actually was for the dogs, but it’s actually for us
handlers! This is the best training that I have ever
had, this is a dream job. I’m having my dream right now. Wildlife detection dogs develop finely tuned
noses, key to sniffing out illegal wildlife shipments. Our new recruits will be stationed at major
U.S. ports. We do sea cargo, air cargo, mail, international
mail, so there’s quite a bit, there’s quite a bit to do we’re never going to be bored. We are looking forward to being certified
and going back to Puerto Rico to start working. These dogs are going to be an awesome tool
for us to interdict illegal wildlife being moved in the international trade. She’s doing wonderful, and she’d going to
be a great asset for the Service. Good luck on your new adventures! Smokey joins Javier Pachecho, in San Juan,
Puerto Rico Dock joins Chad Hornbaker in Anchorage, AK
Hanna joins P.J. Akeo in Honolulu, HI Dutton joins Lauren King Houston, TX

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