A Slender Song: Lost in the Woods [by Random Encounters]

A Slender Song: Lost in the Woods [by Random Encounters]

There! Alright, now to head home. Which is… That way? I’m lost! Wh-Wh… Where’d my poster go? Wait, WHAT?! Who’s taking my pages?! Miss Bird and Slenderman: (screams) No, wait, come back! Save me! Heh! That’ll teach’m to film people without their permission. Hmm, weird… I still feel like I’m being watched by someone… (The Beard sounds) AJ guys thank you so much for watching this! If you’d like to see some of the bloopers from it including injuries like this, and Peter’s back (you don’t want to see that part.) Peter: No, no. Go ahead and click (laughs) down below we got a button right there. There’s also gonna be a recording video somewhere around here. Oh yeah, you can watch Peter flub over there, too. Yeah. Please buy this song on iTunes, by the way. It’s available now and we can’t wait to, uh, show you the next musical on our channel. And check out our Patreon, we gotta get outta here before it starts to pour. Like, comment, and subscribe. We’ll see you guys next time. Beard salute! WOOOOOOOOOO! (whack) (AJ laughing) I don’t know why I did that. Cause you’re an idiot! Peter: Oh, right. AJ: I think we’re good. This musical was funded with support from our Patreon Encounterer like Caitlin Stevenson. Happy Halloween!

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100 thoughts on “A Slender Song: Lost in the Woods [by Random Encounters]

  1. Sneacking though the night but I’m not scared of Jason just a smpile trap will dash his killing spree 1st I’ll make a fight and once I got him chase’sin he’ll trip on my trap and I hear 👂🏼 it snap I will walk away Scott free: hideing here in doors 🚪 and searching for a weapon just a simple knife 🔪 or base ball bat will do find some broken oars or something large to step in I will kill for a gun and i got need one I come and I kill you: choludent find the keys or call tommy Jarvis haven’t seen the fuse a boat or even gas can’t aleart police and Jason’s gonna carve us no cue were they are I cholud use a car cause Jason’s on my:off to Jason’s hut to steal his mother sweater sounds like certain 💀 and obnoxiously contrived Jason kick her butt she’s useing me don’t to let her it’s all just a con go cut off her head wait Jason come on please don’t make me dead son listen to mom let me just instead survive traped about to die so I’ll discount from the game xd

  2. cool but are you 30% video if you don't know where it is just make more because I love videos and my name is I love it's love

  3. I wish they had made slender into a series instead of FNAF. don't get me wrong, I like the FNAF musicals just fine, but I feel like there isn't enough singing other than nights 1 and 2. this, however, was just a giant (amazingly well written) song, with only the occasional spoken line.

  4. Uhhhhhh, did any body watch “my little nightmare” and “papers please”? Cuz in the videos the same face covered hair guy is in both of them and this one too. Is he evil?

    He is also in Baldi’s basics the musical

  5. Your just kidding slender man of your lost in the woods and your poster are very annoying picture of your lost dog in that missing poster

  6. Just Teleport back. Also do you have the Proxy Mark. AND WHERE'S Sally AND Lazari's SONGS?!?!? MAKE ONE FOR THEM THEIR SO CUTE!
    1 like = a song for Sally and Lazari

  7. Why slender dosn't follow the girl and man? Because he is lost, the girl and man will run back to their city, and you will not lost.

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