AAAS Climate Change

AAAS Climate Change

climate change is real humans are responsible for a substantial part of it it's taking us in dangerous directions the effects of climate change are generally thought of into three and three major categories increasing temperature altered precipitation patterns and rising sea level but those three things together do a variety of things around the planet the ability to farm will change the ability to live on the shores of the world's oceans will change and of course as the climate changes the nature of crops will change hundreds of millions to billions of people who will have to move because of this because most of human development is along coastlines global climate change is the most dangerous and the most difficult of all of the environmental problems that humans have ever caused and probably will ever cause one of the very first places that I went to report on climate change was a tiny village in Alaska and Inupiat though it's called Shishmaref and the people in Shishmaref people have lived in Shishmaref on a seasonal way for hundreds of years and this island is just disappearing it's just eroding away and that's happening all around the Arctic there are just islands that are disappearing I've seen change such as the seasons that we hunt the fish that we fish the weather around us you know the weather's warmer and the winters are shorter I've seen probably close to a hundred feet of land that's been eroded away on the north side of the island the ponds and lakes they're drying up we subsist mostly on like seal Wohlers fish clams you know whatever we can get from the sea under fish our way upriver and gone somewhere else and then what permafrost nowadays when we bury our subsistence food is very shadow Nord because the Sun is so hot the Sun my heat of the Sun and then spoil or food you know so that's what I'm worried about everything is changing very dramatically after a lot of native communities in the Arctic as you see intimate villages being forced to be relocated away from the shoreline you see a preview of the fate that is going to befall London and Washington DC in New York and Boston and Bombay as sea level goes up worldwide or I've conditions were much sicker than the Clinton was good animal fur clothes we notice the condition of ice got much thinner year by year one of the interesting things that people will tell you up now in the Arctic is they can't predict they can't predict what's going on weather has become more unpredictable the patterns of where you're going to find animals have become more unpredictable one of the things that I remember from the past was to play traditional games in front of our community you know out front on the beach but nowadays the waves are laughing right up against the banks and it it's taken you know it's taken away part of our childhood when I was young it's big time with my grandfather you worked my dad when we had dog teams even those late spring the hitch up their dogs and we just go across the lagoon but we can tell it was safe by the coloration of Lights which is blue there solid ice it was great not unsafe nowadays you don't see this coloration of blue icing with all young guys denies those changes that we see in the natural world are really metaphors or models if you will of what will be happening to people so we got a problem here that requires that we change things in quite fundamental ways change the way we're supplying energy to the whole world's economy and it requires that we start doing it soon before we have irreversibly committed ourselves to a projector II that completely wrecks the world's climate the biggest cause of the global climatic disruption is the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that comes principally from the combustion of fossil fuels and from the deforestation that is going on particularly in tropical forests around the world fossil fuels are essential to the world's energy supply 80 percent of the world's energy supply is coming from those fossil fuels and deforestation is deeply embedded in the process of development as it is occurring today and so you've got causes of the global climatic disruption that are not easy to address you have to address how we get the energy for civilization and you have to address the whole pattern of economic development in the tropics people frequently say but what I do I'm one of many billions of people well if many millions of those billions of people were to reduce their own individual energy use the impact would be tremendous it's not beyond our knowledge base to fix this problem so I mean simply you know raising your thermostat a couple of degrees in summer and lowering it a couple of degrees in the winter can save a tremendous amount of energy but probably just as important is becoming politically active as we pass over critical thresholds to warmer and warmer climates it will become more and more difficult to reverse or even to lessen the impact of this global climate change the effects of global warming will be widespread from the poles to the equator from coast-to-coast and not just in remote areas but people are really beginning to understand the way global warming will affect their everyday lives the reality is is that once we hit what some people refer to as a tipping point in climate change the world becomes a dramatically different place very quickly we're talking about changes on it on a magnitude that that I really just off the charts if we can muster a high enough level of understanding in the general public if we can muster the political will in the nations policymakers we can take concrete steps that will in fact lessen the impact of global climate change as it's occurring people need to understand that food does not materialize de novo on supermarket shelves people need to understand that when you put the plug in the socket and electricity is there to run your computer that it didn't get there by accident that attached to that socket is a huge and complicated and expensive system which today is pouring huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and changing the climate I don't think it's an overstatement to say that teachers have responsibility to teach global warming the students of today today's high school students are tomorrow's innovators they are the people who are going to develop the new technologies the new techniques not only for adapting to global climate change but for reducing the impact that it'll have on our world you know I think children when they hear that global warming is threatening the survival of the polar bears get quite upset about that and feel a connection on an emotional level that maybe adults no longer have political leaders will take action when the citizens don't give them a choice and you know parents are gonna listen to their kids that's how recycling got in became a universal practice in the United States I think it's important that children understand that their voices are heard at a very young age you can develop very important habits but any minor step that kids can take actually will make a big difference we know that when you're mobilizing to do something kids are often very very influential in the way that we take steps I'm very optimistic that we can solve global warming that the US will return to a position of leadership because we have the technological know-how we have the creativity and the innovative spirit to tackle this problem we are establishing the climate that our grandchildren will inherit we really don't have any more time to debate the issue or to waste in terms of putting solutions into place as dangerous and difficult as the climate change problem is there are a lot of things that can be done about it and they can be done without catastrophic costs without an affordable economic cost without massive changes in the way we live we hope to pass on our traditions to our younger generation and generations to come

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30 thoughts on “AAAS Climate Change

  1. It is easier to deny it than to prove it. All the experimental evidence shows the IPCC is over exaggerated and only protecting their own interests. I actually place all the people that state "climate change is undeniable" with the same people that say "alien attack is imminent". Unless you have proof your statement is pointless.

  2. I do not feel that environmentalists are akin with the KKK. I feel they legitimately want to help the environment at the sacrifice of human development. The question that lingers is whether or not destroying our standard of living will significantly help the environment and indubitably it looks like it will not. As a matter of fact, by destroying progress we also kill the research which will solve all of our potential problems man made or not.

  3. Two questions:

    1) What ever happened to "Global Warming"?

    2) Why do we grow corn to produce a liquid that ruins engines and reduces automobile mileage?

  4. @TheMaster620 Hi
    Have you seen Greg Cravens movies? If not, watch them!

    He has made hours of movies where he balances four choices:
    GW is false – we do not act
    GW is true – we do act
    GW is false – we do act
    GW is true – we do not act

    Then he asks himself: "Which scenario is worst"? Brilliant movies!

  5. @luk1954 Oh, come on!!!!! You can't go with this conspiracy bullshit forever! AAAS is one of the biggest scientific organizations in the whole world, and now you even don't want to listen to them? If you wont listen to them, listen to no one else either, because if all those hundreds of thousands scientists at AAAS is wrong, so is the rest of the scientific world!

  6. Wow. Now there's a bizarre statement. "Climatologists want to destroy western civilization."

    Yup. In college, in the deep of the night when they were supposed to studying for Physics or Organic Chemistry, those damned climatologists were forming a secret society with the sole purpose to destroy all we know.

  7. @luk1954 you said "Environmentalists are really the Ku Klux Klan under a different name. " when the KKK was about hate and violence and protecting the climate is about justice and is persued through non-violence. The inaplicability of the comparison makes it look like you have read it from a script.

  8. You sound just sooo brainwashed that i can't really say anything that would make you look any less credible.

  9. I believe climate change is happening and is a major challenge to humanity. I don't believe AAAS has done a very good job with this video. Back to the drawing board, kids.

  10. It seems that this video was very… cute. It had some Inspirational quotes, and some very lovely music. The best part of it was that it didnt burden any of us with those pesky facts. This is exactly the kind of video I want from a SCIENCE institute. All opinion and no SCIENCE. My favorite quote was "We realy dont have time to debate the issue." to me that says "we have no facts, ad please dont even try to look for any."

  11. Great video!

    We are deteriorating the only habitat that can sustain us. It is time to work to change the way we relate the rest of the biosphere for the sake of future generations.

    Join the fight to save our descendents.



  12. well im not saying man i scausing change but it is a FACT FACT!!!! THAT THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING. NOT an opinion, so ya your just another turd

  13. Wonderful video!

    Maybe Peak Oil will get here first but climate change will last centuries. An economic collapse would be painful but not nearly so enduring.

    It's time we move to sustainable living on OUR terms. We WILL get there eventually one way or the other but continuing business-as-usual is simply NOT sustainable.

    For the sake of our future generations, thats all that will be left of us, the time for change has come.


  14. I completely agree with sidneydoc, we hear only doomsday propaganda, no evidence, not ever, the arctic was warmer in the 1930's by the way, there are more polar bears than ever, and it has been getting colder since year 2000, belief without evidence is faith, what we are seeing is the birth of a new religion, how extreme is this "eco-inquisition" going to get, maybe there are real enviro-problems we can spend our money on

  15. I'd like to see ONE, just ONE piece of evidence (models are NOT 'evidence') that man is causing climate change.

    … of course there is none 😉

  16. We are not causing it. The guy below me is trolling these vids posting his link. So I am trolling behind him with actually informative vid links.

    Things change! That is the way it is. Just because something used to happen one way when you were a kid and it is different now doesn't mean that we need to try and change it back. We should just adapt to the changes we cannot control.

  17. Climate change can't happen without loosing our existing economies.
    Climate change is inevitable, and requires the loss of about 30% of existing Earth's population.
    This causes various planetary "instabilities".
    You make the next sentence:

  18. ahh, alcedias0, you fell for that urban myth? Can you provide a link demonstrating your statement that "30 years ago, AAAS was pushing global cooling!"?

  19. i dont think climate change is a threat to humanity, but should we be so selfish that we destroy some of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet? the coral reefs are some of the most delicate ecosystems on the planet and possibly the most beautiful, we need to stop thinking about the western world and look at the effects towards the equator and the effect of delicate eco systems, weve done enough damage already, let this not be another selfish selfdestructive act of humanity

  20. we have given the system a kick: we dont know exactly what that kick will do, but stopping the assaults reduce the chances of a negative outcome.

  21. By ignoring our best information we are risking the livelyhoods of not just ourselves bu those who can least well adapt. That is immoral.

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