#about #ocean / महासागर – प्रशांत महासागर ,अटलांटिक महासागर ,हिन्द महासागर :- भूगोल

#about #ocean / महासागर – प्रशांत महासागर ,अटलांटिक महासागर ,हिन्द महासागर :- भूगोल

Presents ocean and its important points by Chandan Kumar Pandey The Ocean Which covers our earth about 72% This specialty makes it different from other planets There are one third water on it It is called hydrosphere Due to this hydrosphere our Earth blue planet is visible There are 5 oceans on the earth Which has name Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean, southern Ocean,
Arctic Ocean and Indian (Hind) Ocean A detailed analysis of all these oceans will be done before the end of this video AT this time Some other important things that are related to the ocean are to be known You Know The water of the ocean is authentic and salty The other more interesting thing for ocean is wave the waves arise due to the rise and fall of water surface This is due to friction between air and water When the water of the Ocean gets up and falls, then it moves in a certain direction Which is called a sea stream The sea stream was influenced by many reasons for examples.. Rainforced wind Rotation of the earth size and shape of continents And water density in the northern hemisphere Stream flows in the clock direction while the stream flows in the opposite direction of the clock in the hemisphere There are two types of sea streams here one is cold and another is hot stream The cold stream arises in the polar areas and carries cold water Labrador stream is an example The hot stream is located on the equator and carries hot water Galf stream is an example Stream also affect the weather and temperature of the current location in this way, hot streams bring hot temperature to the ground The place where hot and cold winds get is that the woolly condition is born for example, a sea coast of Japan and the eastern coast of North America This place is best for fisheries There is one more special feature of the sea that is the tide Let’s take some information on this too The tide arises due to the ocean water above or below a certain velocity it happens twice a day When the waves of water cover most parts of the shore coast, it is called high tide and when the water waves moves the sea shore backwards, it is called low tide The sun and the moon cause tides due to the force of gravity on the earth Despite being shorter than the sun, the moon is the most gravitational force on the earth This is because the distance the earth and the moon is the lowest When the sun , moon and earth are in a straight line so it is the cause of high tide This high tide is also called heavy tide A small tide is also produced back of the earth Which is due to rotation of the earth When the moon is at the equinox so this causes less waves Which is called low tide The ocean of the Earth is very vast, which benefits us a lot But they are also due to destruction Like the earthquake, volcanism or big waves produced by the collision of the internal surface of the water these are called tsunami Tsunami runs at a speed of approximately 700 km/hr and rises up to 150 meter high When it is on its boom, it becomes the cause of many wealth and mass destruction Due to this reason the ocean is powerful and causing destruction this makes the earth a precious planet the ocean spread over 36 crore square kilometers on earth The time has come for the study of this so let’s start to know about them As we know that the ocean is 5 First Pacific Ocean And the rest four like Atlantic Ocean , Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean Let’s learn about all of these little information which is one by one Let’s start First of all , about Pacific Ocean This is the largest and deepest ocean It seprates America and Asia Its area is 16.8 crore square kilometers Its average depth is 14000 feet The maximum depth is approximately Its shape is triangular The middle boundary between the Cancer line and the Capricorn line is called the Middle Pacific Ocean There are about 300 volcanoes mountain which is the highest in all Most of the places that are so far known Now talk about the important trench The first is the Mariana trough, which is the deepest part of the world Tonga trough, and Mindanao trough these are also part of the Pacific Ocean Let’s talk about the Andh Ocean, It’s the second name of the Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world It separates Europe and Africa 1/5 of the Earth is broad from the Atlantic Ocean According to English letter 8, its shape looks like If you look at this globe, the Atlantic Ocean that looks exactly like 8 The Atlantic Ocean is not the biggest Ocean yet the largest water-flow sphere of world The deepest part of it is the Puerto Rico trough The next point is North polar ocean called Arctic Ocean It is located at the northernmost edge of the earth It separates Eurasia and North America This is the smallest ocean It was given the status of the ocean by the international Water Saving Organization (IHO) But some ocean scientists consider it only the Arctic Mediterranean or the Arctic Ocean only Its temperature and salinity varies according to the season The salinity of the ocean is the lowest point to be notes that ocean’s status is given by IHO International water conservation organization Now let’s talk of the Ardh Ocean which is also called Hind Ocean or Indian Ocean It is the world’s third largest ocean It’s expansion on the earth is 19.5 percent World’s only ocean is named after a country, it is country of Hindustan (India) It has been named Ratnakar in Sanskrit that means creating a gem While in ancient Hindu texts it has been called the Hindu Ocean Its area is 7 crore square kilometers This ocean contains the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf Its deepest part is the Sundas Trough There are some main islands in this ocean, their name is something like this Medagaskar, whish is world 4th largest island These are all the islands of the Indian Ocean 5th and last ocean Southern Polar Ocean whose other name is Antarctic Ocean This ocean is located in the southernmost of the world 4th largest ocean in the world and Its area is 2.1 crore square kilometers So in this way we have collected and understand little information about the ocean

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