14 thoughts on “Agriculture, Water, Railways, Jobs Neglected in Union Budget, says DCM Parameshwara

  1. Evayya Dcm??, adakke tumkur college students modi anthare avru study madtirodu dcm college hagidru.
    It's not a good budget but honesty budget for our country development. Congress thara low level and partiality budget allah

  2. Sir. nammornalli udyoga khatri yojane adiyalli obba comman man saha brashta naaglikke nimma Manmohan Singh govt sahaya madide.shame on u people

  3. I request to central goverment prevent the school for poor childern .give a good quality of education to poor people this type budget useful for public

  4. Appa nivu hen madidirappa helrappa bari kithatta janake help madrappa bari nivu car Ali soki madode hagoyithu yappa namma Karnatakada janatheya bagge thale kedskolri

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