23 thoughts on “Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, not so Free Energy with potatoes

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  3. that's one hoss of a battery. Everybody else is struggling to get 100 milliamps. Any numbers on amps? Headed to the market now. Thanks!

  4. What causes it to stop working? Is the potato still edible after the cell quits working? lol How many amps? Or tell us the wattage, not just the volts, thank you great video.

  5. Hi ScienceTubeToday. I live in Kenya and want to do this with the kids, but copper piping is tricky to get hold of. Could we use an alternative or does it have to be copper? Many thanks!

  6. A totally different potato battery. It is well worth watching all the way to the end…then please share it. Your comment is welcome and appreciated  🙂

  7. Alternative Energy using potatoes – fun stuff, really! – Please watch and share it  🙂

  8. Well, this is what happens here. The galvanized zinc screws are electron rich, while the copper tubes are electron starved. The phosphoric acid in the mashed potato (it could be regular potato) provides the medium that helps the electrons flow from the zinc screws to the copper. When electrons flow, you have electricity. When the charges balance out, the electrons stop flowing and the battery is dead. But it is a very cool battery, I love it!

  9. When the electrodes wear out. Copper is starved for electrons, while the galvanized screw is electron rich. The potato is there just to facilitate the flow of electrons from the galvanized screw to the copper. Potatoes contain phosphoric acid H3PO4 which facilitates the electro chemical reaction of zinc with copper.

  10. i think i have seen this vid before, i actually did, i enjoyed watching this. greatwork. greetings from the netherlands

  11. Thank you for your comment, Sameep
    Just so you know, Yissum Development Company has come up with a way to produce 10 times more electricity using boiled potatoes (like I did). Who knows what else we can do, if we just keep looking for new ways to produce energy.
    Have a great day 🙂

  12. i am not sure how far this dji phantom will go. but i saw a vid were the dji phantom goes almost 1,2 km. greetings

  13. Thanks for the comment. I visited your channel and subscribed too. I loved the quadcopter videos. I was just curious about the flying range…
    Take care, 🙂

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