Amazon Rainforest Burns and Brazil’s Leaders Are Under Fire | WSJ

Amazon Rainforest Burns and Brazil’s Leaders Are Under Fire | WSJ

– The main thing that’s
causing fires is deforestation. Would you agree with that? – Deforestation is important
aspect of the fires, but it’s not the only one. – [Narrator] As fires continue to burn in Brazil’s rainforest, Ricardo Salles, Brazil’s environment minister,
says he’s in the U.S. to tell his government’s
side of the story. – It’s a communication challenge, I think. – According to France’s Emmanuel Macron, it’s an international crisis. Canada’s prime minister agrees, and Finland is urging EU countries to stop importing beef
and soybeans from Brazil. They point to Brazil’s
mismanagement of a rainforest they consider vital to all humanity, and the fires, more
than 43,000 from January through August of this year, according to Brazil’s
space agency, as exhibit A. Salles, a lawyer by training,
took office in January under conservative
president Jair Bolsonaro. In his first trip to the U.S. as minister of the environment, Salles confirmed the Brazilian president plans to address the United
Nations General Assembly. He says Bolsonaro wants to talk about the country’s
environmental policies. What’s the message he’s gonna be bringing? – Brazil is an example
of a sustainable country, as opposed to the
narrative that was created that they are dismantling
the environmental structure. – But why are the fires at
the highest level since 2010? – With this year’s you’ll see that it’s hotter, it’s drier. – The drought has been milder this year. – What happened is that the
distribution of the rain during the period this year
was much more concentrated than the past three years, – [Jason] Rainforest
fires typically burn land that has been either fully
or partially deforested. The rate of forest loss in Brazil’s Amazon started to decline around 2005. – In 2012 on, it became going up again. – [Jason] Salles says final
deforestation statistics for this year won’t be
released until November. But 70% more forest has
been cleared this year than the year prior. This is according to your
own government’s statistics. So it’s happening. – The important thing
is where is comes from. It comes from illegal
mining, it comes from the illegal use of the
forest for the wood removal, and also inappropriate agriculture use. – [Jason] Is the message
that you’re bringing that deforestation is
not as bad as it appears? – [Salles] We’re saying
that illegal deforestation must be fight against it. We already doing, actually. – [Jason] What constitutes
legal deforestation is a complex matter. Property owners in Brazil’s
Amazon are legally entitled to deforest some of their land. But according to Brazilian
environmental lawyers, wildcat miners, loggers and ranchers often bribe officials to
get phony land titles. Salles says legal land
owners should be paid to preserve the forest and
not cut and clear their land. – The fact is that, in order to avoid the increase of areas for
the use of agriculture, we need to provide to
the owners an alternative in terms of economic use of the property. And that’s why we’re
looking for the payment for environmental services, which is a rate that we
remunerate those owners. – That’s expensive. I mean, you’re going through
budget cuts right now. You’ve cut your budget
overall by about 25%. – It’s not necessarily
coming from the budget. It can come from
international governments, leagues that are asking
Brazil not to produce or not to increase the
areas of plantation. It’s a tool that can be used for … turn speeches into actions. – Salles says he’s announcing
a bio-economic summit which will take place in November. He says Brazil will invite representatives from international companies to discuss preservation of the Brazilian Amazon and economic development there. Boycotts from companies like H&M, how worried are you about
these effecting your economy? – First, I don’t think it’s fair, because Brazil is doing well. We have a legal framework which
is an example to the world, the forestry code, the
maintenance of the appropriate sustainable production and everything. – But these companies
clearly aren’t convinced. – We are here to show them
that they are not convinced based on misinformation. – Many people think your country has a major role to play in
preventing climate change, because you’ve got 60%
of the Amazon rainforest. This is the world’s
most bio-diverse forest. And they’re concerned that, if
it continues to be destroyed at the rate that it is right now, that that could make climate change worse. Does that concern you? I mean, does climate change
keep you up at night? – No, it’s an important issue. – [Jason] It’s on issue on the
minds of many world leaders, as Salles, as he says, tries
to reshape the narrative.

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100 thoughts on “Amazon Rainforest Burns and Brazil’s Leaders Are Under Fire | WSJ

  1. We should be paying the land owners to preserve that rainforest.
    No one wants to pay for it but if we don't, they'll just keep wiping out species and wasting precious resources…
    Boycotting them will just make it worse.
    Don't give the government money, it is corrupt.

  2. I wonder what part of the current rainforest was under cultivation before the Columbian exchange, which resulted in diseases killing off a large percentage of the indigenous populations? There is a lot of evedience of agricultural conversion of the soils in the rain forrest. I remember as a kid in the 1960's visiting my grandparents farm and I would go into the forrest on the adjacent property. But even though it had fully mature trees, plow furrows could still be made out in the ground – the little hills and valleys all parallel as far as the eye could see. It had been a plowed field with a crop maybe in the 1920's or 1930's and was allowed to turn back into a forrest.
    Now I'm not saying action shouldn't be taken to reduce deforestation, but what we think of as original rainforests untouched by man may not be what we think they are. What would crop land look like if it was abandoned over 300 years ago? Would it appear to have been forrest from the beginning?

  3. We should take back the amazon from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept the masses down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you… the indigenous people. The amazon is theirs. None should interfere. Alternative food source? Start by going plantbased and freeing the oppressed animals. Ppl should Step forward for the greater good. An army of ppl who care about the planet should be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts should be convened. Good spoils should be enjoyed. No Blood should be shed. The carnivores will survive, but they should learn true justice. This great world… it will endure. Earth will survive! Just not sure about the human race.

  4. These Brazilian politicians are lying! They want to extract gold, cut down trees to plant and raise cattle, and this will kill the forest.


  6. Maybe people should stop eating at fast foods, or dumping huge amount of wasted meat into the garbage, the average meat waste for a single fastfood restaurant is about $600 a week. Now go ahead count that for the rest of the world both on industrial and consumer level.

  7. Meanwhile, Macron is green lighting mining operations in French Guiana. These world leaders are playing musical chairs & hoping we don't notice!

  8. It is very sad, but if China and the US do not respect the Kyoto Protocol, they are a billion times more relevant to catastrophic effects on humanity in the coming decades

  9. People who live in the Amazon region must preserve 80% of the land and every fire or deflorestation is ilegal, brazilians care about the land and thats why 70% of the Amazon in our territory is preserved. Thats what angried many brazilians that idea that we don't care and we shoud not have the Amazon in international media by countries who destroyed more that 90% of their original florests

  10. Time for mother Earth to do some damage control. I’d be more than happy to welcome the reptiles compared to these so called 2 legged freaks. Stop saying the Earth is dying.. its f*ckn hilarious. Earth will be here for the next billions of years. Its the 2 legged freaks that are dying

  11. This is going to be, and is, affecting everyone!! The Amazon Rainforest is literally the LUNGS of the world! It's on FIRE! It has been burning for a long time now, and no one has done anything at all! Poor animals are suffering, their homes and families are being burnt. Please, anyone who has a large fan base on social media, or has any way to contact more recognizable and popular people, please inform and convince other people to help spread the word and to DONATE MONEY TO NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS TO HELP THE AMAZON! THE FORESTS ARE DYING, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

  12. Isso é o que o Salles fala na mídia internacional, aqui no Brasil o governo insiste em pregar que o aquecimento global é uma mentira. Me envergonha muito a dissimulação desse homem que só está interessado em poder e dinheiro. Ele inclusive já mentiu que possuia um diploma de mestrado em direito internacional na Universidade de Harvard. É um mentiroso compulsivo. O que ele deixou de falar é que demitiu o chefe no Inpe que foi responsável por divulgar as estatísticas sobre o desmatamento na Amazônia. Outra coisa, que desmate a floresta são os grandes fazendeiro não os pequenos agricultores. A derrubada da floresta nada muda na qualidade de vida dos pequenos agricultores, só faz concentrar renda nas mãos daqueles que já têm.

  13. More than 60% of the native rainforest is preserved in Brazil. Many people in north region of Brazil mentioned no smoke or even fire in the forests. Of course it exists but not that much how world press is broadcasting every single day.
    This is a very known problem and happens every year because of the season. I'm Brazilian and I live here in this wonderful place, I know what I'm talking about.

  14. vão reflorestar o país de vcs derrubaram todas vossas florestas e querem mandar no país dos outros vai reflorestar o país de vcs vão arrumar a desgraça que fizeram aí

  15. talking about the Amazon in Brazil is easy .. where is the world to help .. soldiers for war you have. now nobody will help a neutral country .. amanos all .. for God's sake .. help us

  16. The first world has achieved unsustainable development, the first world has deforested everything in its countries and thereby achieved unsustainable first world development. All first world countries have infinitely larger areas being used for agriculture, while Brazil uses 8% of its territory, many first world countries use almost 70% of their territories for agriculture, other than deforestation. The rotten media in Brazil is desperate because it has lost billions in government advertising, so it blatantly lies day and night to attack President Bolsonaro. They investigated more than 40 or 50 years of the President's life to look for mistakes and blackmail, but found nothing to attack, so they attack the administration. The rotten Brazilian media is destructive to the country itself in exchange for billions. This is the truth. We need a campaign for first world countries to reforest their deforested areas.

  17. They want to stop Brazil from growing. Want to give us a computer in exchange for mountains of iron ore, or other riches, want what is under the forests, you have cleared everything in your country to achieve unsustainable development while Brazil has over 60% preservation. You use more than 50% of the land with agriculture, while Brazil only uses 8%. In the Amazon alone there are over 100,000 Non-Governmental Organizations that receive billions in cash just to disturb, of course there are some serious ones. We are not deforesters, we are preserved from the environment, just see our percentage of preserved area and the areas of other countries on the planet. In fact, most are afraid of Brazil's competitiveness and know that Brazil is the richest country on the planet in natural resources, so they campaign against IS campaigns based on the rotten media lies of Brazil.

  18. It is clear in the biased position of the newspaper, which cuts as ministerial speeches, replacing them with interference and conclusions from the interviewer himself. Brazil preserves the environment, forests and biodiversity. And Brazil needs to be respected for that.

  19. I think it is easy to try to protect forests in other countries, especially when you live in a rich and developed country that has destroyed its own forests.

  20. And the stupid zombies from this stupid government are here, thinking they know serious politics, serious ecology and serious journalism! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Modernize economic development clashes againsts environmental preservation. You have people that wants to get out of poverty line, needs home but they need to have jobs and producing their own food. So they destroy the forest to build a means of production for themselves such as a farm or factory. It is irony to own a land that you have no say in decision-making on what you want to do with it. Environmental preservation is a noble cause, but it doesn't feed the population nor does it provide living wage jobs for them. In the end what do we define as "rich and wealthy"? Natural resources or modernized paper-money loaded society that can buy luxuries? Many choose for the latter for selfish reasons sadly. Jair Bolsonaro wasn't entirely wrong, he played with the people's sentiment who wants economic development and its double standard for first world countries complaining while they're getting ahead with futurization, being provided comfortable living and infrastructure, breeding to add more people on this planet, destroying their own backyard forest to place new homes and manufacturing plants. The whole planet is not just one country's responsibility, its everyone's responsibility and it starts at our own country. People think Jair Bolsonaro is holding the Amazon rainforest as hostage and extortion, thing is when there are people there who wants to develop further economically, who is helping them? The citizen themselves? The country's own leader helping them? Or first world countries helping them? If there are no handouts given in the first place, what do you do? You do whatever you can to improve your living standards using the resources you have. That is what Brazil did, though morally wrong in the eyes of the world.

  22. What you show in the media is inaccurate information. The great rainforest of the Amazon is wet and has never been consumed by flames. The great Amazon rainforest is a tropical rainforest. To say that the great rainforest of the Amazon is burning is to say that aquatic plants catch fire. What is in the great Amazon rainforest are small fires in different places. Ladies and gentlemen, stop blaming Brazil for deforestation and fires in the Amazon rainforest. Brazilian forests are bigger than Europe, think a little before blaming Brazil and its government, which has only 9 months of management. Let's assume the Amazon is Europe because it is the same size. How to combat deforestation and fires in this scenario? You need to combat deforestation and fires in Portugal and then combat deforestation and fires in Ukraine at the same time. Brazil is a country with more than 200 million inhabitants, so Brazil cannot be treated just as an ecological park. Brazil has 61% of its native forests preserved and hundreds of sustainable actions and programs to maintain these forests preserved. Brazilian government actions and programs for the environment ->

  23. Amazônia é Brasileira, nenhum país tem autonomia ou autoridade para falar do Brasil, essa falácia de meio ambiente é só pretexto dos governantes internacionais.
    Não estão preocupados com árvores nem índios, estão interessados no solo que rico de diversidades.
    Vão cuidar do país de vocês, e deixa o Brasil e nossa Amazônia em paz. Vão reflorestar o país de vocês já que gostam tanto de árvores.
    Como já disse nosso ministro, não podemos impedir uma invasão no Brasil, porém fomos treinados para que se invadirem não saíram daqui vivos.

  24. Este ministro, Ricardo Sales já havia foi condenado por crime ambiental,quando foi secretário do meio ambiente no governo de São Paulo,Bolsonaro incentivou incêndios crimosos quando afroxou a fiscalização

  25. Visite a Amazônia e veja com os próprios olhos. Fake News nominam a narrativa em torno do tema.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  27. Some countries, such as France, are trying to manipulate information about burning in the Amazon as the new government is fighting NGO-led illegal mining, which is robbing the Brazilian people, rather than helping to preserve it.

  28. The last few months what I have heard from the likes of the G20, it is the Brazilian govt destroying the Amazon. Where in actual fact, it is greedy companies doing the damage like they are doing all over the world. I find it hard to stomach the modern civilisations making noise about this destruction, when they are modern countries because of the destruction they have already undertaken. In a world where we can recycle why do they keep killing our forests?

  29. SHAME >>>> president BOLSONARO already made a video saying that AMAZONOA IS NO MORE FROM BRAZIL >
    president! already made a video saying that AMAZONOA IS NO MORE FROM BRAZIL >>

  30. "A communication challenge" is corporate babble-speak propaganda 101. He is on a "white-washing" tour only, all to cover up the truth that they will destroy it all at their leisure. Guaranteed. 4000 new fires AFTER world condemnation!! They are doing nothing to stop it. Nothing. If this guy is about preserving the forest then trump is a civil rights activist.

  31. BRASIL Is and example how fast you can extermination ,and MASIVA de MILLIONS of species of wild life in 6 month for money, to grow soybean meat to sale to china,

  32. NASA DATA :,-96.9613532259014,205.66105357580057,116.7886467740986&l=MODIS_Aqua_Thermal_Anomalies_All,Reference_Labels,Reference_Features,Coastlines,VIIRS_SNPP_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden)

    2012 – 2018 World fires map :

  33. Once in awhile I check up on the amazon rainforest and this is the only video I see abt it that’s not atleast 2 weeks old??!?! I think no one cares anymore

  34. NASA : Amazon fires in 2019 are slightly BELOW the average of the last 15 years… >>

    Original NASA source >>

    >> That's the TRUE. The rest is FAKE NEWS <<

  35. There's a revealing graphic at 01:18. Just pause the video and see. It shows clearly the Amazon fires were higher in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (record level), 2007 and 2010, than now in 2019. At that time, when leftist Lula was in charge, the media was silent… This means bias and double standards… "Do as I say, not as I do". Pure hypocrisy. It sucks.

  36. Poorly conducted interview. The interviewer was clearly trying to push the narrative that deforrestation was out of control and that the government was necesarilly environmentally bad in their handle of their country's land.

  37. Esse vídeo é fake. Feito pela GLOBOLIXO, usaram um simulador de fogo e fumaça. TROPA de VAGABABUNDOS!

  38. I will stay here, waiting for the rich countries to plant trees on the own countries as they ask from others.
    Or just declare war to countries that pollute the most like China, Germany and India.

  39. Respeite o nosso brasil. Se provavelmente você quer ajudar. Não atrapalhe provavelmente os nossos desenvolvimentos. Estamos no Verão e nossa Amazônia estamos cuidando. Cuide do seu país reflorestandoo. Irar beneficiar seu país e trarar grandes benefícios.

  40. A Amazônia é em sua grande parte do Brasil, mas por conta de sua importância ela diz respeito ao mundo inteiro. E se o Brasil assim como qualquer outro país incompetente o suficiente para não ver o quão importante é a fauna e flora do mundo, na minha opinião deve ter esse patrimônio impedido de ser usado e ser cuidado por outros. Sério a pior coisa que foi feita no mundo foi tirar os nativos, pelo menos eles respeitavam a terra

  41. O Brasil tem a maior fonte de energia limpa do planeta, a maior concentração de floresta tropical e a biodiversidade, o maior volume de água doce do planeta! A lei obriga que preservemos 20% das nossas propriedades no Sul, Sudeste e Centro-Oeste na região Amazônica a preservação obrigatória é de 80%. E tem um punhado de zé bosta que devastou suas florestas que vem querer dar pitaco no Brasil. Vão se fuder cambada! É só verem as metróples ou até a megalopole brasileira, que verão que o Brasil preserva mais que o mundo! Qual metropole com mais de 1.000.000 de habitantes no mundo, fora do Brasil que tenha o número de árvores e parques botânicos que temos?

  42. The Amazon is Brazilian, no country has autonomy or authority to speak of Brazil, this fallacy of the environment is only a pretext for international rulers.
    They are not concerned with trees or Indians, they are interested in soils rich in diversity.
    They will take care of your country and leave Brazil and our Amazon alone. You will reforest your country because you like trees so much.
    As our minister said, we cannot prevent an invasion of Brazil, but we were trained so that if they invaded, they would not leave here alive.

  43. forest fires happen, people. they suck but they are almost always caused by natural events. this is clearly political posturing. Canada had a forest fire a couple years ago that displaced thousands and sent smoke all the way to florida. Did the global MSM care? No. Brazil is a poorer country and they think they can bully them into submission. stay strong, Brazil. the social engineers from america and europe are well on their way.

  44. Man is killing himself. This will affect the distant parts of humanity and environments severely. We need to focus on saving this forest on a global scale.

  45. Macron was arrogant and hypocritical. The farmers do not do this because they are pyromaniac.
    What if Bolsonaro would demand from the Western consumers to curb their consumption to the level of Brazilians to save the Planet so to speak.

  46. Eco-Apocalypse rages -as materialism & greed are prevailing, & we are seeing on social media 'statistics' used for mass distraction & 'justification', we are seeing pathetic egotistical 'macho' nationals threatening France that their country's army is 'better at jungle fighting' (…when there will soon be no forest remaining)

  47. When a person or a group of people set a bomb off in a country they are designated as a terrorist. So why are not the people who are destroying the forest which is a huge asset to the Brazilian people and the world as a whole allowed to be shot on sight?

  48. I want to spread awareness for the Amazon Rainforest. I know my background may be different from others. But all i want in life is to help others and help the world in the best way possible. I don’t want any money out of this; my only objective if for people to spread this post and spread awareness that we can use planes to drop acorns into the amazon then drop water to plant the seeds for the next generations. The last thing i want is for others generations to grow up in such a mess. So i only ask to spread awareness of this post to other organizations that are currently helping so they can rebuild the rainforest.

  49. Why should there be individual owners of a piece of the Amazon Rainforest land? Are these lands being sold piece by piece by corrupt government officials? Or, was this allowed legally by the present Brazilian government for whatever plans of corporate development they may have?

  50. Stop burning AMAZONE EXTERMINATION of million of animals SANCIONS for BRASIL BOYCOT BOLSONARO SAFE the AMAZONE thanks

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