Anderson Cooper Burger Planet Interview I70 Lakewood Crash

Anderson Cooper Burger Planet Interview I70 Lakewood Crash

it is a nightmare scenario a runaway semi truck plowed into traffic on the highway ignited a fiery crash twenty eight vehicles were involved at least four people had died and the driver the truck has been arrested on vehicular homicide charges my guest tonight happened to be live streaming from his car when the truck went flying by look if you look at the left side of your screen you're welcome guys we just cure dings I'm so scary he joins me in just a few minutes I answer your questions as well just ask them in the comments below plus a measles quarantine has been ordered at two public universities in Los Angeles we'll take you to Los Angeles for the latest on that and later one very special woman is flying her way on to tonight's goods her story got us thinking of a question for you have you ever gotten to do your dream dream job at least for a day answer that and while you're at it share this post with your dreamiest friend I'll get your final results what everyone says before the end of full circle I want to start with the first thing first a top turning story on Facebook right now according to a new Washington post/abc News poll on the Moller report only 3 out of 10 Americans by president Trump's claimed that the findings completely exonerate him it was a 53 to 31 percent margin 47 Brits 47 percent think the president tried to interfere with the Russian investigation in a way that amounts to obstruction of justice 41 percent however disagree as for the Moller report itself more than half the country 51 percent believe it was fair only 21 percent don't think so twenty-eight percent have no opinion time now for the full circle interview as mentioned at the top of the show at least four people are dead after that driver of a semi rammed into traffic outside of Denver caused a massive crash involving 28 vehicles according to police this man was the driver of the truck he's been charged with four counts of vehicular homicide Josh McCutcheon was sitting in traffic on i-70 when the semi roared past him just before the crash seemingly giving Josh the fright of his life and understandably Josh McCutcheon joins us now Josh thanks so much for being with us can you just take us through what happened because we just saw the video where you were streaming you can see not only the truck zooming by but but how you felt it yeah Anderson first of all thanks for having me on and yeah I was completely caught off guard it was since we were stuck in traffic I decided well let's I'll read some of the chats see what the people are saying on the livestream I usually make a note so not to be reading the stream and pay attention to driving but as I'm talking to people all of a sudden just feel the van and see it out of the corner of my eye and it just shook the whole van and here the heck out of me obviously just I was I didn't know what to do it and I was looking back to see what was going on and then when I looked forward and just saw plumes of black smoke it was just very terrifying very scary so how far was the crash from you because I'm wondering from the time you saw the the truck pass you by how quickly was it that it it started the crash I would estimate that I was about 50 yards from the the overpass I was asked where you off the exit ramp at that particular exit in Lakewood and it just came to a complete gridlock to stop so we were just sitting there and I could see there was a police car there and then I saw I think of ambulance that was coming up and my periphery on the left trying to help them because there was already an active accident that was already commenced and that's why the track was locked up and then guess that guy just lost control of his vehicle and it was devastating I was the bumper-to-bumper traffic that you were in was I guess who it wasn't in the lane that that that truck driver because I mean he was able to zoom past you yeah I was in the farthest right lane I usually drive pretty slow and I don't have a road the best vehicle yeah he just came through the emergency lane just about blew the doors right off the hinges on the van Shin and scare the bejeebies out of me yeah understandably and so what happened once the you saw though the plumes of smoke what happened then well the actually the truck behind me as you can see in the video they were almost it looks like they were kind of motioning to go into the emergency lane to pass some stuff or to go it get off on the exit ramp because some vehicles had done that and then it just seconds after that the truck comes and I don't know it was just it was scary yeah I know you spoke to one man on the scene who's actually pulling people out of their vehicles yeah his name is Darren they created a GoFundMe for him and think it'd be great so people could donate – last I checked there only fifty dollars had been donated but according to him he as soon as the semi-truck hit the cars and there was a fire he just ran down there to the scene and helped four people get out of their vehicles so he's definitely here oh wow it's just extraordinary we're you then I mean were you did you have – were you on the scene because obviously you know obviously there's gonna be major emergency response to this we're cars allowed to get off the highway somehow well I was where I was at I could kind of go off the road a little bit and get off on the exit because I saw their cars like well I'm getting the heck out of here there's just posle back black smoke coming through I I got scared I didn't know if something was going to explode and I go up the hill and then I could either go left or right I looked to the left and it looks like more of a straight road going up ice next to i-70 West I was on the east bet high seventy eastbound side so I decided you're the left the left side across the bridge and as I'm going across the bridge cert hearing explosions and then smoke and fire shooting up the side of the bridge and I'm scared there maybe there's a tanker truck because I couldn't really see my view is obstructed from the angle I was at it couldn't really see and through the overpass of what all the vehicles were and it was just all black smoke too so I tried to get off the bridge as quickly as possible then I saw people pulling into this parking lot going to the scene so I went with them and just tried to record as much as I could and just see what was going on and I've never seen like that there was probably 30 people on the side of the road taking videos and watching it and yeah and these were involved with us people were just seeing what was going on yeah CNN spoke to the brother of the truck driver who who tells us that his brother told him that his brakes had failed you know obviously that's going to be part of the investigation to see if that actually did happen as we said he's been he's been charged with vehicular homicide at this point Josh thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us I'm sorry for what you went through and I'm glad you are you are safe thanks so much I appreciate it Anderson you're great man

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  1. Go back to being a nobody burger planet. You couldn't even stay and help you just want attention. fuck you

  2. Don’t donate to this hoax, what a hellish waste of money. Beltane anyone? Luciferians love their fires! Jesus saves from fire.

  3. Burger you couldn’t clean up you’re house for the interview I mean You’re car you’re carhouse come on man

  4. Awesome interview Josh!!! Time for the big city lights. Are you covering Delphi murders in Indiana now that you're out there?

  5. Wait the dude that was driving had no injuries and wasn't killed. You have got to be kidding me. Love how he looks like Iraqi or something. Wow

  6. This reminds me of Boogie Nights when the professional porn star can't understand he is being replaced by the new blood.

  7. Hey copper, slow news day had too actually report real news instead of making up nonsense about our President???

  8. I thought someone farted just after 6:48 in the clip until I realized it was Anderson saying "hmmm".

  9. 1 year ago if you woulda told anyone Ice is banned from livestreaming meanwhile pizza time is being interviewed by anderson cooper they would think youre from clown world

  10. I had a vision from God Holy Spirit the night before about a truck. I went to take bus out of woods and a fuel double loader came at 3 meters to fuel up. I salute the driver he did same. My bus came. Dis my day. Went library a kid comes and sit next to me outside before going in. He's with his mum. A truck horn he said about 8 times piiikk truck. Pffff. Imitating the horn. I remember. I go inside log into YouTube. And first video that comes says 33 mins live accident this one. You should make 6 hrs law per day and paid per hours so no accident happens. Most are paid per mileage and speed to win more hourly and some per percentage per load like dump truck. Only some local usually paid per hour and not the On the road OTR ones.

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