ANNOYING PEOPLE | Reddit Stories 4

ANNOYING PEOPLE | Reddit Stories 4

• From joking about everything to chewing
on shirts, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit
about our most annoying habits that drive everyone nuts. I’m Doopie and today I’ll
be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by AmIInAPlanetDolanVid
Danger Dolan Dolan likes to itch his butt. Back in the
day, Dolan shared a bedroom with his sister, Ramona. One time, they were chilling out when
Ramona noticed Dolan moving in a strange way. She asked him what the fuck he was doing.
Dolan answered sheepishly, “Itching my ass, why?” Ramona yelled, “You disgusting ass
freak!” But Dolan didn’t care, and continued itching his ass in front of her. Number 9 was submitted by Flumpor Mimi From the time she was 10 to when she was 16,
Mimi had a weird habit of doing something with her nose. She would put her right nostril
over the middle part of her nose and lock it in. Then, she would release it so that
it made a weird popping sound that only she could hear. Whenever she did it, her mouth
would move, annoying others because they would think that she was making fun of them. It
was just a harmless tick that Mimi couldn’t control, although she doesn’t do it anymore. Number 8 was submitted by PizzaGum Derek Derek’s most annoying habit was chewing
on his shirts. At first, it was a method he would use to relieve his anger, but it gradually
became something he would do regularly. It eventually led to many of his shirts having
wrinkles or holes, causing his mom to constantly scold him about it. Over time, Derek grew
out of the strange habit. Number 7 was submitted by Alpha_Bewilderbeast
Pringle Pringle has a habit that everyone hates. He’ll
beat his hands on something in a rhythm whenever a catchy song begins to play on his playlist.
Some people just don’t like him doing it for some reason. He thinks that it just annoys
them in general, or that they need to focus on something and his loud drumming is distracting. Number 6 was submitted by Finecollection MKyleM MKyleM has an annoying habit of chewing on
paper. It started when he was in third grade, and tore a page out of his notebook to hand
in to the teacher. When he tore it out, the ends of the page were left behind. He tore
out the pieces and, for some reason, thought it would be a better idea to put them in his
mouth instead of into the trash can. So, MKyleM chewed on the paper until it was mush because
it helped him relax. Over the next few days, he tore out shreds of paper to chew on. MKyleM
never actually swallowed the chewed up paper, but instead spit it on the floor under the
table when the teacher wasn’t looking. One day, the teacher stood up at the end of class.
She asked who had been leaving a mess on the floor. Since that day, whenever he chewed
paper, he did it in the schoolyard where he couldn’t get in trouble. All of his friends
were always quick to point out how disgusting they thought it was. Now, he only rarely does
it. When he does, it drives his family and friends nuts. Number 5 was submitted by Weeaboo_Child SaltySquid SaltySquid has many weird, annoying habits
that drive everyone nuts. For instance, whenever he sits down, he always brings his knee up
to his face and sucks on it. He never realized he was actually doing that until one of his
friends pointed it out. There are also times when he feels the urge to tell his friends
what’s on his mind, and can’t keep secrets as a result. He also turns everything into
a competition, gets off topic, randomly changes his attitude, scratches his teeth, has a very
creepy farmer’s laugh, and commentates on every movie he watches. As a result, SaltySquid
doesn’t have many close friends. Number 4 was submitted by Syrup_Hat Melissa Melissa is a huge bookworm. If she gets her
hands on a book that seems interesting, she won’t let go of it until she finishes reading
it. She will normally spend most of her days reading new books she borrowed from the library.
But that isn’t the weird, annoying habit. It’s the place where she reads those books…
in the bathroom. Melissa will sit in the bathtub, or on the floor, and read. It drives her family
nuts because every time someone has to use the bathroom, Melissa gets interrupted. There
would literally be a line of her family waiting by the door. One time, it got so bad that
Melissa had to actually be dragged out. Number 3 was submitted by AGrimFate Slapped
Ham He doesn’t know why, but a habit Slapped
Ham has is to joke about everything. Whenever someone says a certain phrase, he always has
to make a joke about it. One time, one of his friends said, “It’s hot in here.”
Slapped Ham responded with, “Well, don’t take off all your clothes.” He has tried
stopping himself, but he just can’t do it. Even now, as an adult, his mom has had to
drag him out of places. Number 2 was submitted by crazy_macespray
Hellbent Back when he was in school, Hellbent had the
habit of fiddling with his shoe during class. He would keep taking it off and putting it
on again. One day, his class was in the middle of doing some work when the teacher warned
him to stop messing around with his shoe. With Hellbent being Hellbent, he didn’t
listen. He also didn’t listen when the teacher gave him a second warning. The third time
the teacher caught him playing with his shoe, however, was different. She yelled, “That’s
it,” before grabbing his shoe and throwing it on top of the tallest cupboard in the classroom.
Everyone fell silent, then laughed their heads off. The cupboard was so high up that they
had to get the seven and a half-foot tall gym teacher to come and grab the shoe. After
that, Hellbent no longer fiddled with his shoe. Number 1 was submitted by Kawine17 The Captain Although he has many annoying habits, a habit
of the Captain’s that annoys people the most is his tendency to blurt out random facts.
It doesn’t matter how relevant they are to the conversation, he just likes to tell
random facts. He could be talking about the ocean with his friends, then suddenly blurt
out, “Did you know a bullet travels 1,700 miles an hour on average?” Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet
Dolan subreddit for submitting their stories. We have another question for you: “What’s
the worst way you ever tried getting out of a commitment?” Let us know in the reddit
page linked below and you might be featured in a future countdown.

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  1. This Chanel is still alive yes I used to watch this and gmm 247 I understand it’s change but yeah thanks you and the Dolan crew it’s a original meme between me and my friends only ogs we’re out here when it was just Dolan and maxmoefoe.

  2. 6:01 first thing i have to say was why tf you put hentai collection on a piece of paper you do know most your viewers are kids smh and second whats with the artwork who slacking over there (note if your a kid and dont know what i mean when i mentioned the first thing good you dont need to know LOL)

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