Aquascape Construction Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center

Aquascape Construction Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center

hey it's Brian with aquascape construction and welcome to our design inspiration and idea Center you walk through this magical place here you're going to notice all the live foliage and amongst the live foliage of course they're beautiful different water features first we got here the bullfrog pomace waterfall this is a large pond this waterfall with hand-selected weather limestone and moss rock boulders like this project because the big machine sized boulders meaning we need a machine to set these types of rocks and as you move past that pondless waterfall you can't help but see the large ecosystem pond standing to the right of me we call this Sampson's pond you're going to notice if you really keep an eye out large large painted turtles and red eared sliders and of course swimming amongst all of our koi golden orbs ship bumpkin and other pond friendly fish as you continue to move your ear will draw you towards the sound of this babbling brook waterfall over here this is a long 10 to 12-foot pomace waterfall with multiple cascades you can see it's also started with a neat spillway bowl an alternative way to start off the water feature rather than using the typical waterfall I loved implementing that whenever I possibly can but I love the different drops I also like the small space that this can fit in as it comes down you can't help but notice off to the side some neat bubbling rocks we call these pagoda stones classic character different fractures and a really come to life at night all of these water features should be lit up it really brings on a different dynamic into a backyard as you continue to move that you'll come to one of my favorite aqua basin water features a staff turn and we have these in three different sizes right now we're looking at the smallest of the three there's a medium one that sits in here and then a much larger one since it's about five feet tall you move here you can't help but notice these stairs I love dropping stairs in because it adds a little bit of mystery and as you come up the stairs you're going to discover of course another water feature this is what we call the tadpole pond this water feature one of our smallest pomace waterfalls I like this one because this is something you could do yourself it's only about 12 rocks it's a small little hole if you can picture yourself digging four foot by four foot hole about 16 inches deep you can build this water feature yourself nice sound nice little cascade two different waterfalls and it just disappears very very little maintenance on these promised waterfalls this is our large ecosystem pond first you'll notice the large waterfall off to the side and what looks large is actually not that big if I were to draw a level line across from where that waterfall starts to the grade I'm standing at now we're less than two feet high so when thinking of a waterfall in your backyard don't think you need a three foot or four foot high waterfall something around choose good high can give you a huge impact in a small space it's also got our spillway bowl used in a different fashion just to add a little bit more character to the pond and also some filtration and circulation from that area of the pond and then of course all the large large friendly fish most of them are extremely friendly and can be hand-fed anytime you come to our store if at large ecosystem pond isn't for you we've also created three other ecosystem ponds what we're looking at here is a seven by nine-foot pond perfect for a couple water lilies some small goldfish maybe some ship bumpkins it's got a great little waterfall off the edge and more importantly a much more attractive price tag so if you like the one on that side you might really like this one you just need a little bit more space it's the same size pond so a seven foot by nine foot pond with a small six to eight foot stream on it what I love about this one is the double waterfall so we get one waterfall coming out of the filter and another one coming to the pond that little bit of stream in between makes it so much easier for birds and other wildlife to be attracted to the pond now if you're thinking you want to get into the water gardening lifestyle just a little bit more than what these two ponds offer we've also built this one this pond here is twice the size of those other two ponds for only $1,500 more and if money is a problem right now we also offer financing so this pond for only a hundred and eighty dollars a month can easily be installed in your yard in one day it's a 14 foot by nine foot pond with the same size waterfall a nice twisting six to eight foot stream with a couple cascades coming down what I like about this pond is if you want to get into the koi Cory will easily live in this pond and get bigger and bigger and bigger you can also house a couple different water lilies maybe some different marginal plants and takes the water Guardian lifestyle to a whole different level so if a pondless waterfall is not for you or an ecosystem ponds not for you remember we said water features are for everybody or everybody wants a water feature they just don't know it yet this is what we call our spillway bowl display we have a large spillway bowl there that falls into it even a larger spillway down here which then in return circulates down into a large catchment system down below we've also got the basalt columns over here what I love about this basalt columns is this is actually how they come out of the ground every single one of them comes out in this Pentagon or hexagon shape we just have them simply drilled through and the water bubble up over them if something like this just isn't for you we also have what we call patio ponds or fire fountain kits both of these bowls here are actually designed with running water you hear the sound of the running water and then flames come up out of the top of them we've got a small one and a large one we also have a product called patio pond and patio ponds are great for people that don't have a lot of space and they really just want to get the sound of running water drop in a couple of different water plants sit right off the corner of your patio right off the corner of your deck maybe even in your front yard someplace as a nice welcome element to come into your front door so I hope you enjoyed our walkthrough of our design idea and inspiration center I encourage you to come here because pictures never do this justice and it's a complete story for all your water gardening needs we have all the different water treatments that you need all the different fish foods all the different pumps and fountain kits everything you need water feature wise is here in one place it's definitely a destination store and I encourage you to come out with the family take the drive out to st. Charles and I hope to meet you sometime in the near future

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