Arne Duncan introduces the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition

Arne Duncan introduces the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition

hi I'm Secretary of Education Arne Duncan welcome to the why open education matters website expanded and smarter use of technology is an important part of how we plan to meet President Obama's goal that by 2020 the United States will once again had the best educated most competitive workforce in the world fortunately we have an unprecedented opportunity today to use technology in smart new ways to help make that goal a reality under the learning powered by technology plan we want to dramatically expand the role that open educational resources play in improving the quality of both teaching and learning open educational resources or what we call oh we are for short can not only accelerate and enrich learning they can also substantially reduce costs for schools families and students what are we our resources they are materials that have been released with an intellectual property license that allows their free use continuous improvement modification and repurposing by others some of the best of these resources come directly from institutions you know and respect like MIT Tufts Yale and the University of California others come from some of our nation's best community colleges or from innovative entrepreneurs like Saul Khan whose online Khan Academy now features more than 2,700 videos used freely by tens of millions of students from around the world what does this mean for America it means that in the future what a student gets a chance to learn well no longer depend necessarily on their zip code or where he or she goes to school in college instead we are can help us bring the best k12 teachers and college professors and the most cutting-edge courses and teaching methods within the reach of every single motivated student and that's where you come in despite the promise of this new approach not enough people know about open educational resources and their tremendous transformational promise our administration is investing up to two billion dollars through the Department of Labor to create state-of-the-art courses and programs to help both students and dislocated workers qualify for good jobs in growing industries that pay family-sustaining way and all of these educational resources created with public funds will be openly licensed there will be open educational resources yet to many teachers students college professors political leaders and members of the public still don't know about the value of oer we have to change that basic understanding we want as many as americans as possible to benefit from the universal access to high-quality educational opportunities that technology powered AR has placed within our grasp and we need your help to spread that message so please join us by participating in this innovative competition read the instructions on our website use your creative talents to make a short video explain what open educational resources are and why faculty and students are excited about them explain how schools and colleges can develop use and continuously improve these resources in ways that will open new pathways of opportunity for literally millions of Americans I learned long ago that Washington DC does not have all the answers the truth is that the people in Washington sometimes don't even ask the right questions the most rapid progress and the best ideas so often come from outside of Washington they come from you and that is why we're having this prize contest and that is why I'm hoping that you will participate I can't wait to see what you come up with thank you so much and I wish you all the best of luck you

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5 thoughts on “Arne Duncan introduces the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition

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  2. These plans are all based in communist school to work. It will mean the government will tell you what you will do in the workforce. This is why they are also collecting over 400 data points on EVERY child from P-K through workforce. Don't be fooled by their lies. Soros, Gates, Ayers, Linda Darling-Hammond, Marc Tucker are all behind the destruction of education to replace it with indoctrination of our children.

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