ASMR skin assessment and natural skincare application (whisper)

ASMR skin assessment and natural skincare application (whisper)

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50 thoughts on “ASMR skin assessment and natural skincare application (whisper)

  1. GIVEAWAY: I will be gifting ONE subscriber a set of 4 handcrafted oils by Kindred Black (as seen in this video). To enter, please leave a comment in the comment section below video that includes a link to your social media (instagram or facebook) or a valid email address so that I may contact you if you are chosen. I will choose a winner a week from this video’s release date! Winner will receive the organic damask rosewater toner, organic Sonoran jojoba oil, farm distilled peppermint oil, and organic cucumber seed and green coffee undereye treatment. Contest open internationally. Must be able to receive US mail. You can also shop all of the products used in today’s video at and receive 15% off by applying the code JULIA15 to your purchase. ❤️

  2. I’ve been trying avocado oil on my body and face – using your oil washing post – and it’s amazing! You’re very generous to offer this. Following you makes my life better in many ways. Thank you. @missypoop Insta! ✨🌻✨🌻✨🌻

  3. I have been subscribed to you since the t-shirt cutting era. It has been amazing to see your growth as an individual.

    IG: @lolakiss1826

  4. I been on vacay for almost two weeks and it feels good to see your ASMR vídeos once again before bedtime 🥰


  5. Love this video like I love all your ASMR videos! Thank you for giving us your time, energy, and love 🙌🏽❤️

    Instagram: skybolkin

  6. ive never seen anything like this, i couldn’t decide wether to sleep or stay up and watch the whole video because i was so interested in it! love it omg

    ig: gisellexdiaz

  7. Wow. This video really is something else. Loved the background noise and all those bottles are sooo pretty!! 😍💖 Definitely subscribing!!! Instagram: @annathehighpriestess

  8. My sister and I just started helping our parents switch over to glass instead of plastics 😊 I also struggle with rosacea so these products seem right up my alley!
    Instagram: @lanamroque

  9. Love this video 💕
    Based on everything you’ve said/shown, I love Kindred Black too 🥰

    Insta: @l_supinski

  10. love your simplicity
    and your attention to small detail
    thanks for giving me an easy outlet to escape any stress
    i love all of your content!
    insta : elisaroblesss

  11. you are so amazing, I can't. I get tingles in the first minute everytime. You are the embodiment of ASMR to me .

  12. I always watch your videos before I go to bed. They truly help me fall asleep. Thank you for making such wonderful content❤
    Instagram: duyenmydo

  13. I’m currently half asleep thanks to this relaxing video but I’m powering through the sleep fog to say that those bottles are the cutest things I’ve ever seen

    Insta: flawlessag

  14. Love watching your videos after a long stressful day of work!! It helps me wine down and relax and it also helps me fall to sleep when I can't!! Instagram:@bvb4ever13

  15. I have been trying to live a more natural and minimalistic/low waste lifestyle. These products and they’re packaging are so eco-friendly and I love it ! So happy you made this video.
    insta: kayleaecox

  16. Your videos bring me so much inner peace that resonates throughout my mind and body. Especially your personal attention or massage type videos. Your work has helped me in more way than you can imagine💙 Thank you

    ig: hailey.andrews

  17. You’re so good, I just started to watch your videos and I love them… they for me perfectly!

    @sofi_gd18 Instagram

  18. I love how devoted you are to finding ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. You constantly inspire me to do better. I wholeheartedly love your content.
    Ig: taliapenman

  19. You always have such lovely videos ! They are very calming after a long, stressful work day.
    Facebook: Makayla Holiday

  20. these are like potions! so beautifully crafted and obviously well-sourced! thank you as well for such a relaxing video ♥️ ig for giveaway: @seshabee

  21. So glad to see another amazing ASMR video. Thanks for always sharing natural products and how to use them! @bluepoppymama

  22. Ever since I discovered your channel I just can’t watch any other asmr. You’re the asmr queen! Thank you for what you do gorgeous💖

  23. My mom just suffered a severe stroke and is on life support. My family is very crushed and I am at a time of desperate need of stress relieving. Your videos are so comforting and make me feel so relieved by this.

    ig: hayley.whitmore

  24. Just getting into the natural skin products and I’ve got to say with my sensitive skin they are working well.this set would definitely broaden my knowledge of products and their benefits @serenity5954 insta

  25. Your videos are the best!!! I find everything so calming how you always wear black and your hand movements look so soft and graceful

    IG: leslie_68w

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