[ASMR] The Mermaid’s Ocean Shop Roleplay (Sequel) (Soft Spoken, Ocean Sounds)

[ASMR] The Mermaid’s Ocean Shop Roleplay (Sequel) (Soft Spoken, Ocean Sounds)

Hello there. It seems like you wanted to seek me out yet again. I’m sorry I don’t have any items to sell you. I search the beach all morning And all I could find were these dirty green bits of paper with old men printed on them. No treasure at all. So here I am empty handed. Oh. You want to sell to me. Now that I can get behind. Is this your bag right here? I see some… interesting items. These are all human items, yes? Good. Let me see what you have. I’ve never seen this language before. Oh. Sunscreen lotion. What does that mean? This protects you from the sun? What’s wrong with the sun? The sun can’t hurt you silly. Humans are so fragile. But this smells very interesting. Oh. I can’t tell if I like it or hate it. Apply liberally. 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. Immediately after towel drying. At least every 2 hours. Humans have to do this? Am I protected from the sun now? I see. I will buy this from you. We can deal with payment at the end. OK. I’m gonna put this over here for now. What do you have next for me? Oh? Well this isn’t a human item. This is a dead animal that you glued a a hairpiece on? Well that’s slightly morbid isn’t it? Humans find this fashionable? They wear dead animals? I didn’t know. I suppose that’s one way to repurpose them. I don’t think I knew this starfish. So you put it in your hair? Like that? I see. Well, I do feel a little bit prettier. And yes, a bit more… dangerous. I’m not sure anyone would buy this from me. But I might purchase it for myself. I can’t say I’m not intrigued. I’ll put this over here. With the sun protectant. Oh? Now this is confusing. Why is this in a plastic bottle? It’s just water. How much did you pay for this? 20 shells worth!? Is it magic water? It’s unsalted. Unsalted water. From the Mid-Atlantic ocean. I’m a little bit confused. Oh. It’s not from the ocean. You drink unsalted water. Hmm. Well I’m not sure what use that this would have. Selling to other Mer-Folk. It is a novelty for sure, but… there’s not much you can do with it. Imagine if we tried to open this underwater. It’s like humans purchasing a bottle of air. Now a bottle of air, down where I live, now that’s expensive. I supposed I could use it as an instrument. I certainly won’t give you 30 shells for it. Well I didn’t mean to ruin it by putting my lips on it. Humans are scared of everything. Germs you can’t even see them. They’re so small. What’s there to be afraid of? The sun. Invisible germs. Hm Let me see what else you have for me. A weapon? Have you killed someone with this? It’s for games? I see. You just wave it around? Like that? Yes. This is a high quality weapon. Game. I’m sorry. With real wood? From a tree? Not drift wood? Hmm Yes, I think I would have several interested buyers. I’ll take it. Hm What’s this? Are you trying to sell me a fork? Yes, I know what a fork is. Do you take me for some kind of imbecile? Ariel doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve never seen anyone so out of touch. And so naive, then that little mermaid. Giving up anything for a man you don’t even know. This is a nice fork though. Approximately how many pieces of food have you eaten with this? Why don’t you keep track of that? It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. Hm Well, I’ll take it, but I won’t pay much for it. What else have you got for me? H-oh! This is beautiful. Luxury jewelry. It looks quite foreign as well. Who is this? No, I’m afraid I don’t know anyone named Bob. He must be from a deeper part of the ocean then I am. How do you know about him? Well… At any rate, this is a beautiful piece. I have to have it. I will pay you top shell. It’s even adjustable. No, I don’t know anybody who lives in a pineapple either. I don’t think that’s… Okay. You must sell me this. Good. I’m sorry to make you part ways with such a treasure. Oh! But it looks like you have one last item for me. Oh. Now, this is rare. A full roll of decoration paper. How beautiful. Usually, we get the empties. Some people treat it like a prize. But I don’t often see full rolls. This is very delicate. If you put it in water it changes drastically. But I can think of a few sellers. mhm It’s perfect. I’ll take it too. Okay. Well, it looks like you’ve gotten me quite the treasure trove. So, let us, settle the payment. I have a few bits of sea glass. That I believe will cover most of what you’ve shown me here today. You’re interested in the sea glass? Okay. Let me show you what I have Multiple colors. I have an amber, clear, ,and blue. Well, let’s see. If we calculate for the luxury watch, the weapon, the fork. Mhm-k Here you are. One blue for your cup. One clear, one amber, and you can choose two more of any color. Very well. Okay then. I should be able to turn a pretty profit. But it’s to buyers that you would never have access to with those tiny human lungs. So sensitive to water pressure and all that. To compensate you for the rest of the items, I believe we could come to a consensus with a few of these. Careful. This is delicate. Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine And Ten Now that your cup is full. I will be taking my items. And I’ll be on my way. Perhaps, next time, I’ll have a few treasures for you. Hm Well, don’t get burnt by the sun now. And don’t make friends with any germs. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for doing business with a mermaid.

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100 thoughts on “[ASMR] The Mermaid’s Ocean Shop Roleplay (Sequel) (Soft Spoken, Ocean Sounds)

  1. I've done the math and one shell is just under thirty three cents CAD at 0.325 but I'll just round up I also added tax to it.

  2. Lorelei: You humans, so scared of germs , they're so small you can't even see them

    Molds: am i seriously a joke to you?!

  3. Lore: The sun can hurt you silly!

    Gunshot sound

    Sun: Are you friking sure Aims the gun

    Me: ahhh shit here we go again

  4. Yygfhfgqgue447rgg(87j8&8*(hjj58hjji6i5jghio83-*+)giu&$*)$77&6-+%/;5fhcvj($)&(/ !!!!!!?%@#$&*(bjj(jhjgtfrdj(g)&()fgh(fgtdf5ffg4frf)👻👻🤖👻🤖👻👻👻🤖👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻🤖👻👻👻🤖👻👻👻👾🔕🔇💶💴💵💸🛢💷💰💎⚖️

    Ooh my I didn’t see the full vid so didn’t see the fork part my idea came true

  6. Was about to fall asleep and then terry crews started promting old spice and went pppppp power in my ears. I have headach now.

  7. Ariel:oh a dingle hopper
    Gibi:are you trying to sell me a fork
    Ariel:whats a fork?
    Me:do you know what a fork is?
    Gibi:of course
    Me:oh I though u were like ariel
    Gibi:Ariel doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  8. This is one of the only videos that gives me the ASMR tingles. I think it's the tapping, gibi ocean sounds, and pitch of voice she's using. We need more of these!

  9. Lorelei: Approximately how many pieces of food have you eaten with this?

    Dio: I don't know. How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your lifetime?

  10. Her: yes I know what a fork is . Do you take me for some kind of imbecile?

    Also her: whips out a spongebob watch- LUXURY ILL PAY TOP SHELL

  11. Her: germs are smaller then you humans are scared of everything
    Me: a bullet is smaller than me a test scores are smaller than me

  12. Gibi:well that's slightly morbid isn't it
    (Starts scrachting dead animale)

  13. Ur lips in this look EXTREMELY small in this video! I didn't even realize who made this vid by the voice XD this is awesome though! I love it the character is so… I want to say naive but I feel like that would be mean… But she's adorable too! 😁 👏🏽

  14. Time staps

    Sun cream: 1:20

    Starfish: 3:34

    Bottle of water: 5:23

    Weppon: 7:44

    Fork: 9:11

    Spongebob wach: 10:40

    Toilet paper: 12:13

    Sea glass: 13:39

    Giving you "money": 16:00

    Outro: 18:16

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