#B2TB6 Back to the Bae6 Season 1 Cast ~ Nevaeh Warren

#B2TB6 Back to the Bae6 Season 1 Cast ~ Nevaeh Warren

Music: Rain in the dark of night Music: Even when the sun don’t shine. You and me goin’ be here late… Nevaeh: Hey, I am my Nevaeh. Um, Nevaeh: I currently attend East Ridge High School. I am a junior. Nevaeh: Um, I am class of 2020. Nevaeh: Um, I love to do hair. I’ve been doing it Nevaeh: Since about 7th grade. Nevaeh: Uh, I plan on graduating with my Nevaeh: Cosmetology license and starting up my first business straight out of Nevaeh: High school. Um, so yes. Music: And I’m going to always love you cuz it’s you and I. Uh Ohhh Music

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