#B2TB6 Back to the Bae6 Season 1 Cast ~ Tyreek Thyme

#B2TB6 Back to the Bae6 Season 1 Cast ~ Tyreek Thyme

Music: Don’t stop! When you’re standing here beside me. There aint nothin’ left to say or do Music: Just be my baby. Crew: You got this! Do it better than the first time Tyreek: What’s going on ya’ll? It’s ya boy Reek. I currently attend Seminole State trying to earn my degree in Public Tyreek: Administration. Um, I’m usually a stay at home guy. I like to run. You know, play video games and what not. Tyreek: As you can see I got this ring here. I won States back in High School. Whatever… Tyreek: Anyways, stay away from them *hoes and be safe. Music: I can’t stop this feeling. Music: Said, I won’t ever stop diggin’ you crazy too.

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