Bamboo Forest in Kamakura – SO BEAUTIFUL!! Tokyo Day Trip

Bamboo Forest in Kamakura – SO BEAUTIFUL!! Tokyo Day Trip

Next we’re getting the train to Kamakura It’s the Enoden Electric Railway Which runs along the coast, so there should be some really good views To get to the other platform you just walk across the trainline… Fanta Grape! We’re in Kamakura and we’re walking to Hokokuji Temple To see a bamboo forest This is the walkway up to one of the main shrines in the area It normally looks a lot nicer than this, but they’re refurbishing it We’ve stopped off on the way to have a look at Kamakura Museum Because it looks pretty! We’ve seen a few signposts to the temple But I don’t think it’s one of the most popular ones that people go to So we’ve found ourselves in this suburban backstreet! Off the tourist track Our offline city maps app Ulmon City Maps 2 Go Has been really useful to help us get here Because it works offline And it shows where you are You can search for places and pin places you want to go to as well It’s really cool! Isn’t it beautiful? If you want to come here it’s only 200 Yen to get in Or for 700 Yen you also get a cup of green tea in the cafe that’s in the bamboo garden It’s about a 20-30 minute walk from Kamakura Station It took us a little bit longer because we stopped off an looked at a few things along the way I’m definitely glad we came out here Because it’s quieter and a smaller temple than some of the more popular, more touristy ones So it had a more peaceful, tranquil atmosphere And it was really great to see the bamboo garden It was so beautiful! All the tall bamboo And to hear the leaves rustling in the wind

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22 thoughts on “Bamboo Forest in Kamakura – SO BEAUTIFUL!! Tokyo Day Trip

  1. Certainly does look more peaceful than the other, more crowded, shrines I've seen!
    That bamboo forest also looks really nice!

  2. +Indygt3 I've seen pics of it! There's so many temples & shrines in Kamakura aren't there – we just went to these ones in the video. The bamboo forest was top on my list! Have you seen the budda?

  3. I saw your post on Reddit, and I wanted to watch some other Japan Vloggers besides the really big ones! I enjoyed your Vlog! 🙂 Subscribed! If you have time please visit my channel too!

  4. I live very near this area so I recognized most of these places. It was pretty cool seeing them in your videos.

  5. I'm flying to Japan next May and am trying to figure out which bamboo forest to go to. How long did it take you to walk through this one compared to the one in Kyoto?

  6. Big like++++++
    Full support for your channel, welcome to my channel and let we will be a good friends.++++++

  7. We'll be staying in a military hotel in Roppong soon.. Is Enoshima in Tokyo? We would love to go to Kamakura and visit the Hokokuchi Temple's Bamboo Forest. Do we have to go to Enoshima to catch the Odakyu line to Kamakura? Thank you so much for your Ulmon map tip and tips on travel in Japan. Arigato from California.

  8. I love your videos 🙂 It's been a lifelong dream of mine to visit Japan one day and these vids are super cool to watch!

  9. I am having a bit of a problem with the Ulmon offline map. I am going to try to figure it out before we get to Japan in October. I'll use it for the local map to practice.

  10. How do you travel around Kamakura? We want to go to Hachimangu Shrine, Hokokuji Bamboo Garden and Daibutsu. I researched how to travel around Kamakura, the results I got is walking and taxis. I don't think we can walk all over Kamakura to reach these destinations. Sadly biking is not an option for us.

  11. Hallo.

    There are some bamboo forest in Kyoto, too.
    Also, there are much temples and shrines in Kyoto, too.
    Which do you like Kyoto or Kamakura ?

    So, Kamakura is called "Small Kyoto in Shonan" .

    There are some "Small Kyoto" in Japan.
    For example, Kanazawa is called "Small Kyoto in Hokuriku" .
    Takayama is called "Small Kyoto in Hida" .
    Hagi and Tsuwano are called "Small Kyoto in Sannin" , etc.

    Probably, I think it is one of japanese culture.

    If you have some interest and opportunity, I recommend you visit some another "Small Kyoto" .

    I'm looking forward your next video.

    Please enjoy !

  12. ア! … you were at Tsurugaoka-Hachmangu! … it's so sad that the ancient ginkoo tree by the stairway is gone,… that's where Minamoto no Sanetomo was assasinated (^_^)

  13. I've been there a month ago in kamakura but not there area,I guess I've got more to explore on my next adventure back to japan hopefully early 2020

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