BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program

BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program

Ten years ago, the government invested in bringing fresh BC fruits
and vegetables into schools all across
the province. The program provides fresh fruits and vegetables into almost 90% of the public
and first nation schools in British Columbia. LINDSAY BABINEAU:
BC agriculture in the classroom is a registered non-profit. When we created the program, we knew that we somehow had to move fruits
and vegetables all across British Columbia. The partners in this program are the reason why this program is successful. They said to us, create a program that fits
into how we do business today, and we will grow with you. JULIE DICKSON OLMSTEAD:
Save On Foods acts as the primary distribution partner for the School Fruit and
Vegetable Nutritional Program. When our partners
in agriculture came to us with this idea, we thought it was
a no-brainer for us. We support the health
and wellness of children and their families as part of their mandate, so for us, it was a natural. LINDSAY:
We started with ten schools, ten pilot schools, we ran it for a year, and we were hoping to provide
product to them 32 times in the school year, and very, quite overwhelming, but the beauty of it with our Save On partners
was that, the more product we were
moving through, the easier it was for them to keep track of it, so we went from
10 to 52 schools and we’re wondering, 52, that’s sounding
pretty good, but we’re on our way to almost 15,000. BRENDA:
Because we have multiple partners in health and
agriculture and in education. we have a number of objectives for the BC Fruit and Vegetable
Program, so our health objectives are to make sure that children get a chance to be exposed to different types
of vegetables and have a willingness to try. From an education perspective, the children are connecting
the fruits and vegetables with the nutrition information and education they’re learning
in the classroom. In agriculture of course, an objective of the program, is to support local producers and to make that connection with local production
in British Columbia. LINDSAY:
Prior to us bringing this program into schools, there had been some
cooperation and collaboration, but when we started
to actually let both groups understand that one needed the other in order for this program
to work, it’s just been a wonderful
partnership. BOY:
I love to eat vegetables because they’re yummy. WOMAN O/S:
That’s great!

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