“Be PASSIONATE About EVERYTHING!” – Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) – Top 10 Rules

“Be PASSIONATE About EVERYTHING!” – Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) – Top 10 Rules

There is no best thing to do in life Anything that you take up? And if you put your heart and soul into it it becomes a great thing if you want to be in a competitive situation The thing is you have to work on your competence what worked for one person We try to make it work for another person and destroy the person completely Unfortunately, this is labeled as education Need motivation watch atop tenant believe nation What’s up? At seven my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an amazing gift inside you that I want to See explode out onto the world So let’s get your motivation to attend and get you Believing in you grab a snack on chewing today’s lessons from a man who went from moving around a lot as a kid and having a passion for motorcycles and travel to then having a spiritual experience then he decided to dedicate his life to Spirituality and starting the Isha Foundation. He sadguru, and here’s my take on his top ten girls a success vol 3 joy Alright let’s kick things off with rule number one be passionate about everything. There are no right things to do in life If you choose something and Put everything that you have into it. It’ll become a great thing is it the right thing is it the best thing? When you say is it the right thing what you’re asking is is it the best thing to do in life? There is no best thing to do in life Anything that you take up, and if you put your heart and soul into it it becomes a great thing This is the best thing No then what is the best thing there is no such thing don’t look at yourself as a Delhi 8 or an idiot whatever you want to call yourself If you’re just a piece of life hmm hello And today you’re here one day you’ll be poop dong You are a brief life. I want you to just imagine you’ve seen those insects which come when it rains you know and switch fly Suppose you are that? You just came alive Dong that’s what you are Just compared to the span of your life the insects life is looking so meaningless and poop and gone That’s what the rivers are thinking about you poopoo cupen gone Yes or no Compared to their lifespan you are just like that insect or less than an insect isn’t it so I am NOT somebody who ever Debated he is this the right thing to do in my life What was needed I jumped into it? because If you are a constipated life you will always be thinking About what to do what not to do what to do what not to do, what is my passion what is not my passion Why the hell are you not passionate about everything? Hello Why are you not passionate about everything in the existence you’re only passionate about one thing means what you constipated That’s what it means Idiots do things that they don’t like to do suffer for their whole life because they think it’s needed or they think it’s their duty Intelligent people do What they love to do They enjoy their life to some extent But a genius learns to do what is needed joyfully, that’s when your genius flowers Because it’s no more about you now. There’s a limitless way of looking at life Rule number two be well managed if you try to control The variety of situations that may pop up in your face tomorrow morning all that will happen is you will become a very limited life You would step out into the world and do whatever that needs to be done only if you have an assurance no matter What you walk into you will not lose yourself You will walk full stride, otherwise you’ll only be a half a step Most human beings are half steps Because the fear of suffering if this happens. What will happen to me if that happens What will happen to me if you’re well managed within yourself You know how to manage your thought? You know how to manage your emotion you know how to manage your body? Your chemistry your energy if you know how to manage all this What does it matter if you walk into hell? I’m asking if you are well managed if you are a heaven within you what does it matter? Where you go? Hell also will be an interesting place to go But if you are ill managed then you want to be in a nice place all the time you will not step out into anything I Am NOT saying this is wrong this is against nature Because in nature every life is aspiring to a B as much as it can be isn’t it Every life is naturally aspiring. This is not a philosophy this is not an ideology, but you must do this or that it is natural and Intrinsic for every life that you will do as much as it can From an earthworm from a worm to an insect to a bird to an animal to a tree every one of them are Trying to be full-fledged life if you go against this simply because of the fear of suffering then all Possibilities of exploring the nature of being human the tremendous immensity of being human is just lost upon humanity Today you will see this everywhere when people say I am only human They are talking about the limitations of being human. They are not talking about the possibilities of being human isn’t it? When if we are the most intelligent species on the planet if we are the most capable species on the planet? Should we be talking about our possibilities, or should we be talking about our limitations? Whenever anybody writes, or says oh? We are human. They are always referring to their limitations never to the possibilities of being human This is because the the most fundamental things have not been taught in our education systems how to handle your thought and your emotion your Psychological drama has gone out of control. It’s a badly directed drama believe me If we choose a well-directed drama you would take it to the conclusion that you want isn’t it Because it’s a badly directed drama just about anybody can take charge of it Who is the director of your psychological drama just about anybody isn’t it? Anybody can make it into your tragedy rule number three build your competence Competition is a good thing If you are incompetent and you’re in competition you will feel stressed If you want to be in a competitive situation the thing is you have to work on your competence Right now the problem is You’re tweaking your desire. You’re not tweaking your competence This is what has to happen that we must teach children to tweak their competence not their desire We are calling this ambition we calling this goal oriented Ness Ambition means what you tweaked up your desire you will suffer invariably if you tweak up your competence You will see wherever you go. You are doing better than what people expect you to so naturally Things will go well for you Competition is not the bad thing lack of competence is the bad thing so instead of competence We have big desires If you focus enough on enhancing your competence you will see there is such joy in Breaking limitations every day and becoming something better. You don’t care a damn. How somebody else is doing rule number four prioritize Suppose, let’s say you have to cook something. That’s a you have to bake a cake or you want to cook some rice You turn on this Tao turn off this tau 10 understand turn off this tap It’s a long process And of course they know won’t happen So this is the story of Majority of the spiritual seekers there off and on and off and on and off and on Oh Does it mean to say I must be only here there? That’s not it the priority should not shift the Priority is set Slowly everything with the new will slowly organize itself in that direction Because the priority is shifting this life does not know which way to go it is confused Every two minutes if you change the destination on the GPS for sure it does not know where to go isn’t it So this is what is happening and for in most people. This is why a spiritual path seems to be order is long impossible Unattainable all these things Simply because people are shifting priorities all the time rule number five my personal favorite ride the wave of life Is it true that every other creature on this planet a? worm an insect a bird and animal With a millionth of our brain they’re conducting their life process quite well. Hello Okay when I say live process We are born. They’re born just like that We grew up they grow up We make a living they make a living we may reproduce they reproduce We do all this with enormous fuss They simply do it Yes or no Every simple thing we’re doing it enormous fuss. They are simply doing it Different various processes of life and death they are doing it without fuss. We are doing everything with great fuss Is this a sign of highest level of intelligence I’m asking We are supposed to be the most intelligent And there is no question that we have the most evolved neurological process on the planet yes we have the most evolved neurological system that we must be able to sense and feel and experience and perceive understand and express things in the highest possible way But no other creature on the planet is struggling like the human creature right now This is simply because You have been given a super Supercomputer do you agree with me that this is the most sophisticated? gadget on the planet not the iPhone the eye But now the question is have you read the user’s manual That’s all people have not read the user’s manual for the most complex machine on the planet and Somehow blundering through somehow trying to use it Everything is a problem. Tell me one thing that human beings are not suffering If they’re poor they suffer their poverty you make them rich they suffer the taxes If they’re not educated they suffer that put them to school lot of suffering Not married they suffer that get them married I Didn’t say anything. I didn’t say a thing okay No children some people suffer that children daily suffering So you seem to be suffering every aspect of life So if you offer death will you go do I fully know you will suffer that? So tell me one thing that we are not suffering now people we vilasa fees life is suffering No, no life is not suffering Nor is it a joy. It’s simply there. It’s a phenomena if you write it It feels fantastic if you’re crushed by it it feels terrible So are you riding the wave of life, or are you being crushed by it? That’s all the question is rule number six be interested in people. I say this just a couple of weeks ago I was in conversation with someone who is considered some kind of an expert on Internet affairs and social media and all this so He’s been looking at our material In the YouTube and various other platforms, and I said me easily I can give you 50 times more than what is there? You know just people work on all the thousands of hours of audio and video That’s there in the archive 50 times more in a year’s time. We can multiplied by 50 that much material is there He said Satguru already. What is there here? You’re throwing it all over the place. It’s worth a billion dollars. I Said see what will I do with the billion dollars my interest is seven billion people I have no interest in billion dollars What do I do with it? my interest is people rule number seven strive for a better life as a generation if you create a Huge amount of positives a negative Will become small if you create huge amount of negatives. They will become big and positive will become small this whole life is There has never been a point any time and there never will be where everything is perfect Okay, there’s no such thing Because life is a possibility because it’s a possibility it cannot be perfect Doesn’t matter what we do is still something more to do always That is why it’s an endless possibility Striving does not mean. I want to be a good man. I want to be a good man she being Morally good, he’s only good for the society not good for the human being Yes If you are morally correct it’s good for people around you Because you contained But it’s not good for this life So this life needs a little different kind of nurture in that context How many people in this world are? Going to stop before you and may fall dead How many people in how many people will be set the seed that they will be striving to be a better life than the way? they are right now a little higher expression of life This is all your focus should be rule number eight don’t pass on bad things the Japanese people eat much less fat Than the Americans and the British because of this people believe they have much less incidence of cardiac arrests less people in Japan die of heart failures and heart attacks than they do in UK and in United States But the French Eat a lot more fat, but still they have much less incidence of Cardiac problems compared to the British and the Americans The Japanese people don’t drink much wine so they have much less cardiac problems But the Italians drink only wine And they also have much less cardiac problems than the English and Americans So the deduction is it is the English language which is the problem? Thing was speaking which is the problem? So this has been a problem everywhere that We try to transplant, what is happening in one place simply as it is in another place? Not just geographically and culturally even from individual to individual That what worked for one person We try to make it work for another person and destroy the person completely And fortunately, this is labeled as education mass producing people Though we are a mass of people on this planet a huge number over 7 billion people Stealing you were produced individually not mass-produced. Are you right from my childhood. I’ve been noticing this that Most adults want to teach something when they see children All those damn things which have not worked in their life This is one wow you have to take with me that is from this moment onwards in your life You will not pass on anything. That is not worked for you to anybody else Hello Even if you cannot pass on the best things to other people at least what is not worked for you You don’t give it to anybody. Will you do this? Does anger work for you So don’t give it to anybody Does misery work for you? This depression work for you So if you are angry if you’re depressed you’re miserable just shut up okay, and Sit in one place and handle it rule number nine. Don’t try to be intuitive people start developing these things for everything when their logic fails They will think that You know you want to do something. You don’t know how to do it You’re not sure whether to do it or not do it then the simple solution They’re taking is okay this finger Is this this finger is this? Yes? No give it to the child if he holds this yes if he holds this not This is not into Your laugh Allah, no I will come to you. I am NOT. I am going more basic The answer is not just about you. I’m just using it Now this is just that your logic has become You know incapable its collapsed Unable to come to your logical decision so you are succumbing to this simple way If some child holds your hand like this or like this yes or no Anyway when there are two options 50% of the time you could be right? Yes Being 50% of the time right is not good enough isn’t it yes isn’t it so I Was you know Some time ago. I was visiting a a homeopathic doctor There in his clinic they put up an ad some homeopathic medicine, which will work for all kinds of snakebites You’re living in Bombay proverb probably it’s not easy for you where I come from snakes are everywhere on a daily basis So I looked at this and then I asked him how come this medicine you are advertising that it works for all kinds of snake bites because If you are not already aware of this snake bites are fundamentally two kinds one type of venom attacks your cardiovascular system Another kind of venom attacks your nervous system the two completely different kind of chemicals, and it works upon your system in a different way Generally for both you have different types of antidotes, but for everything this particular medicine is supposed to work. How is that possible? So the doctor said see in India 90% of the Indian snakes have non poisonous so 90% of the time it works That’s not good enough isn’t it if the remaining 10%, which is crucial isn’t it? so intuition Don’t get into this thing about you trying to be intuitive never try to intuitive Logic is dependable isn’t it? There are moments when there is certain clarity, which has no logical explanation at that time It’s okay But you’ll never try to be intuitive if you try to be intuitive your logical mind will become deceptive and come to all kinds of stupid Decisions you’ll get certainly guidance voices from the heaven. You know all kinds of voices people are hearing Logic is dependable go by it at least you won’t make a fool of yourself And rule number 10 the last one before a very special bonus. Clip is get into nature if you can find a place Where there are no? sounds of machines and Your cell phone will not think think Quietly if you can listen to the sound of the trace the breeze the water Just the natural sounds if you pay enough attention Tremendous things will happen to you many times have been in the south engine You know they’re kind of tropical rainforest The longest I’ve been there through the jungle for about 23 days alone no any kind of support no cellphone for sure those days then not even a torchlight and Fourth day I ran out of the food that I was carrying so I lived off the forest Man Bob ate today, I lost my jacket and one half of my shirt Because I was chased by some animals in by that whole thing. I had half a shirt and pants And I walked through ice this is elephant country tiger country Iso tigers panthers elephants all kinds of the wild buffalo various kinds of animals very close quarters? But At the end of it when you look back What is the biggest impact on you? It’s the insects. It’s in the nights the orchestra That goes on in the rainforest It’s unbelievable and the timing every day not 2:15 means one group will stop and another group will start Really the sense of time every day Exactly by the second one group will start another group will start You don’t know what they’re talking about They’re definitely talking something that you don’t know for sure they’re not just making dumb noises So if you just sit there and listen and listen and listen and listen Roli you start noticing there is a pattern and an organization to this Which is far bigger than any human? symphonies that you can achieve Far more complex and Far more intense, I think it’s very important for every human being Particularly if you have children Vacation need not be Disneyland. I’m not against it, but one trip is enough all silly stuff, which excites you Vacation should be into nature if you can take your children walk in a jungle not in a result Just live in a mountain expose them to nature, I will tell you you will bring up your children not only physically healthy mentally healthy far more sensible and accepting and Wonderful kind of human beings if they know how to because once you go into nature Whose son you are whose daughter? You are. What are you in the city doesn’t matter, okay? It’s very important that everybody experiences that otherwise You start creating your own illusions as to who you are and you start believing it for sure Now I’ve got a very special sadguru bonus clip on how to stop raising the bar of survival But before that I want to know what did you learn from this clip? What did you learn from these video hoes? What did you learn from Sadhguru today that you’re going to somehow apply to your life or to your business? Please leave it down the comments below. I’m really curious to find out. Thank you so much for watching I believe in you I hope we continue to believe in yourself, and whatever you’re one where it is much loved see you soon, and enjoy the bonus clip Let’s say taking United States as an example. This is not going to be the problem of only United States United States has come first in the race Okay Others will get it because they’re all going the same way Right now u.s.. Is a stop example One thing is we go on raising the bar for survival We must define this is survival this means you’re good enough After this it must be exploration of what you really wish to do But we keep on raising the bar of survival in such a way Now even after becoming the most affluent nation a whole lot of people are just struggling for survival This is senseless an Affluence affluence means your survival is done thing isn’t it But like you just mentioned There is working three jobs to survive This is not affluence. This is horrible poverty at least in India we can sit back and enjoy See the way we have structured the society right now is people have a 35 year house mortgage I Mean if you have a 35 year economic commitment to something tomorrow even if God popped up here. You can’t change the direction of your life because the bank is here What will you do because largely you’re all from Christian community, so I am saying If Jesus popped up tomorrow, and he says come follow me You’re not going Because We got monthly payment you Got bills to pay Insurance to pay you can’t change. This is a silly way of organizing our lives the question the very reason why we want to become affluent is so that Depending upon what Life offers us we can change the direction of our life whenever we want isn’t it? Isn’t it very important? This is one thing that has to sink into the American people being the most affluent nation means You are not battling for survival This is happening because you are raising the bar of survival endlessly no matter what you do. You’re still only fighting for survival If this one thing we change then we can do lot of things about health and well-being and beyond that Raise your standard Apple at the core is core value is that That people passion Not one drop of myself work depends on your it’s suppose to mean I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead Or completely incapacitated hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time Favorite top ten gross a success. I have a very special secret video for you These are the individual Clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life and my business Check the link in the description for details

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    I guess listening to celebrities and their guide to accomplishment can help others experiment as to what works for them.

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