Beautiful School & Learning Environment – Education in Finland

Beautiful School & Learning Environment – Education in Finland

The learning environment includes spaces and places, as well as communities, operational practices, tools and materials that are used for learning purposes. Learning environments must support individuals and community’s development and learning. A well-functioning learning environments promote interaction, participation and collaborative construction of knowledge. Diverse and flexible learning environment provides opportunities for creative solutions and research of different perspectives of phenomena. The development and selection of learning environments considers that students learn new knowledge and skills also outside the school. Therefore, the school should be in active co-operation with other organizations and experts outside the school. The nearby natural and built environment should be used to teach across the curriculum. Libraries, sports, art and nature centers, museums and many other organizations offer diverse learning environments. Positive experiences in different environments and learning situations inspire students to develop their own skills. Learning environments are designed considering the individual needs of pupils and the students should also be involved in the development. Peaceful work environment, as well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere support learning effectively.

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