BEHIND THE SCIENCE: Renewable Energy (National Geographic)

BEHIND THE SCIENCE: Renewable Energy (National Geographic)

the economy relies heavily on fossil fuels our machines in industry are powered by oil coal and natural gas but these fuels are rapidly being depleted according to the most extreme calculations in about half a century these natural resources will be exhausted in addition nature suffers from the pollution they caused to save our world we must urgently transfer to other more environmentally friendly sources of energy scientists at the University of Antwerp are studying biological energy from trees can this provide an alternative to fossil fuels in the stretch scenery of the east of Flanders lies the Benelux is biggest bioenergy plantation in 2010 researchers from the University of Antwerp planted thousands of trees here professor Reinhard Coleman's needs a research project called pop phone the Stan – plantation demo click on applause can be taken voted in it he drastic have been eaten Panthers athlete Facinelli the boom Ivanka bragging on her knee but in a he opted awakened within team Fannin team debate escapers on the Zhukov object I believe in Eric in any hit it said in table man each candy booth these scientists are physicists biologists and ecologists from all over the world together they had tried to find a solution to the fuel issue on the four syllable sofas Ann Veronica after only a few cents tinkle metaphor syllables obscenity three blind beggar problem is sin for all is it aren't alpha nedra who's pathetic the Senate Mart three and I don't have conflict over sent and traded is the verrat van I'll be facility on soften Andy Anton Delta it was a negative impact up at milieu fossil fuels make a significant contribution to the greenhouse effect accelerating the rise in the earth's temperature and this could have a disastrous impact on our nature we need to find alternative environmentally friendly sources of energy natural forms of energy such as wind power and solar power are well-known but the scientists of the plantation in LA christy studies something else energy from trees professor Kellerman's and his team are conducting a lifecycle analysis of this plantation they are the only ones in the world who are carrying out such a comprehensive analysis in Lovisa colonies began Karanga ketotic Psicosis fan beat autograph cannabis fun bad planter and the stick to the politics even energy all the inner hades of processing all the manure impact an awakening pleasure that you build bear transport the favela king and the only from the plantation the researchers use scientific instruments and techniques to see how much energy the wood produces and how these trees affect the environment trees are the green lungs of our planet without them humans and animals would not be able to survive to be able to grow trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves through their roots they draw water from the ground the chloroplasts in the leaves enable photosynthesis a process in which sunlight turns the absorbed carbon dioxide and water into nutrition for the tree such as glucose and other kinds of sugar as a result clean oxygen is released a part of these sugars are burned by the tree and carbon dioxide is emitted as a waste product since at night there is no sunlight there is also no photosynthesis so only carbon dioxide is emitted however because the absorption of carbon dioxide is higher than the emission trees can counteract global warming pollutants that humans produce with their exhaust fumes and soot from cars and machines are absorbed by trees with their leaves branches and roots they cleanse our world but trees are having to process more and more the result is devastating the greenhouse effect is intensifying and temperatures are rising too quickly this is disrupting landscapes all over the world so we need the help of trees more than ever the plantation consists of over 100,000 trees over an area the size of about 36 soccer fields voluntary persistent poop reading the villager nogouda up a dune Ranahan fun meeting even a diameter in Hoxton 1711 23:47 on the hunt for the diameter in the hook the meeting in could evoke inserting marker from a movie let out the alito public stylus the poplars and willows have been chosen for a good reason they have a number of advantages compared to other trees yes temporal sample period and religious near who in the poem that lasts keno Papa leader and villian my clique Trish Ned very snare the hammer and click the boom on holdin Barbara mirrors shootin through cumin at the zero the stomp and as Elvis stove an unrelated Eastern pepople EDA and very keen and grew tahini this is very a dead the start we could be securing the Sultan and particularly diverse Russell off Aria dead and younger Bracken pop Rhydian village revoke her McCulloch vacate at Ephraim Aaron we cannot attain tuck mid rest second Sneden and this techical Evadne in the ground plant and irad KO moab new popular and villian measurement towers have been built to measure the extent to which trees can counteract the greenhouse effect in flanders there are two of these towers one on the plantation and one in a pine forest in brass cart this forest is over eight times the size of the plantation with over 50,000 pine trees cited by the metal of Ambra Scots and the Metheny you start whistling kombuchas costitutional basta to use it and the atmosphere both this anchor plant anything on earth Nagin and 20 housebroke look for the main bow where do you new on the hook of the bossa here they'll seal to be opening and our daughter British effect a avaricum there are measuring towers spread throughout Europe in different types of landscape because every landscape has its own vegetation and every species of plant absorbs a certain amount of carbon dioxide the data from all these measurement hours is sent to several locations one of these locations is the University of Antwerp here cuma alder made heaves envisioned amid Doren spinner there is without faii precarious balance or the website your plants and hakuna download Vedas epicenter the National in Europe is over hidden boredom he bragged America today may take a decision on Clemont the equipment the researchers use for their measurements is on top of the towers these devices measure all the emitted carbon dioxide on the plantation even that of humans who just like trees breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide the meeting is at floor not metal sensor gavel sensors Zhukova without batteries here to include a group of bazookas of mints but an immediate universe Stella after the break we'll find out if trees can be a worthy substitute for fossil fuels we'll be right back on National Geographic our dependence on fossil fuels has become a global problem the processing of fossil fuels adds to the greenhouse effect causing a rise in global temperature this change in temperature is so drastic it could disrupt the natural world in addition fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted the need for new sources of energy is greater than ever scientists at the University of Antwerp are trying to see if trees can provide a solution professor Kellerman's and his team are using these measurement towers to investigate where the trees could counteract the greenhouse effect on the seal to be open Amador did Buster maitika bracket way to cellar an unable method and in Castle al-assad the gas analyzer measures the amount of carbon dioxide that is present in the air the anemometer measures the direction of the wind as well as the wind speed both of which influence the concentrations of carbon dioxide and the DTA the combin era could have a perfect method who-ville molecular sail weather door did boss NARR Omaha and Whoville cost of the exceeded our door the wind beneath a portacaval an official – sadita way that is the net o open oven seal trade or did boss in order to measure the amount of wind above the trees the measurement tower has to be higher than the trees therefore the towering brass card is as much as 40 meters high that's about the same height as a 13 story apartment building the trees on the plantation in lo Christie can become as high as seven meters and they grow very quickly that's why this plantation has an adjustable tower that grows with these trees after the measurements the data goes directly to the cabins nearby here the data is transformed into graphs in brass cart the emissions have been mapped for no less than 16 years is it reversal on declare of Ambala keys the room apologies that is the open arm of and constantly exceeded audits was the role of Ballack is that is a 50 phone calls of the oxidants and it for chilled are to sir it is a ecstasy weight fasthow the inner pose ascent of lava ballet keys and use it at a hill variable is an ER so TR disabilities the did boss vehicles of the oxy the opening day that was filled and our code breakers effect ephram's in la christie the same technique is used to measure whether the trees counteract the greenhouse effect by absorbing lots of carbon dioxide the now cure committee develop he put into the dr tune another account that in the winter and a 50 phone calls of the oxidase in the zomer and op nama and of NIMH in winter in a fifth the op Nam of uncle subject city is filled and a fifth to that over in here he made a realistic effect on the plan Tasha is a break as effects what if trees did not exist then the greenhouse effect would probably be even more pronounced these sorts of scenarios are studied in specially designed greenhouses there's a casaba Dalton cake came out hollow to coast the simulator over concentrates on cost of the oxygen co2 be in dilute and oak farming this holder lifted temperatura the manipulators it came out and the Geico plum today are here old evil spell the running for them to grow plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air but an increased concentration of carbon dioxide adds to the greenhouse effect which in the long term is disastrous for plants in this almost a tear in a banquet flew by the cost of the oxygen and you all see are leading a tour here bracket NRT cost of you exceeded if here did uh perhaps in the look stronger idiot electron comes here did Roasters in the castrate and I got a deadline Keith on the lobbyist regard the greenhouses contain various types of grass from different regions of Western Europe just as in the measurement towers a gas analyzer is used to check how much carbon dioxide the plants absorb all data is gathered in the data logger which then sends it to a computer to be analyzed by the scientists Mehta the colonies article mater who plan to opti to come see him out on stand header area here and to start started on dosha and that claim will open up blood and I can have the art whistling salad to serve the atmosphere and what made on the round eleven coast of the exceeded the scientists have raised the temperature inside some of the greenhouses by three degrees to simulate global warming women can persist agree mud found to construct and that counts on that I own the motorcade is n for the ads towed from Lucas Castle also fill out so dish as a unit at the temperatures taken it ends from Daisy you will upload thought described of the temperature on dark and so O'Connor whenever Mir to grab marker on a new button heat at the opera me back blast taught in a vehicle when it was Bell States on March allocate it Omega D three extreme I have an ability and protocols for also experimented on Liga even this modest rise in temperature will result in a decline in biodiversity certain plant species will disappear because they can't cope with the heat it will become the survival of the fittest as only the most robust species will be able to enjoy the new conditions in yesterday's don't see like the effect on tomorrow meeting either positive from dr. plumper cirhonk ruya doggie Hogan is here to a constant release as you can make act adequate ed from the bladder young black derivative minute avoiding Stouffer incident another attic vodka sauce krauser deal in the lumbar maroc for insect indeed on the plan to Aiden Bhavan deemed watered in the zones to harem and our doors brought the bottle adds a not come later could climb out extrema and not have grown on the Rope selling floor he doesn't over here climate extremes such as prolonged droughts and heat waves are simulated with the help of infrared emitters and special covers keep the rain out on the grass on partisan Alec Frank would bastante extremely heated tens Ed's on his extreme up and confounder off the pre-order and Duncan the communist even eaten dr4000 crankiest Ariston and not colitis would opening in it fatality dick weld or on the software could not be needing it not gonna oak exhort the Zen and summer get exotic in an ecosystem hey Lamar on three trees not only counteract global warming but would can also be used to generate energy the extraction of energy from woodchips starts with the harvesting of the trees on the pop full plantation this happened for the first time in 2012 in discipline thirty very committed artistically hunt we are at the ziggurat the plant and Ellicott we are Austin in the hold on the Orcas you plant food February 2015 nama for under three little bouncy the majority of the chips from the pop full plantation are transferred to group meat on this company collects wood cuts from various suppliers they then sell the chips on to other companies as a source of energy on Valen ball energy to market the meter s vodka beer here is a recipient hoard stepper our Anna marked the hearts deepest tea with our Zenith and boot the holster please we're all accountable up Kuna and myrrh these are host nippers Ramadan infer fall do these mashina Halford eel and Hodor Faina and hooded snipers some of the wood chips are used in power plants to generate electricity the harvests of 2012 showed that two to three soccer fields of trees is enough to provide for families with power for a whole year that's equivalent to a swimming pool full of calm apart from electricity the chips can also be used to generate heat this occurs for instance in pig houses the steppers word for who quit on the hailer would wear the heel urge he keep it and he's a banker or as a ladder luden really give a soft ordinar the over he ultimately in the whole service oppressed our boat near almaty zoo system I'm Benna dude in the over and over mother motivate Browns medieval families process groundwater an aparment octan in the over dude words that worth of a cold Capone's oh okay I'll behave and I want and Pacific over the ethnic umpires the harvesting and incineration of the woodchips is done by machines that run on petrol furthermore during the incineration hazardous substances are released to see if the positive aspects of trees can compensate for this the scientists take all these effects into account in their lifecycle analysis of the trees this enables them to check if their way of producing energy really is as environmentally friendly as it seems at also an uneasy Plex that the products even had kneebar any heat at how tactics snipers in Tel Aviv and media impact in a hideous liniment hewn surgeries and the production in a he ad for city burns softeners art OD artisan stinkle nonetheless renewable energy from trees is still not subsidized unlike other environmentally friendly forms of energy such as wind power and solar power all the economists students even algodones that's subsidies from the overhead moly kunibert argan um Daisy managed pergurt reflect on Twitter on certain barley of the latif can forum a vote for cedar bounced off the lifecycle analysis professor Kellerman's and his team have been working on shows the trees can deliver relatively high amounts of energy and have a beneficial effect on the environment this could have global implications in it to consider on the sukham of heat source plant ashes oak up under a terrain in the world control the earthly salons people will Pratley heat terrain front where the terrain tell Andy to go Tito get it cheaper actually before but once we have Auto Snell be op de semana es could have an Italian heavenly body a policy matter ork Niebuhr ground to a newer lab 214 before built next time on behind the science these scientists conduct research that is vital to our society Stas photoelastic first log download is killed over let like our mouth still stone and they've tails work evolved for the economy discover the other side of logistics next week there's an it's a dating Bureau dot sediba Draven er sama bring you

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