34 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders On Jobs, Environment and Healthcare with People Chica (EXCLUSIVE)

  1. And I live in Idaho and have not seen Senator Crapo at a meeting for at least three years. I am told he went to Sun Valley which certainly is a different demographic. It seems Sanders better understanding comes from his efforts to meet his voters.

  2. Bernie stocked up on Depends so he wouldn't run out for next years road trips and debates. Although most of the time he will be napping. It is tough being the old man on the block. lets see, nothing wrong with the environment. Air is cleaner today than 50 years ago. Jobs. Well the job market is stronger today than since the 1960's. Healthcare. Lots of good, inexpensive plans out there to choose from. Thanks to Trump and Capitalism. So Bernie really has nothing good or exciting to offer. His idea of "free" is dead. He knows nothing is free. But Bernie is a good con-man. He uses Capitalism to fund his wealth, while he cons people into thinking Socialism or Communism is the right thing for America. SO he continues to get richer, all the while calling out those who are billionaires. It is OK for him to be rich, just not everyone else. That is Communism. The Collectively Rich (Bernie). The collectively poor (you and I). Bernie will loose to Trump in 2020.

  3. Could it be any more clear? Are we finally going to vote our interests forward? #bernie2020 #paralagente #BernieParaLaGente #bernieParaLaGente2020

  4. His is about big government which means big taxes. He wants to create government jobs so he can tax us to pay their salary. It will drive cost up. Private and small business has help create fair market prices. Government does not create fair market prices. Everything they touch gets expensive. Look at Obamacare. It’s expensive!

  5. Bernie2020. I cant take one more sociopath. The 99 % has to matter more than just being money generators to the 1% period.

  6. Bernie needs to take the gloves off and take on the other candidates by exposing their records.
    Sure, it's nice that these are all 'friends of mine', but being Mr. nice guy won't get you into the oval office. Do what you have to do, and make up with them later.

  7. I love Bernie–who is the only candidate (Besides Tulsi) Who GENUINELY has the PEOPLES best interest at the forefront…..The rest are in the pocket of The Power Elites/Corporations and will do the bidding of their donors over the PEOPLES best interest everytime…

  8. Great interview! All questions were pertinent and they were answered by Bernie substantively. Common sense socialism is the urgent need of the hour.

  9. Automation is going to eradicate 25% of jobs within 10yrs. We need a plan to prepare for this before we have riots in the streets. This is why I am voting for Andrew Yang in 2020. He has over 100 policies which can be found on his website at www.andrewyang.com

  10. Bernie's patience is out of this world. I've heard people ask him the same questions at least 20 times… and no one seems to absorb it or research his policies and innumerable media appearances so they can move on to more in-depth questions

  11. Only Bernie 2020

    The wealthy are rallying their fortunes, their media “news” orgs and undoubtedly backroom dealing to make sure he doesn’t become president.

    That’s why he should be the only one that gets your vote. Just like AOC spoke out against amazon coming to NY with a 3 billion tax break they don’t need has proven to be right. Don’t let the spin and lies persuade you. Our tax dollars are filtered to the wealthiest by people we vote in because they’re bought and paid for.

    Donate and support any politician that doesn’t accept Corp donors. You’re voting on your best interest when you do.

  12. It is ridiculous being held hostage by our jobs and the drug companies. Universal health care is a NEED not a want.

  13. This idiot Bernie doesn't know what he is talking about. He hates capital. Well, without capital there is no investment, no jobs, no products, nothing.. You stupid idiot.

  14. Bernie is the only one about who we can be absolutely positive that he isn't representing the corrupt establishment! Only one way to make a revolution: Bernie Sanders 2020!!!

  15. Just had a thought, Bernie Sanders can possibly get the anti abortion vote if he can get people to understand that free health care, free collage, 10 month paid paternity leave and a living wage gets passed most people will most likely be able and willing to keep an unplanned pregnancy because they will be able to afford it and to be able to give that child a good upbringing.

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