Best agricultural farming: Pomegranate Harvesting and Processing

Best agricultural farming: Pomegranate Harvesting and Processing

welcome to California's Central Valley where we grow up to 250,000 tons of wonderful pomegranates each year on our three Central Valley ranches after a summer of ripening the pomegranates are ready to pick harvest lasts only four to six weeks so we plan our picking and processing well in advance as harvest nears crop evaluators decide when and where to start they estimate what the yield will be and what percentage will be sold as fresh fruit juice or arrows workers handpick fresh quality pomegranates first fruit that will become juice or arrows is picked after that around 180 crews picked during peak weeks and each crew can harvest about one truckload per day sunburned scarred and Blackheart fruits are quality defects that cannot be picked as fresh or Errol's fruit bins are tagged with information about which crew picked the fruit and which branch and flock it came from bins are loaded on trucks then the truck set off to the packing and distribution plant in delray about 90 miles away the trucks arrive at our del ray plan their fresh pomegranates will be processed as fresh fruit turned into juice or packaged as pomegranate arils our del ray plan covers 450 acres and in addition to processing areas has offices a cafeteria and a well equipped gym pomegranates are sent to one of for processing locations plant one plant to the mop line or the scholar line they go through a 12 step process been dumped washing pre gray visual sort hand sort fungicide waxing drying mechanical sizing and grading computer sizing and grading and finally hand packing into retail packages which are sent to finished goods storage in plant one a computer operated camera grades and sizes each pomegranate fruit that is to be packed immediately gets a PLU sticker and it's placed in display bins or cartons fruit that will be stored for later uses put into bins called setbacks they're called that because fruit is literally set back until it's needed with all the different size grade and package types there are over 100 SKUs after the fruit is packed it is palletized and sent to finished goods storage where it stays until it's ship fruit that will be stored in bins for later use is sent to either cold storage called CS or controlled atmosphere storage called CA fruit that will be held longer is put into CA CA is higher quality storage with a tightly controlled environment where fruit can be stored up to 12 weeks fruit that will be shipped sooner is put into CS processing in plant 2 is similar to plant 1 and plant 2 however fruit is transported via water flume to minimize damage the main role of plant 2 is to pack cartons for domestic and international customers no display bins are packed in plant 2 the third processing location the mock line free sorts and pre sizes fruit 4 setback storage no bins or cartons are packed the fourth processing location called the scholar line is used only when the other plants have reached maximum capacity here's what happens in each plant plant one pax display bins cartons and set backbends plant two packs just cartons and set back bins the muff line sizes and grades fruit for setback bins no fruit is packed in them off line the scholar line washes fruit applies fungicide and puts fruit into setback bends without sizing for grading some pomegranates are selected to be processed as juice first they're separated by hand then by machine then they're transported to the juice plant by gondola while the fruit is being juiced a separate facility fabricates and labels the bottles at the juice plant bottles are filled sealed packaged and sent to finished goods storage some fruit is sent to our new state-of-the-art arils processing plant individual errol's are extracted and packed into 8 ounce and 4.3 ounce cups cartons are palletized and sent to finished goods inventory finally pallets of fruit juice and arrows are loaded onto trucks and the trucks hit the road to deliver delicious pomegranate products to people around the world [Applause] [Applause] I Oh I [Applause] haha [Applause]

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